January 27, 2022

Baileigh DEM-1717 CNC Desktop Engraver 110V 17 x 17 inches

The Baileigh DEM-1717 is a desktop CNC router for small woodworking projects: acrylic, ABS lithophane, EVA foam, styrofoam, modeling wax, plastic, and soft metal. It carves products like tooling boards, toolboxes, tiny ornaments, and other projects. 

The DEM-1717 is used as teaching equipment in various high schools and colleges. It is built to last, and the router comes fully assembled, thereby reducing work time. The DEM-1717 CNC router table comes with software and tooling but has no competing tables, making it less affordable. 

The engraver features ER-11 – 4.0 mm tooling diameters, 4 T-slotted clamps fit on the table to hold the material down for clean cuts. What makes the product durable is the aluminum table that does not buckle under material weight or spindle pressure. The table is delivered pre-built with correct alignment for a fast and straightforward setup. Within an hour, you are ready to start with the software.



It features a 17 X 17 inches workspace for signmakers and hobbyists. The structurally strong extruded aluminum table will not buckle under material weight or spindle pressure. The table ships are pre-built with correct alignment for fast installation. 

The work table is spacious and accommodates wide and thick materials. It offers a stable and accurate platform for engraving materials. The setup is just an hour to uncrate the table and get started with the software.


The DEM engraver runs on 110V power and features a powerful 200W DC brushless motor. The belt Drive X, Y, and Z-axis movements are for accurate positioning. Stepper motors move the spindle at a maximum speed of 98.43inch per minute.

The powerful 200 watt DC Brushless motor does not compromise when it comes to efficiency. Ensure the machine is off from the power source before connecting the tool to the power source. Check the voltage and frequency of the power to see if they meet the requirement before you switch on. The allowed range for the voltage is ±5%, and the frequency is ±1%.

Speed variance

The engraving machine runs on 110v power. It runs up to 20000 rpm. The engraving speed and feed determine the surface finish, power requirements, and material removal rate. 

What determines the feed rate is the material, the tool material, rigidity of the workpiece, size and condition of the engraver, and depth of cut when choosing speed. The maximum speed makes the process quick.


The desktop engraver features easy-to-learn software. Install it onto your computer and start working, upload your design file to the table, use the handheld controller to move the spindle. That makes the machine convenient.


It features 4 T-slotted clamps fit on the table to hold the material down for clean cuts. Slots and clamps hold the material to the surface and prevent movement during machining. The method works if the outside edges are not machined. When using the clamps, place a piece of packing under the jacking bolt to protect the bed of the machine.



The engraver weighs 83.0 lbs and is lighter than industrial engravers. The upgraded version is compact, lightweight, portable, and user-friendly. The portable engraving machine is easy to move around. 

This machine is easy to move and light enough for one person to carry. Take the portable laser machine to sporting events, fairs, craft shows, and a market for personalized custom gifts.

Table Height

The table height is 17 inches. The higher the maximum workpiece height of a laser machine is, the higher the products you can engrave or mark with it. Table height is the distance between the working table and the focus point of the laser beam below the laser head. Measure the products that you wish to engrave or mark. 

Consider the length and width of the working area. Compare these dimensions with the table height. The higher the maximum height of the table if the engraver machine is, the higher the products you can engrave or mark with it. Choose a working table that is height-adjustable so that it covers a wide range of application possibilities. It comes with a laser table.


The Baileigh machine comes with a cord that allows you to plug the CNC machine from any power source. Keep your machine stationary as you move the cord only for power. That way, you do not run out of power. 

You cannot stop working because the battery is flat. The cord becomes useless. You can only face working in remote areas with no power.

USB 2.0 Cable

The USB cable allows you to connect your PC to your machine. It is one of the greatest innovations of today in engraving machines. This device allows for data to be compiled, stored, and accessed easily, anytime and anywhere. It would be best if you had compatible devices. SB cables are cables used to gather, transfer, and store data from one device to another.

Allen Key 2.5 mm

 Allen keys help you change  CNC machine parts with ease. The Allen key is a small handheld tool used for driving bolts and screws into the machine. Your work time is reduced due to the time taken assembling the CNC machine. Despite being a small L-shaped piece of metal, the Allen wrench produces an incredible amount of torque. Allen wrenches come in both SAE fractional-inch sizes and metric sizes.

Spindle Speed (RPM)

The speed variance of 20000 rpm allows you to work on any material using the proper speed. That increases performance and limits mistakes.


  • Carving
  • Engraving


The Baileigh DEM-1717 desktop engraver is an engraving machine for signmakers and hobbyists. You can take it to several places for operation since it is a lightweight machine. The engraving machine makes gifts that you can personalize. It is easy to use, and instructions are easy to follow. The table height accommodates any height and uses the engraving machine properly for maximum production and quality products.

David D. Hughes

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