March 17, 2021

Makita MLT100 vs 2704 | How Do These Two Compare? [REVISITED]

If you compare the Makita mlt100 vs 2704 table saws, you will find that they perform similarly. However, there are a few differences that you should be aware of. These can help you make your choice. The cost is not something to consider if you are on a budget. The RPM, the table and the fence need a comparison so that you can more easily choose the best. Below is an overview of the products, advantages and disadvantages, similarities and cost differences.

Overview of the Makita MLT100

The Makita MLT100 is eye-catching with its blue color and branding. It replaced the Makita 2704 as it is cost-effective. The 960 x 690mm bed is significant as the main bed. The slide bed of aluminum makes it durable. 

The bed extensions increase the width of the saw. That means it can accommodate wide wood pieces. The length loosens the four lock knobs. They are pulled out by hand, creating additional storage space for your accessories. These accessories include the miter gauge, push stick, spare blades, and fence. The table saw comes with the blade already installed. 

You need to install the blade guard and the riving knife. The blade might lack fine-tuning, and you need to tune it to the right point. It does not come with a stand, but you can order it separately. 

Safety comes in the form of an electric brake. The guard is removable without using a tool. The table saw comes with a soft start and dust collection feature. The cost is not ideal for users running under a tight budget.


  • Large bed
  • Adjustable length
  • Additional storage
  • No vibration
  • Electric brake
  • Powerful motor
  • Extendable table


  • It does not come with a stand.
  • It is not cost-effective.

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Key features of the Makita MLT100

Rip capacity

The machine rotates from 45 degrees up to 90 degrees. At 90 degrees, it can go as deep as 90.5mm; at 45 degrees, it is 63mm. The bevel cutting capacity amounts to 0 to 45 degrees.

10-inch blade

The 10-inch blade is the standard blade for table saws. It is a tungsten carbide-tipped blade for fine cutting different materials, including steel and wood. It can tackle a demanding task without getting wearing off. However, if you want to replace it with a better blade, you can. 

Max cutting depth

The maximum cutting depth at 45 degrees is 64mm, and at 90 degrees, it is 93mm. That makes it powerful as it can smoothly cut between thick materials. 

Amp motor

The 1500Watts motor works on 240V. It is potent as it produces more speed. More power means more speed. That reduces your working time as the machine works faster.

Rotations per minute

The table saw is fast and efficient. It takes 4300 rotations per minute. The more the blade rotates, the quicker it becomes to finish your task. You can work on more materials.

Pinion fence rails

The fence has a way of attaching to the saw base on one end, which is a drawback. Kickbacks are likely to occur since there are chances of the fence leaning inward facing the blade. That also puts pressure on the back of the blade. That compromises the accuracy of the table saw.

Push stick

The push stick is a safety feature that keeps your fingers up while working, so they do not get in contact with the workpiece. It works the same way a blade guard protects your finger from the blade.

Blade angle

The blade angle rotates from 45 degrees to 90 degrees. The blade adjustment mechanism is exceptionally smooth and efficient. The adjusting process is not complicated. You need to release the lock lever and turn the angle adjustment knob. You use your hands and use less effort. The mechanism makes accurate and fine cutting possible. 

Overview of the Makita 2704

The main feature of the Makita 2704 is the powerful 1650 Watt motor. It has high rigidity that makes accurate cutting possible. The table is extendable, and the fence gives you a large cutting board. It has easy scales that help you prepare your cutting pieces of equipment. 

The quick-release guide rail makes it easy for you to operate the table saw. The guide rail is steady, and the rip fence slides on it with accurate cutting. The electronic brake allows you to make an emergency stop when something is wrong with the machine. The table saw comes with a fitted electronic soft start and anti-restart function. It comes with a 260mm blade. 

The maximum cutting height at 90 degrees is 93mm. When at 45 degrees, it runs up to 64mm. It runs at 4800rotations per minute. It weighs up to 34.9kg. The package includes the Makita 2704 table saw, TCT blade, rip fence, 22mm wrench, 19mm offset wrench, a push stick, and a Bevel guide rule. It has a large On/Off switch button that you cannot mistakenly press the wrong button. 


  • Easy to operate
  • Safe and accurate
  • Adjustable
  • Powerful motor
  • Large On/Off switch
  • The table is extendable.


  • No dust port

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Key features of the Makita 2704

Rip Capacity

The rip capacity has a sub-table that can accommodate an 8×4 ft sheet. It complements the overall machine. 

10-inch blade

The blade has a 40 tooth Tungsten carbide-tipped blade. The blade diameter is 260mm. It has a decent size that makes it powerful enough to cut through large piles. 

Max cutting depth

The maximum cutting height at 90 degrees is 93mm. When it is at 45 degrees, it runs up to 64mm.

Amp motor

The 1650 Watt motor is powerful. It is a 15Amp motor that completes a heavy load quickly.

Rotations per minute

The 1650 Watt motor makes 4800 rotations per minute. It is powerful enough to increase the speed of the machine. That is why it makes you complete a task in a short period. 

Pinion fence rails

The fence makes the task accurate. It makes the operation smooth. The adjustment mechanism it comes with allows you to have accuracy when cutting.

Blade angle

The blade can sit at a 90-degree cutting angle and cut down to 93mm. The angle is adjusted from -0.5 to 45.5 degrees. When it is at 45 degrees, it goes down to 64mm. 

Accurate cutting

Several features make the table saw accurate. The tabletop is super flat, which makes it precise. The T-slot miter gauge secures the workpiece. The rip fence is smooth and precise.


  • They have 10-inch blades that are replaceable.
  • The maximum cutting depth of the Makita mlt100 at 45 degrees is 64mm, and at 90 degrees, it is 93mm. When at 45 degrees, it runs up to 64mm. Similarly, the maximum cutting of the Makita 2704 at 90 degrees is 93mm.
  • They have a large On/Off button.


  • The Makita mlt100 makes 4300 rotations per minute, whereas 2704 makes 4800 rotations per minute.
  • The table surface of the Makita mlt100 is more spacious than 2704.
  • The fence of the Makita mlt100 has alignment problems, whereas the fence system of 2704 is accurate.
  • The Makita mlt100 has a sliding table on the job site jaw, whereas 2704 does not.
  • The Makita mlt100 has a plastic base, unlike 2704, which does not have a plastic one.
  • The Makita mlt100 has a dust port that makes it compatible with a vacuum.
  • The Makita mlt100 table saw makes noise, especially when starting, whereas 2704 does not make vibrations.


The Makita mlt100 is cost-effective compared to 2704. The mlt100 is under 700 whereas 2704 is almost 1000.

Verdict on the makita 2704 vs mlt100

The Makita table saw mlt100 and the Makita 2704 have some similarities: the 10-inch blade, depth of cut on both angles, and the switch button. However, the Makita mlt100 is the best saw if you have a tight budget because it is more affordable than 2704. The Makita 2704 has an extendable table and an electronic brake, making it safe and reliable. One product serves your interests better.

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