November 14, 2021

What is an Industrial Cabinet Saw?

An industrial cabinet saw is a saw machine for heavy construction builds. It makes structures durable and resistant against damage and handles heavy-duty cycling fabrications. 

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A professional tool

The industrial cabinet saw comes with maximum safety and performance in industrial environments. Precision describes the machine better, and it is for heavy-duty construction. The revolutionary safety feature has made the saw machine popular. It features a 99% dust collection system that ensures you a clean work area, making it ideal for professional and industrial use. 

The Industrial saw is available in multiple motor variations of 3 hp, 5 hp, or 7.5 hp and a 36″ or 52″ fence. You are free to choose the one you can work with better. It features a patented safety system that prevents accidents and injuries. 

It provides a higher level of safety during operation. The class-leading quality and safety features make it ideal for shop professionals. It has a high-performance 230V motor that delivers fast and accurate cutting action. 

Fast and easy transitions between guard and riving knives are made possible by the tool-free quick change mount. Professional fence systems produce straight and more accurate cuts. Enhanced dust collection increases dust and debris removal. That way, have a cleaner and safer work environment. 

Quality of construction provides a durable and reliable saw that lasts—not forgetting the precision alignment system that gives you accurate adjustments that are not available in other saws.  Versatility comes in the sap’s compatibility with both 10-inch standard blades and 8inch dado blade sets. 

Industrial strength

The Industrial Cabinet Saw is for a heavy-duty cycle environment. An industrial cabinet saw comes with a thicker, deeper cast-iron table and wings, and the industrial mobile base option makes it easy to move around. 

You are free to change your workspace if you want to be closer to power or your material. It also comes with a cabinet base, industrial weight cabinet-mounted trunnion, and an interior motor. The design is superior, as well as the construction. 

Compared to the Contractor and Professional models, it comprises a thicker cast iron table for added stability and precision and a thicker gauge steel in the cabinet, rails, tube, and fence. The industrial machine has larger handwheels for easy adjustment and two large access doors for quick access and maintenance. 

It has a unique brake mechanism that makes it a safe machine. The chances of facing injuries are slim. You will see the quality of the industrial cabinet saw when you assemble your new saw. It starts from the quality of the build to the packaged nuts and bolts. Assembling the saw on a mobile base makes it easy to position.

Easy to use

The saw machine features a massive cast iron trunnion that delivers smooth and precise operation. It has bigger handwheels for easy adjustment, and the large metal motor access door is for quick access to the saw machine. 

The second access door is for easy maintenance. Industrial cabinet saws come in a nearly bewildering configuration of fences and support tables at the sides and back, but center around a heavy (450 and more pounds) basic saw, with an enclosed base cabinet that encases a single phase 220 volt three horsepower or stronger motor. 

Single-phase 5 horsepower is also available, though not as common as the three-horse units. The motor drives the arbor through three belts, and there are a few lower horsepower two belt versions available. 

The trunnions mount to the base cabinet, not to the top, making cabinet saws very easy to adjust for blade parallelism to the miter slots and, ultimately, the blades to the fences. Trunnions are massive, cast iron, and the arbor assembly is more massive and carries a more robust bearing assembly than the contractor’s saws. 

These are lifetime plus saws, designed for heavy use, with very few problems. The massive weight makes these saws smooth in operation, and the cuts are even more accurate and smoother.

It fits into small spaces

The saw machine comes with a mobile base. That makes it easy to live around. As much as it is a heavy machine, you can still maneuver it around your workspace. You are free to change places as long as you are comfortable. You should be able to move around the machine without compromising its performance and feeling uncomfortable. 

Industrial cabinet saws are the most powerful

An industrial cabinet saw is a powerful saw machine that is for dense and hardwood. It packs more power than other table saws, and it requires a 220-volt electric circuit, which is more potent than a standard 110-volt household circuit). 

The enclosed motor is enclosed in a cabinet below the table, and you can extend the table surface to support large sheets of material. The heavy saw weighs more than 600 pounds, and it cuts through multiple types of wood, including plywood, hardwood, and pressure-treated lumber.

Industrial cabinet saws are the most accurate

The industrial cabinet saw makes accurate cuts as it uses a 10 inch saw blade, and a larger blade will not make as precise of a cut as a smaller blade. What makes the cabinet saw more accurate is the power, torque, and stability. 

Even if you are cutting dense material, you will not feel it, and better results regardless of what you are working on. The machine saw comes with anti-vibration belts that reduce the vibration and make the saw quieter. 

That improves accuracy, and it cuts thicker material without compromising quality. Cabinet Saws come with extensions that allow you to increase the rip capacity of your table saw up to 50.

Die-Cast aluminum table allows you to work with multiple materials without having to worry about your work table breaking or becoming damaged. The maximum speed makes it more than powerful enough to take on tough projects.

The machine makes rip cuts and beveled incisions, and these allow you to make compound cuts whenever and however you would like. A powerful saw is an option that gives you the power to take control of your material working or cutting project.

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