June 28, 2021

Best Mold killing Primer | The Ones We Think Are Worthwhile

How do you choose the best mold killing primer? If you want to kill a mold, you must first make sure that the material you are using is not toxic to humans or animals. There are several things you need to consider when making a mold. First, you need a way to remove the mold from the surface of the mold.

Second, you need to make sure the surface is clean and free of organic particles. The third thing you need to make sure is that the surface is dry. The fourth point is the mold itself. The best way to make a mold is to use a mixture of plastic and fiberglass. You can use polyurethane for this purpose.

Zinsser 287512 Mold Killing Primer

What makes the Zinsser primer ideal for killing mold is the fungicidal protective coating it gives. It covers fungal stains that lead to the growth of mold. It is quick to dry as it dries in five minutes. Get ready to recoat within 30 minutes. It has a low odor and is easy to clean. Regular cleaning gets rid of mold. 

The primer blocks mold and mildew and shuns away bacteria. The primer prevents scratches and flacks since these increase the growth of mold. The seal or bond that comes from the primer blocks mold from the surface. The elimination of mold allows the paint to be applied directly without working on repairs. 

The primer protects the surface wear and weathering. That also shuns away mold. The antimicrobial primer prevents both the growth of mold and fungal organisms. The Zinser does not only block mold, but it kills existing mold. There is no old that grows on the paint film once you apply the primer. 

Since the primer works on porous and non-porous surfaces, there is no room for mold growth. There is no need to run a thorough pre-cleaning. Apply the mold-killing primer to the affected area. The process is effortless. It leaves no residue that leads to the growth of the mold. The primer removes all traces of the mold. It eliminates and prevents the growth of mold. 


  • Eliminates mold
  • Prevent mold
  • No extensive pre-cleaning
  • Dries quickly
  • Antimicrobial


  • Can be Toxic.

Kilz L204614 Mold And Mildew Interior And Exterior Primer

KILZ mold killing primer is a mold and mildew-resistant primer. It is applied to moisture-prone areas to prevent the growth of mold. There is excellent adhesion that comes with the primer so that there will not be a space between the primer and paint that accommodate the growth of mold.

 There is consistency in the thickness of the primer. It dries fast, which does not mold the chance to grow or penetrate through the primer. There are color options to choose from before you start applying your primer. 

A primer covers mold. More coats increase protection from mold. Spraying is the best application method that makes the primer reach every part of your surface mold is not enough. There are remaining bacteria that lead to the growth of the mold. 

That is when the mold-killing primer comes into the picture. The primer consists of stain-blocking treatments that reach every part of your surface. These include porous surface parts of the wood surface. KILZ primer does not kill mold, but it prevents mold. It seals the surface so that no mold penetrates. 

The primer is an EPA-based registered mildewcide that prevents mold on the surface of the primer. It comes with agents that prevent discoloration from bacteria. Make sure the surface is clean before you apply primer. I would say this is a top mold killing primer for wood.


  • Mildew resistant
  • Seals the surface
  • Prevents discoloration
  • Works on both porous and non-porous surfaces
  • Dries fast


  • It does not kill mold.

INSL-X AQ040009A-01 Aqua Lock Plus 100% Acrylic Water-Based Sealer Primer

The water-based primer seals out molds. There is excellent adhesion to the surface that shuns away mold growth. The coating is mold-resistant and blocks bacteria. The coat takes 30minutes to dry. That does not give bacteria a chance to grow. 

The thick primer is effective in the way it blocks the penetration of bacteria that forms mold. It is ideal for bathrooms and kitchens where surfaces have moisture. Moisture increases the growth of mold. The coverage qualities that come with the primer do not accommodate mold. 

A mold-resistant coating contains blocking properties. One gallon covers up to  400 square feet. Make sure when applying the primer, the surface is free from mold. Hand scrub surface areas affected by mildew as you prepare the surface. A cup of tri-Sodium Phosphate onto the affected area or bleach has to be applied. 

The formula has to stand in the area for 10 to 20 minutes. Rinse with water and allow it to dry for 24 hours. On glossy surface areas, allow the Aqua lock primer to cure mold for 3 to 4 days. That gives you maximum resistance to molding. Use a spray to apply the primer so that it reaches the whole surface area. 


  • Seals
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Dries fast
  • Blocks penetration of bacteria
  • Great coverage


  • Difficult to stir.

RUST-OLEUM 5001 Mold/Mildew Paint 1-Gallon

Rust-oleum is for basements due to its ability to shun the growth of mold. It contains a mildewcide that comes on the paint film. It is stronger than standard primers as it protects your surface and prevents the growth of mold. 

You are allowed to apply on both wet and drywalls. It is waterproof, and that reduces moisture on your surfaces. The moisture increases the growth of mold. It has a 5-year mold and mildew-proof guarantee. That means you have a long period of zero molds. 

It works on both exterior and interior surfaces as well as on concrete. It is effective on garages and cement block basements. These areas are affected by heavy rain that even seeps through walls. Latex or water-based products do not protect your basement from molds, but Rust-oleum does. 

It leaves the walls dry and smooth with no sign of moisture. The affected area has to be clean so that the primer becomes effective. There is consistency and prevention of discoloration. That is a result of mold-free surfaces. The primer is thick enough to block moisture. 


  • Contains mildewcide
  • 5-year mold guarantee
  • For exterior and interior surfaces
  • Smooth
  • Consistent


  • It prevents the growth of mold on the paint film only.

Bare Ground Winter Bare Ground Solutions 1 Shot ‘N Gone 1S-AFPC Anti-Fungal Paint

The Bare ground primer is a protective coating that contains anti-fungal properties. It is ideal for use in damp areas such as basements, closets, and outdoor wooden furniture. The formula covers every surface area that is prone to moisture. It lasts longer, and that implies your surface takes years without being affected by mold. 

The primer is a tough, acrylic resin that contains microbial additives. They offer a high-performance protective coating. The primer is a long-term solution to the growth of microbes and mold that are harmful to surfaces. 

There is strong resistance from the growth and spread of bacteria, fungus, mold, and mildew. The coat is safe and durable to use. It works on both interior and exterior walls. The primer controls the rate at which surfaces absorb moisture. 

A moisture-free surface is mold-free. The primer comes with excellent adhesion that seals your wood surface to avoid penetration of bacteria. The wood surface has to be clean and mold-free before applying the primer. That increases the effectiveness of the formula.


  • High performance
  • Safe 
  • Durable
  • Effective on both interior and exterior surfaces
  • Protective


  • Temperature and humidity control.

DrawTite Drywall Primer & Sealer, 1 Gallon, Clear No Run SP-325

DrawTite primer is a penetrating sealer that prevents the growth of mold. It repairs damaged drywall since it contains repair compounds. It is not affected by hot mud. That means the rate of mold control is not affected by temperature changes. 

Use it over flat and enamels so that you maintain moisture resistance. It uses over flat and enamels to ensure moisture resistance. The primer seal pores to avoid mold. It does not create bubbles and does not re-wet once applied. 

Maximum coverage per gallon means maximum protection from bacteria. Although you are allowed to add water to the mixture, do not over-thin the formula. Over-thinning the primer formula makes the primer less effective. 

Maintain the required temperature so that the process is not disturbed. It is ideal for decaying plaster. It restores the walls by getting rid of the mold and all damages. It controls the level of humidity on surfaces. Do not worry about poorly ventilated areas and damp basements. 


  • Deep penetration
  • Moisture resistant 
  • Seals surfaces
  • Restores decaying plaster
  • Controls humidity


  • Maintain temperature.


Molds are a health hazard in our homes. They grow on all kinds of surfaces, including our walls, floors and ceilings. The spores that molds give off are harmful to our health and can cause asthma attacks and allergies. Unfortunately, they can also make you sick and make it difficult to keep your home clean. The best solution to eliminate mold is to use a mold-fighting primer.

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