February 3, 2022

Axiom Precision Model AR8Pro V5


The Axiom Precision Model AR8Pro V5 machine is well designed, tried, and offers a full range of accessories. The Axiom AutoRoute 8 Pro V5 has electro spindle performance, plus a 4-axis controller. These are purchased separately to build the Axiom machine in a way that meets your needs.

The new Axiom Precision AutoRoute PROV5 Series of CNC routers offers great features you know and love from the Pro+ series of machines. It adds increased holding torque with:

  • 48V stepper motors,
  • an improved cooling system,
  • and higher spindle performance thanks to an upgraded VFD.
Axiom Precision Model AR8Pro V5

The new PRO also has a fresh look. It is faster and easier to maintain than ever before. The updated PRO series offers:

  • 4-axis capability,
  • powerful electro spindle performance,
  • and rotary machining capability.

The handheld controller is a powerful, lightweight, and easy-to-use controller. The powerful 3HP electro-spindle has an integrated liquid cooling system. The integrated MDF spoil boards give the exact precision needed. You can even use your CNC machine without attaching it to your computer to operate it. Transfer your file to the handheld controller via a USB storage device. This has proven efficiency in demanding applications.


  • Good design
  • Compatibility
  • Cooling system
  • Durability
  • Sturdy


  • The software does not come with the machine



The AR8 Pro V5 has an all-welded steel frame better than the aluminum frames used in most desktop CNC routers. The high rigidity frame keeps it solid and stable. As much as the frame comes with high-quality material, it remains affordable.

The gantry bridge is highly stiff aluminum extrusion, and the gantry supports are made using gravity cast aluminum alloy. It features aluminum rails that run underneath the spoil board. These prevent flexing of the spoil board and give rigidity to the setup.

The working bed uses aluminum extrusions with an integrated MDF spoil board. This helps damp the vibrations and is one of the differences with other CNC routers. The frame becomes heavy and of high quality.


You can cut wood, plastics, phenolic, foam, composites, aluminum, and brass. You can also cut through steel at a shallow depth of cut with proper lubrication. That makes it a versatile machine.
Although the Z-axis clearance is 6.5inches, it has a maximum Z-axis travel is 6 inches meaning you can place workpieces up to 6.5inches thick but can only cut up to 6 inches of it vertically.

Integrated Liquid Cooling System

The Axiom Pro V5 uses a 3hp water-cooled electro spindle with a variable speed range between 0 to 24,000 RPM. Using it for prolonged durations becomes effortless and possible as it is water-cooled. Water-cooled spindles are also quieter than air-cooled spindles, making the machine quiet.

The controller controls the spindle speed via a VFD. It comes with two ER20 collets that can hold either a ½inch shank tool or a ¼inch shank tool. All the components for the cooling system come with the purchase. The kit has a reservoir, pipings, and a radiator with a fan. All these are behind the frame of the machine.

Precision Ball Screws

The three axes use 16 mm thick precision ball screws for linear motion. Professional-grade CNC machines use ball screw mechanisms for linear motion. They provide excellent accuracy and have no backlash. It has a resolution of 0.00393inches which is one of the benefits of the ball screw drive mechanism. Ball screws have low friction, and the load can move it if not in place.

Sometimes, if you are using a ball screw in the vertical axis, the Z-axis may not stay in place once it is moved up. The weight will make it move down. To remove this problem, use 48 V NEMA 23 stepper motors that prevent ball screws from being back-driven. That makes a rapid speed of around 300 inches per minute (ipm) possible. The speed is comparable to the speeds on Avid CNC routers. The gantries move on precision linear guideways machined with extreme precision. They provide good accuracy and frictionless motion.


LED Lamp Kit

This adds a LED strip underneath the gantry to provide visibility on the cutting area. Consider the kit when you need to work in dark environments. The illumination is good and improves the visibility of the cutting process.

Dust shoe

A dust shoe works when cutting materials that produce dust, like wood and plastics. It features a 33 inches long material made of nylon bristles and a transparent top cover. It can be added to your purchase for additional costs if you purchase your CNC machine from the official website. You can connect your shop vac or dust collector using the 4inches dust extraction port at the top of the dust shoe.


Software is not included with the machine. Consider the following software depending on your needs:

  • Vetric VCarve Pro Software V10,
  • Vetric VCarve Desktop Software V10,
  • Vetric Aspire V10,
  • Vetric Photovcarve Software.

The controller does not require any additional software to operate. You can transfer G-code or M-code via a USB stick to the controller. Use a CAD/CAM software program for designing and generating G-code. Using Vectric for CAD/CAM purposes is one of the best decisions you can make. The post-processor for Vectric software is easily available and reliable. If there are issues with the post-processor, you can request Axiom for the post-processor for your software. You can use any free or paid CAD/CAM software for designing and creating tool paths.


The worktable of the AR8 is measured 24 x 48 x 6.5inches. The A8 version of the Pro series has a footprint of 62.99 x 37.36inches and requires more than 30.27inches of clearance. Make a sturdy table to keep the machine rigid as the size does not fit most conventional table sizes. You can use the AR8 stand from Axiom for an additional cost as an alternative. The stand from Axiom has excellent rigidity and has a neat compartment for the controller and toolbox. You are allowed to cut workpieces with a maximum dimension of 24″ x 48″ x 6.5″ on the AR8 Pro V5.


Amongst the Axiom models, the AR8 is the most affordable one. It strikes a balance between affordability and durability.


The Axiom Precision Model AR8Pro V5 is an entry-level industrial-grade machine designed for long hours of operation. It has a frame and builds better than most CNC machines available. It runs for hours without breaking and produces parts with tight tolerances. Good speeds make it suitable for businesses that need to move volume. If you have a slim budget, Axiom can be the best choice.

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