March 10, 2021

Ridgid r4514 vs r4513: Which Table Saw Gets Our Nod Of Approval?

The Ridgid r4514 and r4513 are powerful and portable table saws that are similar in performance and features. However, when choosing between the two, some differences could inform your choice. You need to consider the size, the cost, and the motor. The RPM, ripping capacity, storage options, included accessories and durability. We discuss these features below in this Ridgid r4514 vs r4513 comparison post.

Overview of the Ridgid r4514

The Ridgid r4514 is a heavy-duty saw with a 5000RPM motor. Being powerful does not make it heavy. It has an improved folding stand that makes it portable. The setup is easy and quick. It has a single-point release that makes the mounting complete. It is easy to use on multiple tasks. 

You have additional blades and the rip fence that comes inside the package. The 10-inch blade is a standard blade that even cuts through hardwood. It gives storage to the miter gauge. A blade guard ensures your safety and keeps the material sturdy. A manual gives you instructions on features you do not understand. However, the instructions are not so clear that you spend hours assembling the stand. 

It is fast and accurate as it can easily rip through a 4×4 inch material. The front and back clamping fence has T-slots holding your tools. The maximum cut depth is 2-1/4inch at an angle of 45 degrees. At 90, it goes down to 3-1/2 inches. 


  • Powerful
  • Portable
  • Ease of use
  • Safe
  • Fast and accurate


  • Instructions could be more straightforward.

Key Features of the Ridgid r4514

RIP Capacity

The rip capacity is 25 inches. It can rip through a 4 inch by 4 inch material. The blade can be dangerous if not protected.

10-inch blade

The 10-inch blade can withstand the pressure that comes with hardwood. The blade guard protects it. 

Max cutting depth

The maximum cutting depth depends on the angle the machine is operating under. At the depth cut of 90 degrees, it runs down to 3-1/2 inches; at a depth of 45 degrees, it goes as deep as 2-1/4 inches.

AMP Motor

What makes the machine powerful is the 15amp motor. That is more power for a heavy-duty machine.

Rotations per minute

The machine easily tackles demanding tasks. The motor rotates 5000 times per minute. That means that the machine is powerful to be used by a professional user in a big workshop. 

Pinion fence rails

It uses a pinion fence that is quick to adjust. It holds in place better. That ensures that you have a sturdy machine. 

Push stick

The push stick is inside the package. You can even replace it with a handmade push stick if it gets broken.

Blade angle

It operates on any angle that is below 90 degrees. At an angle of 45 degrees, it goes as deep as 2-1/4 inches, increasing to 3-1/4 inches at 90 degrees. The depth of the cut between 45 and 90 degrees is not the same.

Overview of the Ridgid r4513

The Ridgid r4513 comes with a stand that has a 4000 RPM motor. It is user-friendly as it is portable. The 1-step setup makes it simple. The lifetime service agreement ensures that your parts are well-functioning and well-serviced. The table can be extended, allowing you to have 25 rip capacity. 

The tool supports the material throughout the cutting process. It protects the fence as it gives storage options to the part. The motor operates at 15 Amp, which makes it a heavy-duty machine. The Micro Bevel adjustment makes the machine accurate. It gives storage to the miter gauge, push stick, blade guard, power cords, and many more accessories. 

The On/Off switch is oversized, so you will not mistake buttons. It has a single handwheel design that makes the machine easy to use. Height can be adjusted and locked to ensure that you make the actual depth of the cut. It is compatible with a dust collection system that keeps your machine and working area clean.


  • Innovative
  • Micro Bevel Adjustment
  • Dust port
  • Accurate
  • Retract-A-Rip System


  • No Dado throat 

Key Features of the Ridgid r4513

Safety features

To keep you safe, the manufacturer ensured that a blade guard and a dust collector keep you from inhaling dust. However, I advise you to use protective clothing, especially on your face.

RPM Speed

It runs on 4000 rotations per minute. It is powerful to work on a large volume of material. The powerful monitor makes this possible.

Blade guard

The blade guard protects you from cutting yourself with the blade. It also keeps your workpiece sturdy. It is easy to replace as it is available.

Dust collection port

The dust collection port is 2-1/2 inches wide. It is easy to connect to a vacuum. That is how the machine has managed to keep the working area clean. 

Rack and pinion

It is the type of fence the table saw uses. It has to be locked down when you are sure it is in the correct position. You can adjust the squareness of the fence. The four screws close to the fence can be loosened and tightened to keep the fence square.  

Accurate cutting

What makes the machine accurate is the powerful monitor, dust port, and rip capacity. It has an adjustment lock that allows you to make a precise depth of cut. The rip capacity is 25 inches.

Powerful motor

The 15amp motor that rotates up to 4000 times per minute makes the work faster. Although it is ideal for a small workshop, it still covers a large volume. It is also accurate. The powerful monitor remains sturdy as you complete your task.

Blade size

The blade is 10 inches long. It can go deeper on hardwood material or a large pile of materials. It takes time before it wears off and is easy to replace. The blade guard protects it.


  • They use a 15 amp motor.
  • The blades are 10inches 
  • The products are portable.
  • The rip capacity is the same.
  • The circumference of the dust port is the same.
  • The depth of cut at 90 degrees is 3-1/2 inches.

Differences between the Ridgid r4513 and Ridgid r4514

FeaturesRidgid r4514 Ridgid R4513  
Motor15 amps15 amps
RPM5000 RPM4000 RPM
Rip capacity25 inches25 inches
Dust port2-1/2 inches2-1/2 inches
Blade10 inch10 inch
Depth of cut 90degrees3-1/2 inches3-1/2inches
Dept of cut 45degrees2-1/4 inches2-1/2inches
FenceNot parallelParallel


There is not much of a difference between the two in cost. However, the Ridgid r4513 is more affordable than the Ridgid r4514 table saw. It may be due to the high-quality features that come with the r4514. However, this does not mean that the Ridgid table saw r4513 has fewer quality features.

Verdict on Ridgid r4514 vs r4513

After reading the post, Ridgid r4513 vs r4514, which machine should it be for you? The Ridgid r4513 table saw is portable, which makes it handy for transport. The size does not come at the expense of the machine’s performance. It is made of high-quality materials. You can choose the Ridgid r4513 if you do not want to use the machine as a heavy-duty table saw.

Ridgid r4514 has an attractive warranty, sturdy construction and plenty of accessories. The reason it does not perform demanding tasks is because of its size. Thanks to the built-in storage space, it is easy to use. If you have a small workshop, you could choose it.

The folding stand makes it portable, and the powerful motor is ideal for heavy-duty tasks. It’s easy to set up, precise and accurate. You might choose this one if you are a professional because it’s an excellent investment.

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Are the table plates for the saw blade the same measurements? I can not find on the web anybody that sells plates for my R4514.

Thank you.

David D. Hughes

Hi Alfredo, Have a look at Etsy. I have picked one up from there before.

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