May 8, 2021

Matte vs Satin Finish for Wood

Coming to the end of your project. The question is Matte vs Satin finish? Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!! When choosing a finish for wood, it is very important to consider the wood’s intended purpose. Some finishes will be better than others when it comes to resisting scratches, staining, and other marks. For example, a high-gloss finish may look good at a furniture store but will show dust and smudges. That’s why it’s important to choose a finish that works for you and your project.


You might be considering the pros and cons of a wide variety of different options. The difficulty is in deciding between a matte finish and a satin finish. The right decision will save you on cost and time without compromising results.

How do they differ?

If you are going for something that is quite glossy and expect to walk into the house and see a sparkling finish, matte might not be for you. 

This is because the light refracting internal structure of the wood makes it provide less of a semi-gloss finish than its competitor. Satin offers more of an upbeat and less contemporary type of finish, whereas when dealing with matte, you can expect a more moody and consistent appearance throughout the household. 

Natural appearance is key to many people who purchase matte finishes, which is entirely justified because it helps provide an organic look. 

Hardwood Floor Finishes


You will find that choosing between the two finishes will force you to choose the statement you want to make. If you are thinking of going with a low-light and aesthetic feel, then you must go with a matte hardwood because it can provide a more natural feeling to the household. 

Matte Clear Polyx-Oil 3031?Solvent Based .75 l????????

Many people appreciate this more rustic feel because it makes people feel more comfortable entering your house. It comes with a very plain outlook that focuses on the elegant furniture you would have purchased for the home. 

It is pretty tricky for you to notice any scuff marks with matte painting; therefore, it provides a relatively low level of cleaning and maintenance that is quite advantageous for people who do not enjoy cleaning. 

The classic style of this type of wood is quite flawless and is based on Scandinavian designs. You will likely be able to enjoy this product for a much more extended period without having to get it renovated. 

It is by far the more durable option because it is likely to absorb any scuffs and dents. Since there is no light shining directly on the paint, therefore, most of the time, even dirt is difficult to notice. Therefore, this is an excellent option for people who want to use it within their office spaces. This is because it will always have a fresh and you feel.


On the other hand, Satin is mainly suited to the people who want their household to pop. If you want the floors to be sparkling and fully reflective, then this is a material that has the means to achieve that. This is often referred to as modern glam in the world of interior design. 

Spar Urethane, Satin, Gallon

This is an excellent choice for the millennials who do not enjoy cleaning too much because this surface is relatively easy to tidy. Satin is well designed to reveal any scratches and dents that may present themselves on the wood. This will allow you to expeditiously repair them to keep your floors looking new and fresh. 

The main disadvantage when dealing with Satin is that it becomes pretty tricky for you to get the right amount of Sheen. You need a perfect contractor who will distribute the light-reflective capability of the material across the floor evenly. 

The setup of the windows within your house will also be a critical factor in determining whether there will be too much light in the household. Bear in mind that you are planning on living in this house forever; therefore, if something small bothers you over time, it can only worsen. 

People rarely grow into liking things that annoy them to start with. Consequently, it would help if you got it right the first time.

If you have children and pets in your house, this is also one of the top options you can get because it is elementary to clean. Taking some ordinary household detergent and a wet mop will get you very far in terms of wiping off any of the stains from this type of wood. This design is quite handy and well appreciated by many consumers in the market. This is because you would typically only get satin coating in traditional colors. Therefore, it is easy to spot dirt and clean it. 


In the end, both are good options to consider for anyone who is looking to renovate their homes. You will need to be very clear with yourself and the interior designer on what kind of look you want to go for during the renovation. 

You must consider issues such as children and pets because the two finishes handle dirt quite differently. Satin is quite a reflective option, and therefore it is much easier for you to notice any dirt and scuff marks on the floor. 

This means that you can quickly get rid of them and keep a lovely healthy, clean bed. On the other hand, matte conceals any scuff marks, therefore, providing a clean look majority of the time. It has a lower cleaning regiment, which is quite advantageous to a lot of homes. Find out How Many Coats of Polyurethane to use on your project.

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