June 22, 2021

Best Deck Sealer for Pressure Treated Wood

Looking for the Best deck sealer for pressure treated wood? As the seasons change your deck will start to show its age. Natural signs of wear and tear are bound to happen. You’ll want to make sure your deck is in tip-top condition. If you’re going for a rustic look, any sealer will do. Yet, if you’re aiming for a more polished look. You’ll need to find a deck sealer that will make your deck look like it recently came off the factory floor. 

Cabot 140.0003460.055 Oil Stain

The oil treatment works on mahogany, outdoor furniture, and other wood surfaces. It deeply penetrates through dense woods. It consists of iron oxide pigments that ensure a lasting wood surface. 

The pigment is UV resistant. The surface becomes rich in color and dimension after application and dries to a flat surface. The gallon covers 400 to 600 square feet on rough surfaces. 

Porous surfaces take more sealer than non-porous. It is easy to use, and it gives beautiful finishes. It produces impressive results on worn-out decks. It is weather resistant. Start by power washing the deck if there are more stains.  

Ready-Seal Wood Sealer

The Ready-seal product does not require a primer on pressure-treated wood. Do not be worried if it gives you a different color as soon as it is applied. It changes to its natural color in 14 days. 

Do not apply the sealer on painted or recently stained surfaces because sealed surfaces prevent penetration. Use a roller, sprayer, or brush to apply the sealer. No back brushing is required since the sealer does not leave runs or laps. 

No wet application is needed since the sealer blends itself. You are allowed to apply it in any temperature range. No dilution or thinning is required on the application. It requires easy maintenance. No sanding or stripping of old paint.  

Rust-Oleum1904A Wood Quart

It is durable and easy to use. It works on below-ground decks since it is moisture and water-resistant. It comes with an insecticide and fungicide that protects your deck from insects and fungi. 

That makes it safe for termite damage, rot, and decay. It shares a green color to the deck that fades with time. It is stainable and paintable. 

The application is easy, and the formula penetrates through the deck. There is less odor from the sealer. The contents are toxic, and you have to be careful.  

Storm System Sealer

The Storm system is a semi-transparent sealer for pressure-treated wood that protects wood from natural elements. It enhances the beauty of a deck without changing its color. It penetrates deep into the wood as it adds protection to the wood grain. 

It is compatible with multiple wood species such as mahogany, cedar, redwood, and any pressure-treated wood. It works on decks and fences. For an easy application, use a brush, roller, or spray. 

It has UV protection that protects the deck from UV rays. It is a 2-in-1 product that stains and seals at the same time. It is not affected by freezing and thawing. It lasts longer.  

Deck Premium Wood Stain

The Deck wood stain protects the deck from color fade and graying as it gets old. No damage is caused by natural elements onto the sealer. It works on both softwood and hardwood. 

The hardwood requires regular maintenance. It is a 2-in-1 product that seals and stains the deck. It also adds color to your deck. It is also water-resistant. It still allows the wood grain to show through the sealer. 

It has five different colors that dry to flat and retain its natural beauty. It is easy to clean and requires soap and water. Working on damp wood reduces the waiting time. When the wood deck is visibly dry, you should be ready to stain. 

Seal-once Nano Wood Sealer

The sealer features nanotechnology that allows it to penetrate through the deck. It works like an oil-based product and does not contain toxic chemicals. That makes it safe for users and pets. It enhances the natural beauty of the deck and extends the life of the sealer. 

It is protective of the deck from water damage. It works on vertical and horizontal surfaces. It is ideal for marine buildings and easy to apply. For cleaning, you need soap and water. The damp application saves your time. 

It prevents the deck from warping, cupping, wood rot, staining, decay, and peeling. It works as a UV barrier that prevents fading. The sealer is available in eleven different and beautiful colors. The formula allows the wood to turn gray naturally. That takes time since the sealer is durable. 

Tough Timber Deck Sealer

The Tough timber deck sealer protects a wide range of hardwood such as cedar. The deck becomes water repellent. The protection comes from the sealer that penetrates through the wood. 

It reduces the water intake capacity by 95%. That prolongs the life of the deck in marine areas. It covers up to 1,000 square feet, and the application takes a day. One coat is enough unless you want to get your desired appearance on the deck. 

The finish gives you a shiny, glossy look that is easy to use. The ratio is 1:4. That means one gallon of sealer mixes with four gallons of water. However, that depends on the protection preferences of the user. 

Defy Extreme Wood Stain

The Defy wood stain is fortified with ZINC nano-particle technology. It works as a sunscreen to the deck. The zinc particles are shared throughout the wood stain so that they reflect damaging UV rays. That prevents color loss and premature graying. 

The deck stain is water-based. It allows the wood grain to show through the coat. That makes the deck beautiful without disturbing the natural color and the original appearance. It is durable and high-quality. 

High-quality resins make the pigment. That gives the deck high resistance, fading and darkening. When it is time for a new coat, you do not have to strip the old stain or sand the surface. A single coat will do the trick.

TotalBoat Wood Sealer

The sealer seals, hardens, preserves, and protects multiple wood species from rot. Paint and varnish stick better onto the surface and last longer. The treatment is easy to use and does not contain toxic fumes. 

The sealer penetrates through the wood. That is a result of high-quality marine resin that is ideal for renovating boats. It works on both hardwood and softwood. The sealer repairs the wood deck from rot in two formulas. 

The regular formula works on 65 to 90 degrees and the weather epoxy on 40 to 65 degrees. The sealer formulas come in multiple sizes. They have a mix-ratio to be followed. Aim for better results as you mix the formula. The cleaning process requires soap and water. 

Wood Defender Stain

The Wood defender stain has a formula that protects your deck from UV rays. The pigments have an increased coverage that is budget-friendly. There is no need for back brushing since it penetrates deep inside the pressure-treated wood. 

A sprayer and power wash work wonders on the deck. Although it comes at a steeper price, the results are impressive. It is easy to apply and easy to clean up. Use soap and water for the clean-up. 

It brings both protection and beauty. The natural color and appearance of the deck are allowed to pop. It comes with a three-year guarantee that ensures you have an efficient and high-performing sealer that lasts longer. 


The wood decking industry is at the top of the food chain. You get really nice service and some high-quality materials, and you get the option to pay a little or a lot. Depending on your budget, it is sometimes necessary to protect the decking so that it can last for a long time.

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