June 24, 2021

Resin for Wood | 10 You Should Try

If you have ever used resin on wood to get a perfect finish. Then you know the difference between a good product and an inferior one. Or is it just me? Choosing a resin is not as easy as it may seem. We have rounded up some of our favorite products. We have described them in detail, so you know what to expect.

Clear Epoxy Resin

Clear Epoxy Resin is easy to use and versatile. It is clear, and that helps maintain the natural color of your wood. It is a dual package that consists of one gallon of resin and one gallon of hardener. It works on multiple applications, such as tabletops, wood coatings, boat building, and marine applications. 

The mixing ratio is 1:1 by volume. The application time is 30 to 50 minutes. You are allowed to make multiple layers. The formula has to stay under ½ inch onto the surface. Ask the manufacturer if you are not sure about the process. 

The resin is budget-friendly. However, that does not compromise the quality of the resin. It is ideal for trays, tumblers, and jewelry. Few bubbles emerge during the process. Time, temperature, and humidity must be controllable for the best results. 

Epoxy Resin Clear Resin

Epoxy Resin Clear Resin has a glossy coating that makes the surface beautiful. The beautiful look protects the wood surface from UV rays, scratching, and air humidity. The coating makes the surface durable. The formula is water-resistant and easy to maintain. One gallon of the resin covers up to 25 square feet of the surface. 

The formula has two parts that contain resin and hardener. The mixing ratio is 1:1. The work time ranges from 30-35 minutes, and the package includes detailed instructions. The formula is self-leveling. Wear protective gloves since the resin formula is sticky and spreads quickly. 

Line the surface using wax paper or a newspaper. That gives room for the newspaper to catch the resin. When the product hardens, it becomes difficult to remove. A thorough mix is ideal for a perfect finish. Do not worry if you see bubbles foaming.  Use a heat gun to erase them.

Epox-It Resin

Epox-It Resin works on bar tops, table tops, and countertops. It is a professional product that gives your wood surface a layer of protection and durability. The formula is high-gloss and clear. That beautifies surfaces and leaves the wood grain transparent. The product is easy to use. 

The dual package contains the resin and the hardener. The ratio is 1:1 by volume. Large mixing portions are the best since they reduce the chance of off-ratio mixtures. 

The work time is 80 minutes. For a second layer, you have to wait longer. Epoxy resin is resistant to UV rays. Make sure that there is no sunlight around your work area. That brings a yellowish color to the surface, and the results will not last long. The surface becomes strong enough to resist impact. 

Pro Marine Epoxy Resin

The Pro Marine Epoxy Resin is not for outdoor use. The colors that come with the product are natural or tinted. The white color is for surfaces that have lighting. When you want to maximize the tint, white colors are challenging to work on. 

The light enhances the beauty of the surface, and the formula works on tabletops, bars, wood finishes, and artwork. It is self-leveling and high gloss. The resistance that comes with the product is impressive. 

It is resistant to water damage, blush, and impact. There is the elimination of catering and crawling that comes from the resin. Thoroughly mix the contents for impressive results. When you hit the mixture with heat, it becomes watery.

Upstart Epoxy Resin

The Upstart Epoxy Resin has resin, hardener, mixing sticks, a spreader, and a foam brush, and it is ideal for both professional users and homeowners. These materials help you in achieving a glossy finish. 

The finish seals and protects your wood and gives it a shiny, smooth surface. The wood becomes resistant to spills and scratches, and the durable finish is ideal for surfaces with high traffic. It works as a decorative formula for artwork. The nano-crystal technology works as an enhancer of the natural beauty of the wood piece. 

It also results in a waterproof finish. The wood piece neither cracks nor fades. There are cellular non-fade pre-polymers in the resin that ensures a durable finish. UV agents stabilize the surface when exposed to sunlight. The layers are easy to apply. 

34 OZ. Epoxy Resin

The Epoxy resin kit is versatile since it works on various projects. It allows you to explore your creative skills in artwork, woodwork, and painting. The formula is easy to mix using the 1:1 ratio. 

It is transparent, and that preserves the natural color of the wood. It is self-leveling, and the bubbles formed during the process are easy to eliminate. The finish does not allow the wood to turn yellow when sun exposure. 

Keep the surface clean and thoroughly mix the contents to avoid bubbles. The drying time is 40 minutes, and the cure is 24 hours. It is safe since it does not contain VOC, solvents, and odor. It works on countertops and tumblers. 

EcoPoxy FlowCast Resin

The EcoPoxy FlowCast Resin color combination is ideal for custom tinting, and the resins are made of fossil fuels. The self-leveling resin is for casting and molding. The transparency that comes with the product is water-like. It has a low odor. 

You are allowed to cast up to 1.5inch thick surfaces. Re-pour between coats for a thicker layer. Add colors of your choice to achieve your desired finish. There is a low heat build-up that creates a solid finish. That makes the surface resistant to stress cracking. 

No special tools are required. You are allowed to use your woodworking tools. These include a lathe, table saw, and belt sander. As a result, you have the chance to create beautiful projects using your creative skills.  

Epoxy Resin Kit

The Epoxy Resin kit is a complete package with all the materials and tools you need to complete a project. The resin brings a beautiful finish that is strong and durable. That adds value to your creation. 

That includes resin, hardener, reusable mixing stick, and gloves. The formula is easy to use, and the ratio is 1:1. The resin formula is a mixture of resin and hardener. It is UV-resistant and food safe. 

There are no toxins inside the formula and VOCs. The product is non-flammable and odorless. The time taken to complete the process is short. It dries within 24 hours. Bubbles are easy to get rid of using a heat gun.  

Deep Pour Epoxy

Unlike the above resins, Deep Pour Expoxy contains a mixture of a 2:1 ratio. It has high UV repellents that make the surface resistant to yellowing. That makes it ideal for outdoor use. You are allowed to make your wood surface clear or add color. 

The formula goes as deep as 2inches in a single pour. Color is added using tint with mica powder or liquid pigments, making your crack full and filled. The product is for wood tables. It covers voids and gives you a smooth finish. 

There is no odor produced. No shrinkage comes after the application process. You are allowed to finish polishing using the wax of your choice. The formula has bubbles on the surface. That leaves beautiful highlights on the wood surface.

Aquaseal Table Top Resin

The Aquaseal resin is for the marine. It hardens and protects boat buildings, tabletops, and house repairs. Durable results come from the package with materials and tools for a successful operation. 

The tools include a half-gallon of resin, a hardener, two measuring cups, two spreaders, and stirrers. The mixture is easy to make using the 1:1 ratio. The formula works on many materials, such as steel and aluminum. 

It is quick to cure and resistant to UV rays. The package comes with instructions that are easy to follow. When unsure, asking for help or clarity from the manufacturer is the best idea. 

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