October 16, 2020

Walnut Hollow Creative Woodburner Kit for Personalized Coasters & Ornaments Review [UPDATED]

You can use the Walnut Creative Wood Burner Kit to make wedding decor, gifts, and personalized wood pieces. This gives you that authentic style. It comes with Live-Edge basswood which can be drilled to create ornaments. 

The pieces are best suited for coasters, and to give it a fine finish, one only needs to use a little varnish. The tool is reusable and includes a comfortable grip with a flow point. The tip screws are easy to use for letter designs and patterns. It eats up to 950 Farhan height and is best suited for teens 14 years and up.   

The Looks

The tool is small and looks very much like a soldering iron, and it has a white handle and a black cable with a 2-pin plug.  

Walnut Hollow Creative Woodburner Kit for Personalized Coasters & Ornaments
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Who is this for

Because the tool is easy to use, someone as young as fourteen can easily hold and control it with very little discomfort as well as adults. Thi tool is ideal for the youth to get in touch with their creative side. Beginners and even the more advanced designers use this tool.  


  • This tool can be used on any unfinished wood surface. Perfect for those little scraps of wood lying around
  • It is compatible with all Walnut Hollow Points and Tips, allowing for more detail.
  • Includes easy to follow instructions 
  • It has easy to use a stand
  • Perfect for the younger age group.


  • No temperature control, so it heats right up to 950 degrees Farhan height 
  • It only comes with one point


Walnut Hollow Creative Woodburner Kit comes with only one point. However, you can purchase a variety of different blades. You can order a few blades: cone points, flow points, alphabet points, and many more.


The handle is heat resistant and easy to grip with a comfortable hold allowing for relaxed fingers. The user does not need to have a tight hold to use. 


The blades are easy to bend. When removing the blade, I recommend that you should be delicate with the pliers to ensure that you do not bend the blade. All Waln t Hollow Wood Burners have a life span of up to 14 years. 


The tool comes with one blade and an easy-to-use stand. You can source more tips and points such as; the alphabet, mini flow point, cone point, and number points, as well as graphite paper. I think it should have a voltage regulator to accommodate different countries such as the United Kingdom. 

Our Verdict

I would recommend this product to parents whose young teens are eager to start wood-burning crafts. The reason is that a 14-year-old can hold the tool comfortably and has a heat shield preventing them from getting burnt. The Walnut Creative Wood Burner Kit is also a great tool for the ultimate beginner. It comes with one point allowing you to practice and not have to pay a higher price if you discover the hobby is not for you.

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David D. Hughes

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