November 12, 2021

What is the Hybrid Saw Used for?

A hybrid saw is a saw that is a combination of a hand-held saw and a power saw. It is a versatile saw that allows you to continue doing what you were doing before switching from a hand-held to a power saw. It’s a saw that works well on both hardwood and softwood. Most hybrid saws are designed to be easily portable, and you have probably read our post on the best hybrid table saws.

The best uses of the Hybrid Saw

Hybrid saws can be used for various cutting tasks in woodworking, including ripping, crosscutting, bevel cuts, cutting rabbets and grooves, and cutting joints. By understanding the capabilities of your hybrid saw, you can make the most of this versatile tool in your woodworking projects. Some of the best uses of hybrid saws include:

  • Ripping: Hybrid saws are great for ripping large pieces of wood into smaller, more manageable sizes.
  • Crosscutting: With the right blade and setup, hybrid saws can make precise crosscuts for various woodworking projects.
  • Bevel cuts: Hybrid saws can make angled cuts, making them ideal for bevel cuts on wood.
  • Cutting rabbets and grooves: Hybrid saws can be used to cut rabbets and grooves for joinery and other woodworking tasks.
  • Cutting joints: Hybrid saws can make precise cuts for various joinery tasks, including finger joints, box joints, and dovetails.

The advantages of using a Hybrid Saw


This feature has attracted contractors since this type of saw makes it more portable than other models. You would not want to be dragging around heavy construction equipment while working on your project. 

Your work is made bearable, and you are free to move around to different areas where you are working. You do not struggle with adjusting the position of the saw if you have an intricate cut coming up, unlike when using a stationary table saw. 

Improved Cutting Mechanism

A hybrid table saw has a precise and smooth cutting mechanism. From the name hybrid, it is a combination of the cabinet and contractor saw, which means the cutting technique of both saws made a hybrid cutting technique. 

It can be hard to get such an accurate cut when using a portable tabletop saw, but a hybrid table saw allows for perfect cuts if you use it accordingly. That means it is not automatic, but following the procedures makes it easy. You still need to choose your blades carefully not to compromise the precision.

Less Power Needed

Electrical equipment can use your power quickly, so you need energy-efficient project tools. Hybrid table saws need a maximum of two horsepower to power their motors. That makes a huge difference when comparing it to a cabinet saw. It relies on up to five horsepower only because this saw requires fewer horsepowerwhichThedoes not mean that it is less powerful. 

Dust Collector

A hybrid table saw has a dust-collecting feature built in. Like cabinet saws, they have a compartment attached to them that collects the sawdust, and the feature is handy. That makes it ideal for indoor projects and saves you time and effort. Remember to empty the compartment when you are finished.

Smaller size

Hybrid table saws are smaller than cabinet and contractor saws. The size helps the user move the saw around, making it easier to store. Big cabinet saws are difficult to keep if you do not have a workshop, and kickback is difficult to move around either in your workshop or from one spot to the next. Hybrid table saws are more compact and do not take up too much space when you are storing them away after use.

Lower on Price

Saws such as cabinet or contractor saws range from the 500 and 1000 mark, whereas hybrid saws start from 400. That might be due to the smaller size. However, the saw remains more convenient in terms of size. 

Buying a saw for less than 500 does not mean compromising its performance, and the saw machine is worth investing in if you are a serious woodworker. 

Problems with using a Hybrid Saw

  • The tilting mechanism could have been more accurate 
  • You may need to double-check if the lock on the fence is secure

When NOT to use a Hybrid Saw

To cut off-gauge. 

What safety precautions should I take?

  • Do not wear gloves while operating a table saw because it causes a loss of gripping power. Some gloves are too loose to feed material to the rotating blade.
  • Keep the floor before the saw free of cut-offs to avoid tripping or sliding into a run.
  • Wear proper eye and hearing protection. That protects the eyes from flying debris. Remember that hearing loss comes without symptoms, and you can hardly recover. 
  • Avoid baggy clothes and dangling jewelry. Get rid of other loose-fitting clothing while operating a table saw. These items might get caught in the blade and lead to injuries before you know it. 
  • Stand comfortably, with your feet far enough apart for good balance. However, when cutting long stock, take several steps toward the saw to keep the feed going.  Wear footwear with non-slip soles.  
  • Use a push stick to cut stock 6 inches or less in width. Maintain a 6-inch minimum distance to them for safety.
  • Use a stop block when you crosscut short lengths. 
  • Position your body so that it is not in line with the blade. That keeps you out of the line of most kickbacks. 
  • Never reach behind or over the blade unless it has stopped turning. It is unsafe.
  • Switch off the power before changing the blade or performing any other maintenance operation.
  • Ensure the blade stops turning before you adjust the table saw. 
  • Keep the tabletop smooth and polished for less force to push the stock through the blade. 
  • Keep the rip fence parallel to the blade, so the stock does not bind and kick back. 
  • Never operate a table saw with the throat insert removed since wood fed into a gaping hole can drop down and get caught on the blade. 
  • Do not make free-hand cuts on a table saw. Guide the stock through the blade using the rip fence or the miter gauge.
  • Keep the blade guards, splitters, and anti-kickback fingers in place and operate freely. 
  • Check stock before cutting. 

How does it compare to other saws?

You can hardly discuss the hybrid saw without comparing it to other models, such as cabinet and contractor saws. These three types of tabletop saws are popular on the market. Each saw income with different features that make it unique. 

A contractor table saw is for contractors, which means it is a more portable option than the hybrid saw. The contractor saw takes you to different job sites. These saws are lighter and smaller in size, and the inner workings of the motor are less heavy-duty. Hence the quality of the work is reduced slightly. That is why some people may be put off by this feature and purchase the hybrid table saw instead. 

You may consider getting a cabinet saw if you have a lot of money. This type of saw is reflected in its price. In contrast, a hybrid saw is for users with a tight budget. Its affordability made it popular in the market, and its price range does not compromise its quality. Unlike the hybrid saw, it takes up to five horsepower to get it up and running.

Unlike the hybrid table saw, the cabinet saw is large and heavy. You would not want to move this around too much, and it is ideal for a professional woodworking workshop environment. 

What accessories can be added?

  • Fence system: A fence system can help you make precise cuts by providing a straight edge for your workpiece to follow.
  • Safety power switch: A safety power switch can prevent accidental start-up by requiring a key or other mechanism to activate the saw.
  • Push stick: A push stick can help you guide your workpiece through the saw blade while keeping your hands safe from the blade.
  • Push block: A push block can apply pressure to your workpiece and keep it stable while you cut, reducing the risk of kickback or other accidents.
  • Dust collection system: A dust collection system can help keep your workspace clean and free of sawdust and debris, improving visibility and reducing respiratory issues.
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