June 5, 2021

Single Bevel vs Double Bevel Miter Saw | A Feature Focused Comparison

Single vs double bevel miter saw

Miter saws and miter cuts have been around for decades, and while they are still commonly used in the woodworking world, they have improved significantly over the years. Nowadays, various saws from different manufacturers have different qualities and features. To help you decide which saw is best for you, let us compare the two most popular types of miter saws on the market: the single miter and the double miter.

What is the “bevel” in bevel saw?

The “bevel” represents bevel cuts. It goes at an angle of 6 through the thickness of the board. The type of cut is on a doorstop. The bevel cut is for intricate products.

General Features of A Miter Saw

Miter saw stands

Adjustable saw stands allow you to operate the saw from a comfortable position. The stand supports the wood’s ends when cutting. Choose between a saw stand and a bench, depending on your projects and the size of the miter saw. There are foldable stands that are easy to store and transport. 


You can build your infeed and outfeed table with planks on sawhorses. They have to match the height of the saw. 

Motor power

Examine the power of the motor before use. If you have no idea, seek the help of professionals or refer to the manual. The power of the saw motor determines productivity. Quality miter saws have potent motors that cut through hard materials. The saw engine determines cutting speed. The higher the rotations per minute, the faster the blade spins.


Check the saw blade as you make sure it is sharp and not broken. Large saws have large saw blades, and that speeds up your work. The saw blade has to be durable. Carbide blades are efficient. If you are not sure, manufacturers give you advice on the saw blade to use. Spindle wrenches change the saw blade.


Cordless miter saws are handy to work with. You can transport and move them with ease. A combination of a cordless saw with wheels and handles makes the operation easier for you. 


Electric brakes make the miter saw safe and easy to operate. Any problem, you stop the blade using brakes. The time taken for the saw machine to stop is short. It takes about two seconds to stop the saw blade. Your fingers are safe, and the wood piece is protected. 

Blade guard

The blade guard ensures your safety by preventing you from cutting your fingers. You have nothing to fear when cutting your boards.

Dust extraction system

Take time to look into the dust extraction system. The sawdust moves through the saw machine and the air. A poor system does not only affect productivity, but it threatens your health. 

Overview of single bevel miter saw

The single bevel miter saw bevels in one direction. It pivots to your left when you are facing the machine. Move the board to the other side to cut in the opposite direction. That allows you to cut in the same direction. 

It is lightweight. That is why it is easy to move around. You take it to and from your job site with ease. The only setback with the single bevel saw is that you have to physically move the saw if you want to cut the other side. 

However, that is bearable due to the weight of the saw. It is more affordable than other miter saws. That does not compromise the quality of the saw. The single bevel saws come with extended power and a durable motor. 

The base has fence support that contributes to the precision and cutting accuracy of the saw. The sliding fence is tall and supports up to 5 ¼ inch materials, due to the pivoting arm on the saw, the pieces of wood fit with the saw’s size parameters. Be precise in your saw placement to ensure that the cuts line up correctly. 


  • It is lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Portable
  • Accurate


  • Not ideal for longer wood pieces
  • Rotating materials while operating the saw

Overview of double bevel saws

A dual bevel saw makes bevel cuts in both directions. Unlike the single bevel saw, the double bevel saw pivots in both directions. That is the right and the left side. You are allowed to make opposing bevel cuts in the same wood piece. 

You do not move the wood, but you swing over the blade. Since you do not carry the saw around, it saves you time. Do not worry about the placement of the board as you keep it in one position as you flip it over. 

It is a high-quality saw that makes precise cuts. Move the saw easily when you want to work on the opposite side. It is perfect for professionals such as craftsmen. It comes with a dust collection system that collects dust produced during operation. 

The motor is durable. The back fence design cuts boards at 45 and 90 degrees. The XPS crosscut positioning system gives you a cut line indication for adjustment-free cutting. The detent plate is adjustable and gives you ten positive stops for accuracy and improved productivity. 


  • Saves time
  • Precise and high quality
  • Easy to operate when cutting boards
  • Accurate
  • Ideal for custom and handcrafted crown moldings


  • It is not affordable
  • Heavy

Speed and Capacity

The motor cuts through thick materials with ease. That is how it speeds up the process. Some miter saws have speed variance that allows you to adjust your speed to match the project of the moment. Smaller saws do not accommodate longer boards. That limits you as you only have to work on shortboards. 


Numerous factors contribute to the accuracy of the miter saw. These include angle stops that are on positions of the miter saw. Each stop has a cutting range of 45 degrees. You are allowed to add or subtract an angle from your cut at some intervals. LEDs help you line up your blade with your cut marks. 

Cutting Angle

Cutting angles differ depending on the type of saw used. Standard saws range from 45 to 90 degrees. You move the saw to cut a certain angle when using the single bevel miter saw. That is not the same case with the double bevel saw. It remains stationary as the blade rotates. You move the saw to achieve cuts as you take a comfortable stand easily.

What Is Bevel Capacity?

Bevel capacity is the maximum bevel cut the saw can make. Bevel stops determine bevel cuts as they allow you to make adjustments. Laser guides improve the accuracy of cuts as they project a beam of light onto the workpiece.

What kind of Jobs is a Single Bevel Saw miter Good for?

A single bevel saw is ideal for light projects such as making picture frames. It makes angled types of cuts in two planes. It requires you to flip boards so that you cut both sides. However, you are limited in completing a wide range of projects.

What kind of Jobs is a Double Bevel miter Saw Good for?

Double bevel miter saws are for heavy-duty tasks. It makes bevel cuts in both directions. You do not move it around. It makes custom and handcrafted items. These are trim and crown molding. The double bevel saw saves you time and energy. Intricate or fancy crown molding is impossible without the double bevel saw. 

The difference between single bevel and double bevel miter saw

  • A single bevel miter saw makes cuts at an angle, whereas Double bevel miter saws cut both sides of the board without moving the board around. 
  • A single bevel miter saw is more affordable than a double bevel miter saw. 
  • A double bevel miter saw is more precise than a single bevel miter saw. 
  • A dual bevel miter saw is a high-quality tool, whereas a single bevel miter saw is low quality.
  • A single bevel miter saw is easier to move around, whereas the Double bevel miter saw is heavier.
  • The Single bevel miter saw is simple and easier to use than the Double bevel miter saw. 
  • The Single bevel miter saw is for beginners, whereas the Double bevel miter saw is for professionals.


When Do You Need a Single Bevel Miter Saw?

A single bevel miter saw can work for you in several different situations. Sometimes, a double bevel will make setting up your work too cumbersome to set up correctly. When you need a precision cut that is easy to make, use the single bevel miter saw instead.

What is a dual bevel miter saw used for?

A dual bevel miter saw is a stand alone piece of equipment with a table. It is designed to be used in conjunction with a separate miter saw for cutting two angles at once. This tool is primarily used for setting up angles when using a miter saw.

The dual bevel miter saw allows you to draw and cut the lines simultaneously, so marking and cutting on both surfaces will be accomplished without much hassle. The single bevel miter saw is designed to cut a line to one side. It isn’t something you would use for cutting two lines at once. There are some tasks you will never be able to do with a single bevel miter saw.

You should get a single bevel miter saw if space is at a premium or you have limited funds. Since this tool can only cut one line at any given time, it saves space.

Can you cut crown molding with a single bevel miter saw

In most cases, yes. You can cut crown molding on a single bevel miter saw if you take the time to set things up correctly. The single bevel miter saw is made to lay the molding flat on the table. That’s not how you want it. You have to ensure that the crown molding is standing up. Otherwise, it won’t fit in your space properly or look right when finished.

Is a double bevel miter saw worth it?

If you have the space for it, then a double bevel miter saw is an intelligent investment. If you don’t have space, then a single bevel miter saw will work just as well. It’s all about what you need out of your tools.

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