September 25, 2021

What can I make with a CNC machine?

The CNC machine has increased in popularity due to its versatility. It can be used in automotive, sport, fashion, firearm aerospace, marine tools, equipment, and more. Many companies use CNC machines for simple and complex products, which means both amateurs and experienced users find the CNC useful. 

Using the CNC machine does not mean you have to go way out of your budget as you make products. It accommodates multiple accessories for any use. And these range from small to big items. Although professional CNC machines are not affordable, if it brings money, it is then worth it. There are still low-budget machines that you can afford as a beginner, amateur, hobbyist, and DIYer. The CNC machine allows you to design, create and sell your products. It will enable you to make money even if you need it for your home CNC projects. 

If you have a CNC machine and no idea how to utilize it, the article below helps you with endless ideas on what to make. It can be fashion, food, transport, or farming, and you must suit yourself with the machine. Lately, the CNC machine has been trending in fashion wear. That is jewelry, and I will take you through the projects below. 

CNC machine projects


The CNC machine makes signs with multiple creative designs that help you appreciate the machine. Well-crafted characters appeal to people and send a message. The wood signs play a pivotal role in offices, roads, and schools as they communicate with the people, giving directions and instructions. They are made of wood material and are simple to make. They are simple to make. 

Phone cases

Making phone cases gives you enough room to exercise your creative skills. You will find them interesting since they are beautiful and durable. Multiple cases on Amazon for various phones, and Woodcraft fans will find these amazing. Numbers of Jack’s, ports, and speakers do not matter, and you are allowed to make custom engravings on the body of the case. 


The keyholder is a sign of being organized. It is simple woodcraft made of wood. Keyholders are quick to sell and show your level of creativeness, and they accommodate other small tools like bottle openers. With a key holder, the chances of losing your keys are low.

Phone stand

A phone stand is made of wood or metal and keeps your hands relaxed and free. That allows you to multitask. The simple craft removes the frustration of failing to use your hands when holding your phone. The convenience of shifting and tilting your phone as it remains fixed is refreshing. You can put your phone in a comfortable position, and it will not topple over. You can use your phone anywhere and make variations on your design. Keep the size of the phone in mind. 

Item holder

An item holder is there to help you keep items such as wallets and glasses. It also works as a key holder. Keep personal items you frequently use and carry around. It keeps workspaces organized and in one place. You will not have to search everywhere when you think of using your item. That saves time and frustration in the office. There are many styles of item holders that you can make to match your taste. Items to keep on your holders also determine the style you want on the holder. 

CNC portrait

Portraits keep memories forever, and they are of wood or metal. They are a bit complex to make. You find them on Amazon, and you can have one custom-made for you. Custom portraits carry a specific message and make a great gift to a friend or family member. There is a wide range of portraits, including pencil, paint, and sand portraits. You are allowed to create portraits from anything. They are classy and beautiful.

CNC machine parts

CNC machine parts are made of metal. Unlike the mentioned items, the CNC machine parts are complex to make. You find these on Amazon. The first thing you should make with a CNC machine is the machine’s spare parts. However, some machinists tend to remember only when there is a technical fault. That is tricky because the CNC machine will not be able to make the parts, leaving you stranded. You should not run out of CNC parts if you have a CNC machine to make parts for resale. 

Gift boxes

A gift can be less appealing when it is not well-packaged. That is why you need the gift box. The box changes an item into a gift, which melts the receiver’s heart. Gift boxes are made of wood, and they are endless on Amazon. You can choose to keep a gift box for future use or throw it into the bin. However, we’ll craft gift boxes worth keeping, and you can use them as storage boxes for your jewelry or containers.

Jewelry and accessories

Beautiful jewelry comes from the CNC machine. There is a wide range of fashion in wood and metal. The machinist has to pay attention to detail and showcase creativity. The CNC machine has been popular in the fashion industry since it allows the machinist to explore new designs. There is freedom of creativity. You can make rings, bracelets, tie clips, and necklaces. 

Interior decorations

These are a type of furniture or artwork that occupies space in your home. When making interior decorations, you only limit yourself. There are endless items you can choose to beautify homes. They depict innovation, beauty, and creativity. 

Paintbrush Holder

A paintbrush is a small accessory that is quick to make using the CNC machine. A paintbrush holder is an excellent item you might not be aware of until you see it. If you are into making money using the machine, such an item boosts sales. The holder keeps paint away from walls and floors. You would not want to mess up your walls with a paintbrush. 

Customized Cutting Boards

Cutting boards are items that are used daily in a home. That means the chances of getting high sales are high. Buyers are moving in and out of homes and will need it. Cutting boards are more bulk affordable, and personalized cutting boards are inexpensive. The chances of having a recurring business that supplements your income year-round are high. 

Car badges

You may think that this is something people do on their own time. It’s true! But if you’re looking for ways to earn extra cash, you must consider buying car badges online. Car badges are easy to make but require precision, making them perfect for beginners who wish to learn how to work with machines. These days, many companies offer free samples so that you get a feel of what it takes to produce quality products.

Commemorative Plaques

The plaque is one of the most common gifts given during special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, weddings, etc. People offer plaques to commemorate life events and milestones; some even put pictures inside the plaque. The best part about commemorative plaques is that come in different shapes and sizes. So whether you’re planning to buy a personalized plaque or just looking for a simple wooden plaque, you won’t go wrong here.


If you have ever played ukuleles before, then you know countless variations are available. And now, thanks to technology, you don’t have to spend hours searching through stores to find a suitable model. With the help of a CNC machine, you can create your custom ukulele. All you need is basic music theory knowledge and a few tools. Once you’ve mastered these skills, you can start creating beautiful instruments that look great and sound amazing.


Considering the above items you can make with a CNC machine, the chances of making an annual income with CNC projects are high. Consider making a variety of CNC items to earn more. CNC items such as keyholes are simple, but try to set your sights higher by making more complex and oversized items. The sky is the limit when it comes to these projects. You make and sell what you like, from beginner to advanced projects. We have featured beginner projects you can make without an expensive CNC machine. Always look for inspiration and favorite projects that give you a signature.

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