Wondering which knife to get between the Mora 164 and the Mora 164s well don’t worry yourself. Today we will be looking at some of the similarities and differences that will help you make a better choice in choosing your blade. 

Both Mora knives are a great option. Sweden has been popular for making the most reliable carving knives since the olden days. The fact that you have already chosen the Mora brand means that you are on the right track after all. 

Mora 164

Mora 164

Looking at the Mora 164, for someone who enjoys relief craving it can definitely be on their list of tools to have. It has an ergonomic wooden handle which won’t bother hands or wrists and won’t risk blistering your hands at all.

Having been made from carbon steel. You will find that the blade on this knife has a rather rough surface and does not really allow for smooth carving. The design makes it rather suitable for spoon and bowl making. 

It has a high quality appeal and for any woodcarver out there. The knife’s ability to make for precise and sharp cuts is very much appreciated. Plus all in all, the knife is balanced and very easy to use. Whether you are left handed or right handed. 

Mora 164s

Mora 164s

Here we have a knife that is almost similar to the Mora 164 in that the Mora Wood Carving 164S comes as a specialized tool made from regular steel that is very suitable for spooning wood and making round shapes which is rather hard with a regular knife. 

It is a Swedish-made knife with a single-edge left handed blade that is made from stainless steel. It is suitable for pull cuts using one hand and push cuts using the other. making it easier to use hence resulting in faster carvings. 

This tool is more suitable for fine tuning plus the blade is sharp on one side. You’ll also find that the pointy end of the blade is very suitable for fine needlework. If you work creatively with wood carving, this knife is also a great tool to add to your collection. 

Favourite Features

Mora 164

Is a great knife that is ideal for spooning and making bowls. It has a great single edged blade that not only gives it a good look. It also does a great job while at it. Which i am sure any woodcarver would appreciate.

The knife comes with a two edged end even though only the end of the blade is sharp. The knife is quite sharp and has the ability to stay sharp even after some hard usage. Plus the stainless steel keeps the blade from corrosive agents. 

All in all, the blade has a nice shape and one can certainly appreciate the ergonomic handle that makes it rather easy to use and manage while working. Plus the fact that it is oiled rather makes the handle stain resistant to some elements. 

Mora 164s

Though the two blades are rather similar in some way. It doesn’t change that there are some features about the Mora 164s that one can still love and appreciate. Just like the Mora 164, the Mora 164s is a great knife to use for wood carving.

It comes with a stainless steel blade meaning that all corrosive agents will face some resistance when attacking the blade. At the same time the blade will remain sharp for a while and for all woodcarvers this is a good thing.

The Mora 164s has a single sharp end which allows one to use some push and pull cuts that other regular knives cannot allow one to do. This is definitely something to love about this knife seeing as though relief carving is made more simple. 


The Mora 164 is a single edged wood carving knife that comes with a question mark shape. The 164 is a great carving knife for getting into all the nooks and crannies while you are carving out your bowl, spoon and other relief carvings you may be into. 

The Mora 164s on the other hand comes with a curved edge that is fuller and more rounded than the Mora 164. This is why people prefer to use the Mora 164s for spoons and bowls as it seems it was specially designed for that. 

Shape of the Edge

The Mora 164 has a blade that comes as a single edge blade. The blade’s edge is that blunt and can’t do much harm. As this was designed to help make sure that very few people would actually get hurt while carving. 

On the other hand, the Mora 164s has a sharper edge that can als be used for needlework. The edge is sharp enough to pierce through some would as it would human flesh. Hence extra caution when it comes to working with this blade. . 

Steel used

The Mora 164 comes with a blade that is made with Carbon steel. Carbon steel unlike the regular stainless steel is rather darker and rougher in the look. Plus carbon steel lacks the chromium that stainless steel possesses which confers its resistance to rust and corrosion.

On the other hand the Mora 164s comes with a blade that is made from stainless steel. Which has a light and smooth look hence making it able to offer some resistance to certain corrosive agents as well as rusting. 

What could be better

I have to say one of the best things about using the Mora knives is that you are guaranteed quality carvings as well as precision in your work. Though they may be slightly different in how they work. Both knives simply have great features anyone would love.

Mora 164

The Mora 164 comes with a blade made from carbon steel in the form of a question mark shape. This makes it quite suitable for relief carvings and spoons and bowls. However, carbon steel is quite weak and offers weak resistance to rust and corrosive elements.

Mora 164s

Coming with a blade made from stainless steel as well as a curved hook this knife comes as a specialized tool for woodwork, especially for spooning and bowl making. Making it a slight cut above the Mora 164.  

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