September 27, 2022

Mirka deos vs festool rts 400

Mirka deos and Festool rts 400 are two sanders with some similarities. Some of the differences are easy to overlook. But it is these that set the two sanders apart. Do not forget to consider your needs when comparing features like performance, compatibility, size, price, and speed. Take a look at the reviews below before making a decision.

Mirka deos 

Mirka DEOS is an electric orbital sander, featuring innovative features that have made it more popular than its competitors. Its high-efficiency brushless motor is powerful enough to complete jobs quickly. It operates on a 4inch high, but that does not compromise its performance. It is a compact-sized sanding tool with a low profile that makes it easy to manoeuvre. That helps it deliver precise and efficient sanding performance.

The sanding machine is available in two dimensions: the Mirka DEOS 383CV, 2.75″ x 7.75″ for the ART sector, and the Mirka DEOS 353CV, 3.2″ x 5.2″ for wood and CD sectors. Its efficiency comes without the costs and size of the air system. 

Using the Mirka deos save up the cleanup time. It connects the sander and abrasives with a dust extractor. That is how you manage to attain a dust-free system. Its compatibility is through the Mirka Air tools’ abrasives, sponges, and accessories. 

The Mirka tool has optimised ergonomics for a comfortable grip. You are allowed to prolong your working time. The chances of experiencing fatigue are low. It has a separate on/off switch for easy and safe handling. Mirka’s mesh abrasives give the machine a fast, efficient, and dust-free sanding solution.

Sanders is noisy, but Mirka’s design is quiet. It has low vibration, making it comfortable to use and ideal for painters or plasterers who intend to sand for long periods. Due to its compact size, it becomes easy to transport around the worksite. 

It features a pivoting head that pivots the handle and head assembly. You can reach up to great heights and sand straight without adjusting your body (See Patent). 


  • Quiet
  • Innovative 
  • Powerful
  • Compact
  • Ease of use
  • Comfortable 


  • Poor build quality 

Festool rts 400

Festool RTS 400 comes with increased power. When you are working on your woodworking project, that extra power saves you time. Its power for dust collection makes it more efficient. The Festool RTS 400 is an orbital sander with a rectangular head and speed variance gives you control over the sanding tool. 

Use it on walls or sand down filler, although it performs better on woodwork and other trim. It connects to the hose from an extraction unit for a dust-free environment.  The extractor is a high-powered vacuum that sucks and traps the dust out of the sander.

The variable speed makes it versatile enough to tackle different types of surface sanding. Use it on its fastest setting, but turn it down when sanding over varnish to avoid the old varnish melting and clogging up the pads. Turn the speed down when sanding filler in cracks.

When using the Festool extraction units, the extractor will automatically start when you turn on the sander. That makes it easy to use. It features variable speeds to help if your machine starts to overheat, but it might not be necessary. 

Use Velcro straps to hold the power lea and the hose together to stop them from tangling. It features a waste bag that attaches to the back of your sander, making it 75% dust free. With the extractor, you’re very close to 100%.


  • Powerful
  • Time saver
  • Speed variance 
  • Versatile 
  • Ease of use


  • Not affordable 


Features of a Mirka deos

Sanding paper

The sanding paper used by Mirka deos separates it from the rest of the sanders. The standard sanding paper has up to 15 holes, whilst Mirka has a thousand, meaning that you can achieve a more consistent scratch pattern. Do not worry about constantly replacing the sandpaper; saving time. 

Vibration sensor

When working with sanding tools, harmful vibrations are generated. Hence Mirka has developed an app that takes care of your health and safety in the workplace to help workers avoid vibrations. Mirka DEOS features Bluetooth low-energy technology. The sanders connect to the myMirka app via Bluetooth, a platform that gives digital services and connectivity solutions ( It helps you measure vibrations and track your daily vibration exposure. 

Dust extractor

Use the correct extractor so that it becomes 100% dust free. Wear safety goggles to avoid pad savers from flying off. When using a Mirka extractor, set it to “auto” so the extractor comes on at the same time as the sander

 It should turn itself off when you turn the sander off. Your power lead and extraction hose both run from extractor to sander. 

On/Off switch

It features a separate on/off switch for easy and safe handling.

Features of a Festool rts 400

Dust Collection Port

Festool has its dust collection port redesigned to interlock with the tool as it becomes more secure. The Cleantech connection keeps the hose from coming off if you pull on it a little too hard.


The handle features some over mould for a better ergonomic feel. Festool also brings the variable speed dial around to the left side instead of the back, making it easier to shift speeds. You can switch your grip as you move across the workpiece.

Protective Bumper

It features a simple removable plastic protector, allowing you to stand close to other parts of your workpiece without marring the surface with the edge of your sander. 

Power switch

The power switch is an upgrade that gives your sander a longer lifespan for it. It provides a soft start, smooth speed changes, constant speed under load, and thermal and overload protection.

What could be better?

Mirka deos 

  • The build quality could have been better.

Festool rts 400

  • It could have been more affordable for low-budget users.


  • Mirka and Festool sanders and extractors are compatible, meaning you can use the Mirka Deros with a Festool extractor.
  • The extractor will automatically start when you turn on the sander when you use both.
  • They are easy to use.
  • Both have a speed variance.


  • Mirka’s sander is more consistent in scratch pattern than Festool rts400. 
  • Mirka Deros is more affordable than the Festool 400.
  • Mirka is more comfortable to use and a lot more dust-free than Festool. 
  • Mirka is quieter than Festool.
  • Festool rts 400 has a better build quality than Mirka deos.

The verdict

In conclusion, the above tools work almost the same, but a few differences separate them. When looking for a finish sander that will take you from the beginning stages of rough sanding through the finished product, you may have to try the Festool rts 400. 

This model gives you a high grit finish on your workpiece. When it comes to tight spaces, Mirka deos is ideal. If you are a painter looking forward to sanding for long periods, you might as well go for the Mirka. It is small enough to move around. I am sure you have made up your mind after reading this article. 

David D. Hughes

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