January 8, 2021

REXBETI 10pc Premium Wood Chisel Set Review

Here we have a 6-piece premium wood chisel set that seems to get the job done well. It comes with a blow-molded case that has a space for every knife, meaning storage is a simple task. It comes with every knife you would need as a beginner to wood chiseling. The versatility the product offers gives the consumer something to think about while browsing. The blades are made from chrome vanadium steel that has been heat treated. 

This means that they are likely to maintain their sharpness for quite a long period. That’s good value for investment. The handles are made from rubber, meaning that they offer a tougher grip than wood can. The only problem is that they may not last as long. There is also a hard metal disk at the back of this product that will allow you to safely use a hammer whilst chiselling without destroying the product.

It comes with both a honing and sharpening tool. These are very useful in prolonging the life of your product. They are also useful for improving the straightness of your work when chiselling. The product has more advantages than disadvantages. 

Model NumberREX042
Weight6.04 pounds
Dimensions13.4 x 10 x 2.6 inches


  • Made from chrome vanadium steel
  • Comes with a sharpening and honing tool
  • Rubber grip can withstand various weather and body conditions such as sweat
  • Comes with a blow-moulded case for better storage
  • No need for sharpening


  • The rubber grip will fade over time
  • Not for people with small hands


At first look of this product we can tell that it is of a higher quality than others in the range. The product comes in a lovely set with a matt black and orange finish. The handle of the blade is made from rubber which helps quite a bit when dealing with the grip. The presentation of the product looks better than many of the others that I have seen around.

The case has been blow moulded which will allow the user to safely store it without hurting the blades. They are also slightly bigger than many other knives meaning that people with larger hands are well accommodated for with this product. The blades are quite spectacular. Being made from chrome vanadium heat treated steel. The moment that you open the box they grab your attention with their shine.

Performance Review

In terms of performance this is one of the top performing chisels sets that you can buy on the market. The product comes with 6 blades that include different size knives all designed for chiselling. I would describe them as perfect for a beginner who wishes to take their art very seriously. The blades are made from Chrome Vanadium meaning that they are much more durable than anything else available. They offer the user something powerful and well made. With blades like this you can rest assured that they will not lose sharpness over time. 

This is even further improved by the fact that the product comes with a sharpener in case you want to add extra to the blades. The honing and sharpening guides are value for money additions that many manufacturers do not add to their products. This is because it can also be used for plane irons. The handle is made from rubber which means that even if you sweat then it will not heavily affect your grip. This also however means it is less durable. With constant use the rubber may begin to peel off or wear out. They also have metal at the end which will allow you to strike them from the back with a hammer without breaking the product.


This product is quite safe for a beginner to use. The rubber handle stands out quite well because it does not begin to slip if your hands are sweating. The case of the product is also well designed to enhance the user’s safety. That is because you can store each individual knife in a position that was manufactured for it. With this you are unlikely to lose these anywhere around your workspace. 

Who is this product ideal for?

I’m tempted to argue that this product could work for professionals but there are much better products available. Rather, I would suggest that this product is ideal for someone with experience in chiselling. I would suggest it for someone who wants to work on something part time but not professionally. If you are also a very serious beginner then this is something you can consider acquiring to help you learn. It is just important that you keep this box away from young children because there is potential for harm to occur. The whole package is quite efficient. 

Our Verdict

In the end I would 100% recommend this product. It is made from high quality steel meaning that the blades will serve you well over time. A big flaw with many blades is that after a little bit of use they require sharpening again or replacement.

With this product you will be receiving quality in that you will have them for many years without experiencing any trouble. If you feel that the product needs to be sharpened, then you can use the sharpening tool that is provided.

There is also a honing tool in the box that will allow you to make straight cuts as you work. This will improve the overall design of all your creations when using the product. The packaging that you get with the product is fantastic. Some knives do not come with a blow moulded case meaning that tools often get lost and then what is the point? The only problem is that a rubber grip often can begin to break if used in extreme conditions. You must also check out our MARKETTY Professional Wood Carving Chisel Set.

David D. Hughes

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