June 24, 2021

Best Exterior Wood Filler | 9 Favorite Products

Over the summer, TWG looked closely at several exterior wood fillers, including water- and oil-based ones. Few things can give a project more of a boost than the right exterior wood filler when it comes to home construction and renovation. For this review, we have looked at some of the best exterior wood fillers on the market. By the end of this article, you’ll know what each product has to offer.

Best exterior filler for wood

Minwax 42853000 Stainable Wood Filler

Best stainable exterior wood filler

The Minwax 42853000 Stainable wood filler is a paintable product for interior and exterior use. It dries fast and sands easily. It secures screws and nails by holding them in place. The formula is resistant to shrinkage and cracking. The Latex formula is easy to clean up. Use soap and water and allow it to dry. 

It works with wood stain. The wood stain comes in oil or water form, and you know what is best for your wood. If you are not sure, consult the manufacturer. Use a putty knife to apply the formula to the affected area and allow it to dry for two to six hours. To achieve a smooth finish, sand the surface using a sand block. 

You are allowed to add color as you mix the filler with the Minwax stain. Give it time to dry and apply a protective finish. It is ideal for small holes and wipes off excess filler on the wood surface using a damp cloth before it dries up. 

Elmer’s E892 Stainable Wood Filler

The Elmer’s E892 Stainable Wood Filler contains original wood fibers that allow you to easily sand, paint, and stain. The filler is resistant to shrinking and cracking and holds screws and nails and excellent adhesion. The formula is easily spread and clean. It works on floorboards and sideboards. 

The product takes time to dry when working on thicker repairs. You are allowed to add more layers till you are ready. Make sure you sand the layers in time before they become messy. There is the preservation of the natural color of your wood, and it stains the wood evenly. 

Add water to the mixture and mix well when it starts to dry up inside the container. After the application, you hardly notice where the nails and screws are. That gives the surface a clean look. 

Goodfilla Wood Filler

Goodfilla Wood Filler is a high-quality product that neither shrinks nor cracks. It comes with excellent adhesion that requires you to apply once. It easily and quickly accepts stains, and it is compatible with pigment, tint, and dye. It is ideal for professional woodworkers due to its innovative features. It is also convenient to use by homeowners since it is easy to use. 

The formula is consistent. The shelf life is not limited. You are allowed to express your creativity since the formula works on a wide range of materials and items. It works on floors, furniture, and instruments. The sanding process is bearable and saves time. Stir the contents well before you start using the product and if they are dry, add water. 

The product makes wood finish, repairs, and restores worn-out and weathered wood surfaces. Match the color of the wood filler and the color of your wood. Fill holes in layers till you are satisfied. Seal the filler so that the wood surface becomes waterproof. It is non-toxic and non-flammable.

DAP INC 18741 Patch Filler

The DAP INC 18741 Patch Filler is a versatile product used on multiple materials such as metal, wood, and fiber cement. It is easy to apply, sand and paint. The product withstands the harsh conditions that come with the weather. The formula is UV protection to your exterior wood exposed to sunlight. 

There is excellent adhesion that comes with the formula. It is ideal for demanding repairs. The product is smooth and dries hard. It protects the surface from water damage, and the consistency is smooth. 

Wait a bit before you start painting. It sets quickly and fills holes from termites. It works with a good primer, and the texture is impressive. Exterior patch materials and wallboards are compatible with the wood filler. 

Bondo Home Solutions Wood Filler

The Bondo Home Solutions Wood Filler saves time by making quick repairs to damaged and rotten wood. The repairs are durable enough to give permanent patches. It cures fast since the process lasts in a day. You are allowed to start sanding the surface after fifteen minutes. 

The filler is also stainable and paintable. That results in a beautiful finish that is water-resistant. It is for exterior use since weather conditions hardly transform or damage the surface. Use it on window repairs and furniture. 

The package includes a cream hardener. When mixing the contents, the formula turns medium brown. That color blends with multiple wood surfaces and that create consistency in appearance. A combination of the wood filler and the restorer brings impressive results.

FamoWood 40022126 Latex Wood Filler

The FamoWood 40022126 Latex Wood Filler is quick to dry as it takes 15 minutes. The formula does not shrink and crack. The wood filler is stainable and paintable. That creates a beautiful and protective finish. It is for both interior and exterior use. 

It does not contain solvents, and the filler comes with professional quality. The stains and paints look like wood hence the even surface. It is safe to use, and the clean-up is easy and budget-friendly. Use soap and water. Apply thin layers on large holes so that they fill up. Very thick layers will not dry. 

The paste fills up vertical cavities and dries easily. The adhesion is excellent as it sticks permanently onto the surface. It also adheres to painted surfaces. You have multiple choices in color. Find a color that suits your outside furniture. 

AP 543 Plastic Wood Filler

The AP 543 Plastic Wood Filler repairs cracks, gouges, and holes. The formula does not shrink and crack. It holds nails and screws securely. That ensures you permanent repairs that are hard and smooth. When applying, it is pink in color, and when it dries, it changes to white. If the hole has a nail finish, the formula dries quickly. 

When filling small holes, use your finger or a putty knife. A finger reduces the amount of Plastic wood to sand than the putty knife. Sand the surface before you apply the wood surface. After the application, you have the holes to sand. 

Use an orbital sander and hand sanding. Thin surfaces take 2 to 5 minutes to dry, and large ones take 30 minutes. The product is ideal for projects. It is water-based, and you are allowed to add water to blend in the formula.  

3M Hole Repair 

The 3M Hole Repair is five times faster than vinyl spackling. It repairs 3 to 5-inch holes in diameter. It is compatible with exterior paint and gives permanent repairs on damaged walls and surfaces. 

It also fills up cracks and protects the wood from shrinking. That is possible due to the resistance of repair to harsh weather conditions. After the application, the surface becomes easy to sand. It is lightweight and strong. 

The process starts with preparing the surface, filling in cracks and holes, and sanding. The kit has a repair plate, putty knife, tape, and sanding pad. The formula is flexible and has excellent adhesion. It leaves the surface with a professional look. 

Elemer’s E914 Wood Filler

The Elemer’s E914 Wood Filler dries to a natural color that blends effortlessly in your wood. When applied, the formula is purple. The wood filler is sandable, stainable, and paintable. That gives you room to exercise your creative skills till you achieve the look you want. 

The exterior wood filler is easy to clean using soap and water. It is safe to use since it does not contain toxic chemicals. It is ideal for small cracks since you have to be careful and quick enough to control the formula. 

The wood filler spreads faster hence the need for a quick process. It blends well on the lighter wood stain. You are allowed to add water till it takes the form you want. 

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