January 7, 2021

Where to Buy Wood Carving Tools

Some of the woodcarving tools

There are many types of wood carving tools like Wood Carving Tools Set, Hook Carving Knife, Detail Wood Knife, Whittling Knife, Oblique Knife,  Alikeke Professional 12 Piece Wood Carving Chisel Set 8″ Sharp Hand Woodworking DIY Tools Knife… Wood Carving Tools Set, TEOYALL Carving Hook Knife, Sloyd Whittling Knife and Chip Detail Knife are equally crucial in woodcarving.

The most popular wood carving tools are straight chisel, with a straight flat edge; straight gouge, with a curved cutting edge that will range in depth; short bent with a small spoon-like dip used for quick deep cuts; long bent, which will make a long deep cut; straight skew, with a diagonal cutting edge; parting tool or veiner, which is a furrowing tool with a cutting edge.

Wood carving

Wood carving is a form of woodworking using a cutting tool in one hand or a chisel by two hands or with one hand on a chisel and one hand on a mallet, resulting in a wooden figure or figurine, or in the sculptural ornamentation of a wooden object.

Recommended places to buy wood carving tools

A Swiss company, pronounced “File”, has become the standard for carving gouges, due to their quality and affordability, so their sizing system is most commonly used. The carving gouge sweep sizes lie on a spectrum from #1 (a flat carving chisel, with no curve), up to a U-shaped #11 sweep (the largest curve).

 It is recommended using a small carver’s mallet for any carving work that requires tapping. The mallet can be made from scrap hardwood turned on your lathe or purchased at flea markets and antique stores. Flea markets are one place where wood carving tools like panel saws can be bought.

Online Marketplaces

 Online sellers are other places where wood carving tools can be bought. Amazon and eBay are popular online stores where woodcarving tools can be bought and are delivered via shipping. A lot of reviews show that online shopping of these tools has worked for them. Tools like lathes are always shipped to different places after being ordered by woodcarvers online. eBay is a source to consider. If you are a buyer, eBay will likely offer an assortment of options for any specific tool you are looking for.

Homemade Tools

Homemade tools often can be found at flea markets and used-tool dealers’ right alongside the commercial offerings, or you can have them made for you (there are several specialities forged). You can learn to make your carving tools by a reading tool, making books or attending courses on the subject. Homemade tools are a desirable option when you need a specific chisel for a particular carving.

Second-hand market

The second-hand market also is a useful source of tools. Second-hand shops can be a good source of wood carving tools as they are usually more durable and more affordable than new ones, especially if they are not from trusted suppliers.

Wood carving tools are readily available at woodworking stores and in mail-order tool catalogues. The most popular and preferred offerings are Pfeil tools (marked “Swiss made” on their handles). They are distributed in the United States by Woodcraft.


Another place to consider when buying woodworking tools is local auction companies. These are commonly referred to as “Personal Property” auctions. The great thing about these sites is that the auction houses will usually give you 2-3 weeks to place your bids. This allows buyers to research the items before bidding to ensure they are paying a fair price.

It’s also common for these auction houses to have preview days. This allows buyers to visit where the auction is being held so they can carefully look over all the items listed. This way, you can check to ensure the pictures tell the full story and see for yourself what kind of shape the item is in before bidding.

Social Media

People have used Facebook Marketplace as their means to buy wood carving tools. It works by sellers using their Facebook profile to post items they are selling. These listings’ primary intent is for the buyer and seller to meet locally to complete the transaction.

Another option on Facebook that many people don’t consider is the use of Facebook groups. Buyers or sellers of used woodworking tools should look at joining groups on Facebook devoted to woodworkers. Many times, these groups will have listings for equipment people are looking to buy or sell. Depending on your area, you may even find a regional group of woodworkers. Again, no cost on this Facebook option either.

Woodworking clubs can be an excellent source for both buyers and sellers. Odds are one of the members knows someone who has a tool they are willing to part with or someone interested in buying. Most moderate-size cities will have a woodworking club.

Surplus Sites

Government surplus sites are a great way to big up a good deal when you are limited on a budget but want to increase your shop tools. You can pick up some heavy-duty machines like Powermatic table saws for a great price. These tools will always be used. Most likely, they have been used in a school or even a prison. They may need to be cleaned up and have some maintenance done, but you can typically get them for a nice price. Be sure to read the pickup deals and reach out to the seller if you have any questions.

Similar to woodworking clubs, there are also woodworking forums on the internet. These can be a great resource a couple of ways. First off, they typically offer a classified ads section which will allow you to buy or sell specific pieces of equipment that you may be looking for. Some of these sites are location-specific, so they target a potential section of a country that can eliminate the problems caused when shipping.

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