December 27, 2022

Porter cable 7424 VS 7424xp | Features and Characteristics Comparison

Porter cable 7424 VS 7424xp

The Porter Cable 7424 and 7424xp are two random orbital sanders with some common features, as their model numbers suggest. This can make it very difficult to know which one to pick. A detailed review of features will help you decide which meets your requirements. Porter Cable is a leading brand with high-quality and professional-grade orbital polishers. In this post, we will review both products, explaining the pros and cons so that you will choose the one that works for you. 

Overview of the Porter Cable 7424

The Porter Cable 7424 is ideal for polishing and sanding automotive and marine projects. The 6-inch variable-speed random orbit polisher features a 4.5-amp motor for high overload protection and random orbit. 

It is a compact and lightweight polisher at 5-1/2 lbs. It delivers professional, swirl-free polishing action with an electronic variable-speed dial from 2,500 to 6,800 OPM. It accepts 5/16 to 24 spindle thread accessories, and its ball-and-roller bearing construction provides durability under industrial workloads. It features a proprietary counterbalance with a 6-in. sanding/polishing pad and a two-position removable side handle for greater comfort and control.

As the motor runs, there is little heat generated from it. Vibrations are also minimal. There is more heat and vibrations at higher motor speeds, but it is nothing uncomfortable to deal with while using the polisher. At high speeds, the noise level the motor puts out is high. The noise is almost loud enough to require hearing protection if you do not want to leave a ringing sensation in your ears afterwards.

The size of the machine polisher is small, but that does not compromise its performance. Using it for long periods remains comfortable. There is a large surface area to grab onto, making it easier to find a good grip to avoid hand fatigue. A lack of a handle makes it awkward to manoeuvre and control the polisher in tight spots. The speed knob is also close to one of the supporting hands and is easy to bump when manipulating the polisher, increasing the speed accidentally.


  • Compact and lightweight 
  • Durable
  • Minimal vibrations
  • Comfortable 
  • Good grip


  • Handling could be better
  • Can be noisy

Overview of the Porter cable 7424xp 

The Porter Cable 7424xp is a random-orbit machine powered by 4.5Amp. The speed varies from 2,500 to 6,800 OMP and accommodates 5/16-24 spindle thread accessories. It comes with two removable handles that make handling the tool easy. The roller bearing construction makes the machine durable. The size and weight are perfect for the position you will be working on. You can use both hands but with ease. 

If you do not use the screw on the handle, it will not compromise your production. The sander is comfortable to use and also fits small corners in a car. These include under the mirror, and it remains effective. The sander does not require a lot of maintenance. 

You do not have to lubricate it since it is lubricated by high-quality lube that lasts for life. However, you need to note that it is also an industrial tool that needs cleaning and checking parts once in a while. That is for safety and performance. 

There are a few drawbacks when it comes to the tool. When you are operating at low speeds, it becomes difficult to control the polishing tool. It tends to slow down a bit. The pad comes with cheap foam that does not last long. However, polishing pads are easy to buy at an affordable price. You may even get them with some accessories. 


  • Speed variance
  • Handy
  • Comfortable
  • Compact size
  • Zero maintenance


  • It is tricky to control at low speeds
  • Cheap foam pad

Key Features of the Porter cable 7424


The Porter Cable 7424XP offers swirl-free polishing action with an electronic variable-speed dial that operates at 2,500-6,800 orbits per minute (OPM). 

Bearing construction 

The Porter Cable 7424XP accepts 5/16 to 24 spindle thread accessories and offers a ball and roller bearing construction for durability under industrial workloads. 

Sanding pad

It features a counterbalance for use with a 6-inch polishing pad.


It features a two-position (left or right) removable side handle for greater comfort and control.

Key Features of the Porter Cable 7424xp 

Amp motor

The 4.5Amp motor is powerful in the way it enhances speed. The Dual Action polisher with a better switch design that makes it durable. The Porter Cable motor does not give a biased performance when using the other option. The speed and quality performance remain the same during sanding and polishing. A faster removal rate is what comes with the machine.


The machine comes with two removable handles. They have an ergonomic design that makes them comfortable to handle. The handles allow you to move the sander with ease on tricky corners. 

Polishing pad

The polishing pad works on surfaces with scratches or unwanted paint. It gives you a beautiful, excellent gloss finish. Unlike the SP series with a sanding disc, the XP model only has a polishing pad. However, you can still get a sanding disc that comes with an extra cost.

Rotations per minute

It has a speed variance of  2,500 to 6,800 OMP. That is faster than what Porter Cable 7424 gives. The aggressiveness that comes with the sander makes it efficient, effective, and reliable. That makes it ideal for tough surfaces. The Dual action process produces a small amount of heat you might withstand. 


  • The vibration rate is similar.
  • Both are in the same price range.

Differences between Porter Cable 7424 and Porter Cable 7424xp

  • The Porter Cable XP is slightly larger than the 7424 model.
  • Porter CableXP is 1/2 pound heavier than the Porter Cable 7424.
  • The Porter Cable XP has an improved on/off switch, whilst the Porter Cable 7424 remains with the standard one. It is larger, red in colour, has a firm feel, and is easy to locate.
  • The overall shape and ergonomics of the Porter Cable XP machine are much better than the 7424. 
  • The Porter Cable XP is more comfortable than the Porter Cable 7424.
  • The Porter Cable 7424 has a 3.7 Amp motor, whereas the Porter Cable 7424XP has a 4.5 Amp motor.


If you are looking for a model with a polishing pad only, you can go for the Porter Cable 7424XP model. You can pick the model if you also want to save some extra cash. You can still use the Porter Cable 7424XP with an additional polishing pad bought separately. It is up to you now which polishing tool to go for. 

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