June 20, 2021

Wood Filler for Decks | Our 11 Favorites

Fillers are a popular way to cover defects and damage on your decking. Do you know what you need to look for in a deck filler? Here, we’ve outlined the key features you’ll need to consider when buying a wood filler for decks. The last thing you want is to pay for something that does not do the job. What is my favorite wood filler for decks? Keep reading to find out. 

Best wood filler for decks

Minwax 42853000 Wood Filler

The Minwax filler repairs cracks and nail holes. It works on both unfinished indoor and outdoor wood surfaces. The formula accepts Minwax penetrating wood stains. It is compatible with oil-based and water-based wood stains. 

The wood filler is stainable and paintable. It dries fast, and it is easy to sand. It holds the screws and nails securely. It is resistant to shrinking and cracking. The formula is easy to clean using soap and water. 

When preparing the wood surface, make sure it is clean and dry. Use a purdy knife to apply the deck filler to the affected areas. It takes 2 to 6 hours to dry. For sanding, use the sanding blocks. You are allowed to add color. A Minwax protective finish is used after applying the deck filler. It is a great outdoor wood filler for decks.

Elmer’s E892 Wood Filler

The 2-in-1 product combines paint and stain, resistant to shrinking and cracking. It has wood fibers for sanding. You are allowed to add more layers. It holds the screws and nails. 

Make sure that the stain is dry for better results. The wood surface remains natural. The sanding leaves you with a smooth surface. The staining process makes the filler protective. 

Add a small amount of water and mix so that you start filling the cracks. The application hides nails. It is easy to use. Use your fingers or a putty knife. Maintain the storage temperature so that the deck filler stays in good condition. 

FamoWood 40022126 Latex Wood Filler

The FamoWood Latex Wood Filler for decks dries for up to 15minutes. It is resistant to shrinking and cracking. It contains less odor and is easy to clean up. It requires soap and water. You are allowed to sand and drill the wood surface. 

The surface remains paintable and stainable. It is ideal for both interior and exterior use. The wood filler has professional qualities that leave wood with its original color and texture. After the application, there are no signs of shrinkage and cracking. 

There is consistency in the way it spreads. It is thick but light. Thin layers fill up cracks and holes. Let it dry between applications. 

Goodfilla water-based Filler

Goodfilla wood filler is a high-quality filler that neither shrinks nor cracks. It features excellent adhesion qualities. You are allowed to mix the deck filler with tint, color, or dye. Apply once, and you will have a stain. 

It is for professional woodworkers and easy to use for DIY users. The storage life is not limited since it is reconstituted with water.  It is versatile. 

The sanding process on Goodfilla wood filler is time-saving. You can apply it to furniture, wood, instruments, and floors. Sanding, priming, and tinting are allowed. 

Bondo Home Solutions Wood Filler

The Bondo wood filler is quick and durable. It repairs damaged and rotten wood and dries fast in 15 minutes. The projects take a day due to the drying time. It is also paintable and stainable in 25 minutes. 

It is compatible with paint and stain, producing a beautiful wood finish. It is durable as it gives permanent and non-shrink repairs. The water-resistant formula is for interior and exterior use. 

It is ideal for door, fence, and furniture repair. When mixed, it turns into a medium brown color. That blends with multiple furniture designs and brings consistency in appearance. It works well with the Bondo rotted wood restorer. 

Minwax 21600000 Wood Filler

The Minwax wood filler gives a permanent repair to damaged wood. It is for both interior and exterior use. It dries in 15 minutes, and you can start sanding after 30 minutes. It does not shrink, crack or fall out. 

You are allowed to drill, carve and screw on the wood filler. High performance comes with the filler. It is weather and water-resistant. It is also a wood adhesive and secures loose joints. 

It bonds to wood and other rigid surfaces such as ceramics and concrete. It easily blends and matches wood furniture. It is easy to work with. The color does not change.

DAP Latex Wood Filler

The DAP Latex Wood Filler is another durable wood filler for decks. It repairs cracks, gouges, and holes. It is shrinking and crack-resistant. It holds nails and screws so strong that you will not notice. It dries quickly and leaves a smooth finish. 

After the application, it looks and acts like wood. It is easy to clean. Make use of soap and water. The repaired product is three times stronger than the original wood. The fast-acting formula is ideal for structural repairs. 

The product is solid and fills the holes with ease. It accepts stains without changing the color of the wood. It takes 48 hours to harden on big holes. 

Elmer’s E868 Wood Filler

The Elmers wood filler is paintable and sandable. It is easy to sand and gives you a smooth finish. It is resistant to shrinking cracking. Use water and soap to clean. It is ideal for small projects. It fills nail holes and fills gouges in hardwood floors. 

The task is easy and quick. It takes 12 to 24 hours. It is for interior use. When dry, it feels solid and durable. The product is thick, and it restores damaged wood. It looks new after the application. 

Use a putty knife for application. The filler residue is removable using soap. The process restores floors. 

Elmer’s E914 Wood Filler

It fixes holes, dents, scratches, and gouges. When it turns pink, it dries naturally. The moment it changes to its natural color, it means it is ready to paint. It is resistant to shrinking and cracking. 

It is for interior use and has excellent adhesion to the surface. It is for DIY users, and the formula is non-toxic. It is for paint and lighter wood stains. 

It is smooth and dries quickly. If you use it with a dark stain, it does not blend well. You are allowed to hydrate it until you achieve your chosen color.  

3M Marine Premium Filler

It is for boat building and repairs and adheres to fiberglass, steel, and wood. It is resistant to water and weather and resists water absorption even below the waterline. That makes it versatile. 

It spreads smoothly and sands easily. It cures faster and gives filling that lasts longer. Two fillers have a permanent repair. It is sandable in 30 minutes. 

That is how you manage to get back out on the water quickly. You are allowed to gel coat it. However, it comes with limited working time. 

Buyer’s Guide

Getting the right consistency

The first step is to mix the hardener and the filler to get the right consistency from your wood filler. If you are using a tube of wood filler, you should cut it open and pour it into a plastic cup. The next step is to add some water and stir until it becomes a creamy consistency. Once you have added enough water, the mixture should be thick but still smooth. It has the right consistency if you can run your finger over it without trouble.

Choosing siding

Make sure that your siding is in good condition before you start. If it is faded or peeling, the best thing to do is replace it. If you have already chosen your siding for the deck, make sure to find a color match to paint with. Another option, if you cannot get an exact match, is to use a primer from the same manufacturer and then paint over it using another color.

How to sand the wood filler

If there are rough spots on your wood filler, sanding them with fine-grit paper will help smooth them out. Sanding with fine sandpaper can also help in other ways. If there are some small splinters on the surface of the wood, filler sanding will remove them. But if there are some larger splinters, you need to use a wood filler removal tool.

What can you do if you are missing a piece of wood?

Given the amount of work you might have put into installing your deck and making sure that it is structurally sound. The problem with missing wood is that it can become problematic. It is always something to be concerned about.

Imagine a deck with no place to put the lawnmower, a small child who keeps falling off it, and a bird that lands on the deck and breaks its wing. You will likely want to replace the piece of wood as soon as possible to ensure it has never happened again.

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