March 20, 2021

Shop Fox W1837 vs Delta 36 725 | Which Table Saw Is Supreme?

When pitting Shop Fox W1837 vs Delta 36 725, you may look for a table saw strong enough to cut hardwood. These two will do the job and make precise cuts. That’s because of their roomy and sturdy table tops, durable saw blades, reliable dust collection systems, and portable stands. However, these features do not make the products 100% the same. Some differences make them different table saws. I will discuss these below.

Overview of the Shop Fox W1837

The Shop Fox W1837 is a hybrid saw with an open stand. It is lightweight, which makes it convenient to move around. It weighs up to 243 lbs. The rip capacity is 15 inches to the left and 30 inches to the right. The blade is 10 inches, the standard size for a heavy-duty saw. 

The blade guard is very easy to change, and the kickback pawls protect you. The base is mobile and strong. The saw rises as soon as you push down the levers. The powerful, 2-horsepower motor makes the tool. It needs 120V/240Volts. It neither makes noise nor vibrates since it is of solid cast iron. It has built-in caster wheels, and it is adjustable. 

The maximum depth is 2-1/4inches at 45 degrees and 3-1/4 inches at 90 degrees. The anti-kickback pawls and a blade guard make your table saw safe. You run your machine on a 120 or 240 Volt power source. It has a 2-year warranty. It comes with built-in caster wheels and height adjustments. The mobile base makes mobility easier. You lift the fence with an effortless push on the foot levers. 


  • Convenient
  • Precise cut into plywood
  • Lasts longer
  • Well-aligned miter gauge
  • Anti-kickback pawls


  • The start button requires more effort
  • Difficult to use on thick pieces of wood

Key Features of the Shop Fox W1837

Dust collection

An enclosed stand seals the tool and reduces inhaling dust. The blade guard has flexible wings to prevent dust from both sides. It has a vacuum system that connects with any of the four dust ports.

Safety features

It comes with thermal protection that prevents thermal overload protection. The chances are low that there will be a fluctuating current. The riving knife protects you from the blade. 

Belt system

It has a Poly-V serpentine belt system that is efficient in distributing power. It does not make noise when in use as the standard V-belts. 


The table is more durable as it is of heated iron. That makes it solid. It is flat and gives a beautiful finish that looks like a mirror. The table has T-slots that keep your miter in place. 


It comes with a 2-HP motor. It is easy to use on softwood and works better on the hardwood. 


The blade is a 10-inch diameter blade with 40 teeth, efficient on hardwood and softwood. The saw blade makes the 3450 rotations per minute possible. It tilts up to 45 degrees. The height of the blade is adjustable, and the angle. That makes it convenient.  

Overview of the Delta 36 725

delta 36-725 table saw

The Delta 36 725 has a 10-inch carbide-tipped blade and a locking rip fence. It is sharp and durable. The 13Amp motor produces 3,600 rotations per minute. The built-in arbor lock gives you a quick and easy blade change. The cast-iron tabletop gives you a sturdy and more workspace. The T-square locking rip fence delivers precise cuts. The steel rails can withstand the pressure that comes with wide pieces. 

The dust collection system has a 2.5-inch dust port that connects to a vacuum. That maintains your clean working environment. You use the locking bevel and high-adjustment wheels to achieve cut consistency. The rolling stand makes the transportation of the machine easy.  It weighs 197 lbs. It has a push stick that keeps your fingers away from the blade. The size should not compromise the purpose of the push stick. 

The wood piece only has to be sturdy, other-wise you are safe. You need to avoid working on wood with knots and short pieces. I recommend a 16-inch and above wood piece. At least it will not slip. The blade guard prevents injuries to your fingers. The riving knife is a flat plate as it fits into the cut produced by the saw blade. It prevents kickbacks. Two anti-kickback pawls are on the sides of the knife. The wood can pass through the saw blade in the cutting direction without returning to the user.


  • Safe
  • Cast iron tabletop
  • Mobile stand
  • T-square locking rip fence
  • Durable


  • The manual needs an update
  • Screws tend to loosen often


Key features of the Delta 36 725

Safety features

The machine’s safety features include a riving knife, blade guard and anti-kickback pawls. The blade guard covers the blade so that there will not be contact between your fingers and the saw blade. The riving knife fights kickbacks by reducing the possibility of the blade binding in the cut. Two anti-kickback pawls are on the sides of the riving knife. They reduce the chances of the material getting thrown back to the operator.

Push stick

When operating the machine, the push stick has to be there. Your hands should be at least 6 inches away from the saw blade. The push stick is in the package. Your material has to be sturdy and knot-free. It has to belong so that your hands will be away from the blade. 

Blade guard

The blade guard protects your fingers from the blade. It ensures that you are safe from the machine. You need to rotate the blade guard assembly so that the metal part is parallel to the table. The blade guard lever has to snap into the locked position. Ensure it is locked so it will not move while the machine operates. It has to lock onto the riving knife. 

Rack and pinion

The fence system comes in a T-square 3-point locking rip fence that produces precise cuts. It has steel rails that are durable and sturdy. The rails withstand the pressure that comes with the material. The fence has to lock in place by applying pressure in a downward motion on the rip fence handle. You need to check the alignment status by referring to the manual.  

Accurate cutting

The rip capacity is 30 inches to the right and 15 inches to the left. It works well on multiple wide sizes. The maximum depth cut at 45 degrees is 2.5 and 3.5 inches at 90 degrees. 

Powerful motor and speed

The 13Amp motor is compatible with the 120 Volt. You can also use the machine on a 240 Volt power source. If unsure about the power connections, you may check with customer care service. The motor produces 3,600 rotations per minute. That is ideal for thick workpieces. 

Blade size

The table saw comes with a 10-inch carbide-tipped blade that is durable. It is easy to change or uninstall due to the built-in arbor lock. It is quick to change blades. The 10-inch saw blade is pre-installed when you receive your table saw. The blade alignment to the miter slot is a must and has to be checked before you start using the machine. 


  • Both work with a 120/240Volt power source.
  • They both come with a 10-inch carbide-tipped blade.
  • They have the same rip capacity of 15 inches to the left and 30 inches to the right.
  • They have built-in wheels.
  • They have anti-kickback pawls, a riving knife and a blade guard.

Differences Shop fox w1837 and Delta 36 725

  • The Shop fox w1837 weighs 243 lbs, whereas the Delta 36 725 weighs 197 lbs, making it lighter than the Fox.
  • The Shop fox w1837  has a maximum depth of  2-1/4 inches at 45 degrees and 3-1/4 inches at 90 degrees, whereas the Delta 36 725 has a depth of 2.5 inches at 45 degrees and 3.5 inches at 90 degrees. 
  • The Shop fox w1837 makes 3450 rotations per minute, whereas the Delta 36 725 makes 3,600 rotations per minute.


The Shop fox w1837 is below 1000, and the Delta 36 725 ranges from 400 to 500. That makes it more affordable than the Shop fox w1837.


I must admit that the Shop fox w1837 and the Delta 36-725 have a few differences. Considering that the Delta 36 725 is more affordable than the Shop fox w1837 and still offers more speed, I recommend it. However, the shop fox w1837 has a decent maximum depth of cut. They have more in common; therefore, the above differences will show you the best choice.

David D. Hughes

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