April 15, 2021

Makita M9400 VS 9403

As I was looking for a belt sander, I ended up having the Makita M9400 vs 9403 to compare. Research work and experience made me consider adding value to the great debate of the best sander between the two machines. Comparing certain features such as cost, speed, comfort, quality, dust collection system, weight, and design is of importance. I advise you to match these notable features with your preferences. That is what the article is going to explain.  

Overview of the Makita M9400

The Makita M9400 is a belt sander that weighs up to 6.2kg. It has a flat top for multiple applications. It comes with a cloth dust bag that traps dust particles from the machine. The soft rubberized grip gives you comfortable handling of the sander. The sander is an up-close sanding for walls in mind. The powerful 940 Watt motor is ideal for industrial applications. 

It is the ideal device for sanding floors. It is quite an affordable sander.  As much as it is for industrial activities, DIY enthusiasts also use it. That is what makes it reliable. The build quality is impressive. It has a front handle that makes controlling the tool easy. The 240 Volt sander makes up to 380 meters per minute. That makes it ideal for fast material removal. 

The lock-on button allows the machine to have a continuous operation. It is a multi-color product that gives you beautiful colours that you choose from. However, the sanding tool generates more heat on the plate. A thermal cut-out switch would have been better because the heat damages the sander and the motor. You turn it off after some time so that it cools off.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Powerful motor
  • Reliable
  • Ideal for everyday, heavy sanding
  • Professional quality


  • It generates more heat
  • Heavy

Key Features of the Makita M9400

Soft grip

The handle has an ergonomic design that makes the machine comfortable and controllable. It is made of quality plastic. The belt sander has a front handle that makes using the sander convenient. 


The sole has one sheet metal plane. It comes with a heat-insulating mate that looks like rubber. You operate the machine for long hours. There is low friction due to the graphite-based mat with a tap. Soles that come with only iron material tend to melt than rubber. 

Fixed speed

The sanding tool has a fixed speed of 380m per minute. The belt spins so fast that heavy-duty activities are made bearable. The 940Watt motor makes this possible. The fast material removal feature that comes with the Makita M9400 is ideal for DIY and industrial activities.

Abrasive belt

The belt is removable, you need to follow the steps that come with the manual. Pull the lever when you are installing the belt. The belt is placed onto the rollers and brings back the lever to the original position.  The belt allows you to use the tool in an upside position. When you take out the knob and place the step where the knob was, you have a well-balanced and sturdy sander. The knob is adjustable.

Overview of the Makita 9403

The Makita 9403 is a single belt sander that runs at 1640 feet per minute. That ensures a fast removal of unwanted material. The maximum speed is excellent and ideal for an effective and highly efficient machine. The overall performance is excellent. It has a powerful 11 Amp motor that gives more power output to run on materials. It turns the four-inch-wide belt without a hassle. 

It comes with a 4x 24inch belt that makes the machine spacious enough to accommodate large items. You may choose this product due to the fast removal rate it operates on, and you hardly hear sound when in use. The sound is rated 84 decibels which are close to total silence. The high-quality construction is impressive. 

It gives protection and seals the bearings and the motor. That makes it last longer. The front handle makes it comfortable and secure to use the tool without fear of damaging it. The 360-degree rotating dust bag makes the tool user-friendly. It becomes convenient since you do not turn it the traditional way. 


  • Heavy duty (no noise)
  • Comfortable grip
  • 360-degree rotating dust bag
  • Bearing and motor protection
  • Long power cord and wide belt size


  • It is not affordable
  • Heaviness after a long time in use

Key Features of the Makita 9403 

Amp motor

The 11 amp motor has power and speed. The electronic speed control remains constant under load. The removal of material becomes faster. The performance remains constant on both hardwood and softwood materials. The motor is ideal for high production use. It comes with a cord that is on top of the machine. That makes it convenient.

Dust collection system

The dust bag that comes with the machine rotates up to 360 degrees. That makes the operation convenient. You do not have to use the dust collection bag manually but automatically. That saves time and allows you to multi-task hence accuracy. The dust collection is located right on the top side, and you easily control it.

Rotations per minute

The sander runs at a speed of 1,640 feet per minute. The speed is fixed, and that is ideal for the fast removal of material. You will not spend more time on a task. The 4inch belt makes the process faster and smoother. 

Safety features

The dust collection system keeps you safe from diseases caused by sawdust. The front grip is large, and the position allows you to operate the machine with ease. The chances are slim that it will slip off your hands.


  • They both have a fixed speed.
  • They are both belt sanders.
  • They both have a soft grip and front handles.
  • They do not make noise.
  • They both come with powerful motors.
  • They come with long power cords.


  • The Makita 9403 has a fixed speed of 1640 feet per minute, whereas the M9400 has 380 meters per minute.
  • The noise level of the Makita 9403 is 84 decibels, whereas the M9400 has 87 decibels.
  • The Makita 9403 weighs up to 5.9kg, whereas the M9400 weighs 6.2kg.


The Makita M9400 is more affordable than the Makita 9403. It is below 300 whereas the Makita 9403 is below 400.


Though both the Makita M9400 and 9403 are great miter saws, they do have significant differences. The most glaring is speed: the 9403’s top speed of 6300 rpm outpaces even that of its predecessor, at 5000rpm. This makes it ideally suited for users who want to work quickly with materials like plywood or other hardwoods- which can be a lifesaver if you’re on a deadline!

For a lighter sander, I would recommend the Makita 9403. Although they are both low in noise production, the Makita 9403 is the lowest on average rating and has more favorable reviews than other models which makes it an obvious choice for those who don’t want to invest too much into their tools of work. The M9400’s motor is powerful but its flat top makes this model less good with small angles- better suited for bigger projects where accuracy isn’t as important.

David D. Hughes

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