September 14, 2022

Rotex sander VS Orbital sander

When deciding between the Orbital and Rotex sander, consider ease of use and purpose. The tools are of different sizes. Consider the size of the surfaces, the grits, the power, the speed and the systems.

If you are on a tight budget, forget about a higher-powered device and opt for a lower-powered one. More power means more speed. For heavy-duty work, a more powerful unit is ideal. I will give you a guide to help you choose the device that fits your budget and needs.

Rotex sander

Rotex is a high-quality tool that delivers better performance majoring in high-performing tools that are reliable and precise. An innovative tool is features like dust extractors and cordless options. Rotex has a range of belt sanders in multiple sizes and weights. What distinguishes the models is the sanding area. Pick one that deals with a variety of applications.

You have the chance to explore your range of belt sanders with continuous precision and better results. Its belt sanders are for coarse and fine sanding of workpieces with precision, parallel to the grain. These belt sanders work in one direction along the grain. That way, you can hardly have sanding rings from developing. Using Rotex saves time since you do not have to sand your surface countless times before it comes out perfectly. 

Rotex is comfortable to use. Its belt sanders are fitted to the flat area frame, increasing the quality of your work. It performs better when attached to the bench. It sets quickly as you convert the belt sander to a bench-mounted unit. It features a Dust Extractor, which keeps your working area and surface clean throughout the process. 

Rotex sander is one of the products that produce the finest sanding pattern. It has sandpaper going around and around and back and forth to avoid swirls and marks. Although the scratch pattern of the sander varies, you still get a smoother finish. An electronic speed control makes the tool convenient and practical for multiple sanding applications.


  • Multiple sanding applications 
  • High performance
  • Ergonomic design  
  • Durable 
  • Quiet operation


  • It works in one direction

Orbital Sander

It is an electrical machine for polishing surfaces well known for its versatility. You can use it for most activities, such as removing wood. It might not be perfect, but it is very good at polishing woodwork pieces. Note that there is a difference between a random orbital sander and a regular orbital sander.

Regular sanders work in an orbiting pattern, and Random sanders work unpredictably. Chances are low that you will make flaws when using a random orbital sander since it leaves no scratch marks. Random orbital sanders work better on large surface areas like cabinets or cupboards. The size of the sanding pad determines the surface area that can work on ( The standard size is the ¼ sheet sander. 

Looking at what some sander tools do, you might notice that they do not give a perfect finish, especially in activities that involve paint removal. Although the Orbital sander comes with discs, not all have the same motion capability since the discs come in different models. Some of them lack the sanding faces that spin in the same movement. These will be ideal for rough surfaces. There are also big Orbital sanders that need you to use both hands. 



  • Versatile
  • Handy
  • Give a smooth finish
  • Lightweight
  • Great for removing paint and stain


  • Slow
  • Removes less material

Features of an Orbital Sander

Dust collection bags

The random orbital sander has a round sanding pad with round sanding discs that you can attach to the pad using a hook. The holes on the discs are the ones that collect dust whilst you are polishing. It is important to remember to empty the dust bag. 


When you are using an Orbital sander, you can use any sandpaper. What makes it a better tool is the cost and comparing prices. Availability means attractive prices. However, that does not compromise its quality.

Power and speed

The reason why Orbital sanders attract steeper prices is that they have used more power. The measuring unit is in amps. The more power the machine uses, the faster it becomes. 


Orbital sanders have an electric or air-powered motor that works better with an ergonomic handle. The most powerful sanders can reach up to 650 W.

Base plate

The base plate has a hook and loop system to change Velcro-backed sandpaper sheets quickly. However, some types of sandpaper are held to the base plate via a lever or clamping system.


Most models come with a variable speed drive to adjust the orbit speed depending on the material you want to sand.

Features of the Rotex sander

Dust collection system

Its dust removal technology directs dust to edges for longer abrasive life. The dust extraction system is excellent and makes your work neater and easier.

Internal balancing 

It is the internal balancing that makes the sander run smoothly. It becomes less fatiguing to use. The sanders are relatively quiet and low vibrating due to their power.


It has a three-year warranty. What determines which sander to buy depends on what material you are sanding and how much use you see your sander gets.


The unique sanding pad shapes help you get right into corners, thereby saving time on manual finishing.


These sanders feature encapsulated bearings and dust extraction ports, which gives them an impressively long service life.


The sander features design innovations in a plug-in cord that enables you to use a single cord. It is easy to detach and plug-in from one Rotex tool to another. Its innovation continues with a bumper guard, which allows you to sand up to adjacent surfaces without damaging the workpiece or your sanding pad.

What could be better?

Orbital Sander 

  • The Orbital sander could have been quicker in removing material. 
  • It could have been faster.

Rotex Sander

  • Movement in multiple directions would have made it more versatile.
  • It could have just been good without a bench.


  • Both are innovative in their dust collection systems.
  • They smoothen surfaces.
  • They shape curves and corners.

Key Differences

  • Orbital sanders move in a circular motion, whilst Rotex sanders move in one direction. 
  • Rotex sander has more applications than Orbital sander.
  • Rotex sander is cordless, whilst Orbital has one. 

Final Verdict

Rotex sanders and orbital sanders have amazing features. For larger areas, an orbital sander is ideal. For a beginner, the orbital sander may be perfect. The Rotex sander is great for heavy-duty jobs like removing large areas. I am sure you have made up your mind.

David D. Hughes

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