July 28, 2020

Jigsaw vs Bandsaw | Feature & Function Comparison

Bandsaw vs jigsaw

Woodworking can be a rewarding hobby and profession. Using the right tools makes it even more gratifying. You must know what product you want at the end of the day. Are you wondering what type of saw to get between a bandsaw vs jigsaw? 

This will help you get the right tools. While the bandsaw and the jigsaw may perform similar functions, they are also different. In this article, we take a look at what separates them. This is with a particular focus on saws meant for wood.

Jigsaw highlights


A jigsaw is the perfect DIY power tool that you can easily use at home. It is known as one of the number one DIY power tools that make woodworking at home more accessible.

Jigsaws are a great way to cut intricate designs and make curved shapes at home. Different companies make these saws, and it is up to you to choose the one that has the features you need. 

This tool uses a blade to cut into either metal or wood. The type you choose will depend on what you want to do with it. A jigsaw should have a reciprocating blade and be powered by a motor. With this power tool, you can cut angles up to 45 degrees. 

The saw blade you choose has many teeth. This is very important for the performance of the jigsaw. The blade’s shape and arrangement affects the performance of the jigsaw, from the cleanliness of the cuts to the speed at which the cuts are made.

The material used to make the blades depends on what you will be using it for. High carbon steel blades are the best blades for soft materials like wood. Blades for wood are usually made of high carbon steel, durable, and will make the cuts you need. 

The jigsaw needs to be guided when you are making curved cuts. This is how you will get precise shapes. You must make sure the blades are very sharp. This is what will give you the precision you want.

The versatility of a jigsaw depends on the components that you get for it. The saw’s base will usually rest on the wood while the blade does the cutting. While there are different blades to use, you can also find universal blades that you can use to make various cuts. 

Pros of the Jigsaw

  • A beginner can use it.
  • You can use it to make both straight and curved lines and shapes. 
  • It is safe
  • It is easy to use

Bandsaw highlights

WEN 3962 Two-Speed Band Saw

A bandsaw is a perfect tool for heavier jobs than what you would ordinarily use the jigsaw for. It is a set of wheels with a blade between them. The blade rotates as the motor power it, and this is how it cuts the stock that you feed through it.

They come in different sizes, and the bandsaw size determines the size of wood that it can handle. You can also get bandsaws that sit on benchtops or those on the floor. 

A bandsaw also has a table that you will need to consider. This machine can cut various shapes and sizes of stock, but the precision and efficiency are determined by factors such as the table size and control that you have over the wood. The larger the table, the easier it will be to control and push the wood through.

The cuts made by bandsaws are more precise, more uniform, and more controlled. You can use it to resaw or cut lumber into thinner slabs and carve curved shapes and other irregular shapes. 

This tool is usually the first stationery tool you will buy for a shop. The blades on a bandsaw run on rubber-covered wheels. This mechanism helps add to the steadiness of the saw and the precision of the cuts. They also have a tension guide used to match the tension of the blade to its width. 

Pros of the bandsaw

  • It is powerful and steady
  • You can work on more significant projects 
  • It is durable
  • It cuts your working time in half

What we didn’t like in each saw

While the jigsaw has a lot of advantages, and it is a great and handy tool to have, the blades are usually small and unsupported. While the blade’s material is made is strong, how they are mounted onto the jigsaw is not always the strongest.

You have to steer a jigsaw to get curved shapes, and if you do not have a good hand technique, you will not get the lines and shapes you want. 

The bandsaw will probably not be the first tool you buy as you start. It requires some technique that is not what a beginner will have. This is the type of saw that you will find in light industry workshops, and so if you are looking for a DIY saw, this one will not cut it.


The significant difference between a bandsaw and a jigsaw is that a jigsaw is a hand tool most commonly used around the home. It is something that even a beginner can use. A bandsaw is more of a workshop tool that needs more expertise than a jigsaw. 

The bandsaw makes more uniform cuts and is generally more powerful, used for heavier work than what you would use a jigsaw for. Most bandsaws are powered by an electric motor. Like a jigsaw, bandsaws can use a variety of blades. You can use a general blade on various projects. 

Both saws are great. But the one that works for you will depend on the size of the project you want to work on.  Happy shopping!

David D. Hughes

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