September 17, 2020

Morakniv Wood Splitting 220 Knife with Carbon Steel Blade Review

Morakniv Wood Splitting 220 Knife with Carbon Steel Blade is a great wood splitting knife for anyone looking to find one. It comes with a Triflex Carbon steel blade that holds an excellent edge making work easier from any angle one may decide to use it in. 

Morakniv Wood Splitting 220 Knife with Carbon Steel Blade is perfect for making kindling. It has a 10.6cm splitting knife blade with birch wood handles that are lightly oiled to prevent drying and cracking. These handles provide one an excellent grip and control when splitting.

Morakniv Wood Splitting 220 Knife with Carbon Steel Blade is very effective and efficient and will split most types of wood including hardwoods such as plywood and other hardwoods. 

Going deeper in detail upon looking at it you can tell that it features dual oil birch wood handles and a carbon steel blade. All in all, it is a promising blade that is sure to get the job done. The carbon steel is harder than stainless steel, allowing it to hold a sharper and more durably acute edge. 


  • Is made from carbon steel which is harder than regular and stainless steel
  • Is stronger and more durable 
  • The carbon steel allows it to be sharper for a longer time
  • Comes with durable handles that are easy to work with
  • Can easily split even hardwoods


  • Is not as affordable as other splitting blades


  • Blade Thickness: 0.10″ (2.5 mm)
  •  Blade Length: 4.5″ (114 mm)
  • Total Length: 14.5″ (368 mm)
  • Weight: 5.4 oz. (154g)


Being made from Carbon steel certainly gives this blade or rather the whole knife some extra points. Carbon steel is tougher, harder and more durable than regular stainless steel. It is more resistant to corrosive elements and will not break easily. Besides that, best part is that this knife can easily work through even the hardest woods that some knives cannot work through. 

The handles are birch wood and they come slightly oiled to help prevent them from breaking and cracking. Already they are stronger than most wooden handles. Even though they might not be the easiest handles to work with it is no secret that they will definitely last longer than other handles.


When it comes to price we can cleanly say that this Morakniv Wood Splitting 220 Knife with Carbon Steel Blade comes at a reasonable price. It may not be the cheapest out there, but from what it is made of and what it can do for you, I believe it is safe to say that it is definitely worth every cent to its name.

Our Verdict

Now, the final question remains. Is it really worth it? From my view I would say that the knife is certainly worth it. From the durability points and to it’s features, it can definitely set a whole difference to one’s tool shed. In simple i would highly recommend this knife to anyone who may be in need of a wood splitter. 

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