November 12, 2021

What is a Hybrid Table Saw

Hybrid table saws consist of two or more cutting parts used together to perform a specific task. It is a type of hybrid saw if it has the power to cut wood. If you are looking for a guide to help you decide if a hybrid table saw suits your needs, you have come to the right place. This post will look at it in more detail.

What a hybrid table saw is

A hybrid table saw is a stationary table saw powered by an internal motor. The table saw combines a cabinet saw and a contractor saw hence the name hybrid table saw. What makes the table saw affordable are the parts that do not cost much, and these are different from the ones found on a contractor saw. The features of the saws make a hybrid of two saws. 

There are multiple models available on the market, which you should go through and get the saw you need. Match the features with your needs so that you choose the perfect model. Some hybrid saws are pricey. Buy the right one and so that you will not return it after a few uses. That saves you from disappointments. 

Hybrid table saws sell in hobbyist workshops. Each hybrid table saw has its different specifications, and these make the saw great as it suits your specific projects. Take a look at the various hybrid table saws on the market and what they can do for you.

A hybrid table saw comes with a design that combines standard cabinet saws and traditional contractor saws’ features. A cabinet saw is for industrial or professional use, and it comes with a heavy-duty blade carriage, which connects to the cabinet using trunnions.

It supports a 3- or 5-hp motor with an efficient transfer of power and decent dust collection. The blade carriage connects to the cabinet with a mounted table to the blade, and you are allowed to make adjustments for accurate cutting. 

A hybrid saw is a contractor saw covered in an enclosed cabinet. There is an 11⁄2- to a 2-hp motor inside the cabinet. It comes with a shorter drive belt that makes it more efficient in power transmission. There is less vibration as compared to a traditional contractor saw. The enclosed cabinet also helps in dust collection. A hybrid saw is light enough to move with ease. All this adds up to an affordable saw that suits most small shops. It should give you what you need.

Choose a hybrid table saw with cast-iron metal because they are sturdy and highly durable. Metal parts are better than plastic ones. Your model should have a heavier base for stability when used, and the top should be smooth for excellent cuts. A hybrid table saw does not come with a motor in the back, and it comes with a power source running inside its body.

Parts and features of a hybrid table saw


Horsepower considers the power of a motor. The horsepower from the amps comes with the voltage. That is when efficiency comes into play. Many saw motors tend to run between 50% to 70% efficiently. 

The horsepower and amps vary, and it is about blade speed, and it matters more depending on the density of the material you cut. However,  RPM matters when it comes to the table saw design which might not be an important buying consideration.

Blade Size

The blade size is the diameter of the blade. You cannot use a saw blade of the wrong size even if it is smaller, and it does not work that way. That is why you should consult the manufacturer when you are not sure about the size of blade you use. Most table saws use blades ranging from 10 to 12inches in diameter; however, some benchtop models use 8¼” blades.

Motor Types

A direct-drive motor connects the arbor directly to the saw motor, giving you a more efficient power transfer from the saw motor to the blade. A belt drive motor connects a belt to the saw motor that drives the saw blade. 

Although it compensates with stable cuts, a belt-drive motor gives the blade a less efficient power transfer. A direct-drive saw motor produces vibration to the saw blade, and the chances are high that the cut is less precise.

Benefits of a hybrid table saw

  • Adjustability 
  • Affordable 
  • Light duty
  • Portable
  • Improved safety features 
  • Improved power options
  • Integrated safety features
  • Precision
  • Stability
  • Easy assembling options
  • Enclosed base design 
  • An efficient dust collection system

How to use a hybrid table saw

A hybrid table saw helps you achieve a high-performance level, smoothness, and more power. It falls between a cabinet and a contractor table saw. To use it, plug it in the power plug, switch it on, and extend the worktable.

When plugged in, the motor starts running. Take your wooden piece and push it towards the blade to slice it. Maintain the piece securely against the fence to achieve accurate and precise cuts. Top hybrid table saws come with a circular blade, which cuts the wooden pieces. 

It has a fence that keeps the workpiece intact and prevents movements, and a handle for movement, and a stand for holding the table in its place. A high-quality hybrid table saw also features a brake and switch to control how the saw operates.

Different types of hybrid table saws

Bosch 10-Inch Worksite Table Saw

The Bosch 10-Inch Worksite Table Saw uses a 4.0 max HP. It handles materials up to 25-inches wide.  It is portable and comes with a collapsible table. The height is adjustable, and that makes you adjust the height that suits your height. 

It enables super mobility when traveling from site to site.  It features a Square Lock rip fence for accuracy and precision, and the table extension makes the tool adapt to different positions.

SawStop CNS175-TGP36 Saw

SawStop CNS175-TGP36 Saw

The SawStop CNS175-TGP36 Saw provides 4.0 max HP and weighs 341 lbs. It is big and meant for home workshop owners, and it features a professional T-Glide Fence System for a smooth operation with measurement accuracy when using this table saw.

The SawStop technology protects you from Table Saw injuries through small electrical signals within the blade. Any contact with the skin, the signal changes, and the safety system is activated. A brake is activated automatically to close down the motor power.

My favorite brands of hybrid table saws

  • Dewalt.
  • Shop Fox.
  • Laguna.
  • Grizzly.
  • Powermatic.

How much are they?

Hybrid Table Saws range between 200 to 20,000 depending on the brand and model which you purchase. However, professional models are not affordable as compared to the ones for hobbyists. 

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