February 7, 2022

Baileigh STS-16120-CNC Sliding Table Saw 220V 3 Phase 16″

Baileigh is known for producing high-quality industrial products. The 16120 CNC sliding table Saw 220 V3 Phase 16 and the 16120 CNC sliding table Saw 220 V3 Phase 16. This CNC table saw allows you to save cut plans for high-volume, three-shift schedules, ensuring precision. One operator is required to cut 10-foot panels using the sliding table.

The sliding table saw is a small structure. It has a logical arrangement and attractive look. There is sound insulation, a dust collection port, and overload protection. The equipment has a 5.7″ display. You can program the main saw’s cutting width, blade tilt, and blade height. The scoring blade height can also be adjusted. Users can save cut settings for a specific application. They can also schedule using the touchscreen control panel with 300 program memory capacity.

It comes with a servo motor that drives the rip fence into place as planned, as well as fences for ripping, crosscut, and angled cuts.

Let’s look at the features and characteristics of the product and see how it works.

  • a cast-iron frame supports the rip fence that keeps it parallel to the saw. The crosscut wall has two DROs (one for the main gantry fence and one for the extension) for repeatability
  • The angle fence gets scaled for accuracy and the wall-mounted for precision.
  • The heavy cast steel trunnion has boxed (rather than dovetailed) ways for added strength.
  • The massive 15 in. x 125 in. -the sliding table is made of anodized, fully extruded aluminum. It slides on four precision shafts made of polished steel for the smoothest possible slide.
  • 5.7 inches- The touchscreen control panel has a 300-program memory capacity. This allows users to program the main saw’s cutting width, blade tilt, and blade height. It is also where they can change the scoring blade height, save cut settings for a specific application or schedule. The system will move the table to the correct settings every time. Push the wood towards the blade by hand.
  • Fences for ripping, crosscutting, and angled cuts are included. a servo motor drives the rip fence into place according to the program. There is no need to read scales. Users can dial it in, and a 2-position rip fence that may raise out of the way for crosscutting.
  • 7.5 HP motor with four speeds: 3000, 4000, 5000, and 6000 RPM. Users can set the Rpm by manually moving the belts to various gears. The digital readout (DRO) shows the blade speed to assist with repeatability, and comes with a standard 12 In. blade, but accepts up to a massive 16 In. Blade, table wood saw shifts on a 1 In. arbor runs on 220V 3 Phase power,  1HP scoring blade spins at 8000 RPM to ensure a crisp, clean-cut, no need to spend extra time on sanding afterward
  • Vibrations are less, alignment is maintained, and cuts are accurate thanks to the fully welded 12-gauge steel base.
  • The shafts have a wiper system that removes sawdust and grease build-up, and you can slide an entire sheet of 4 Ft. x 8 Ft. material so simply that you’d never know it’s there.
  • Load lock keeps the table from moving when you’re laying down large sheets of wood; 4 in. main dust port for connecting to an extraction system and keeping your shop clean;
  • Safety blade guards for straight and angled cuts are interchangeable in seconds.

It comes with the following specifications. 

Blade speed (rpm)3000/4000/5000/6000
Cordless / CordedCorded
CSA CertifiedNo
Dust PortYes
ETL ListedNo
Flesh Sensing SystemNo
Horsepower (hp)7.5
Miter GaugeNo
Package Depth42
Package weight2500
Repetitive Cut Marking SystemNo
Table Length (in)126
Table Width (in)15
Acme Tools Part Number1020651
Assembled weight (lbs.)2500
Castor Platform includedNo

The product is from Taiwan. It comes with no dust blower. It has a Dust Port Outside Diameter of 4 and a fence included. The Global Trade Item Number is 00400020002266. The sliding table comes with Table Saw, Fences for Ripping, Crosscut and Angled Cuts, and Safety Blade Guards. The table material is aluminum. 


  • It allows you to tear down full sheets of plywood without using something like a track saw very fast
  • It reduces vibrations and always maintains its alignment because of the entirely wedded gauge steel base
  • It is super strong because of the heavy cast steel trunnion
  • Provides excellent accuracy because of the angle fence
  • It comes with excellent memory capacity
  • It contains a wiper system that can remove sawdust easily
  • It comes with lifelong phone technical assistance


  • Can produce a lot of noise
  • It has a lot of dust hazards that require protection.

Uses and how it works 

A sliding table saw comes with the main cutting blade and a scoring blade. The scoring blades stay in front of the primary edge and cut a kerf slightly wider than the main blade. A kerf is the width of the material removed by the cut. It’s positioned very low on the table, with only enough height to mark or score the workpiece’s bottom. 

A scoring blade’s teeth are positioned backward with the main blade’s set, counter-rotating to ensure a clean cut. Because the scoring blade’s kerf is somewhat more comprehensive than the main blade’s, the main blade cut will remain clean.

The workpiece will be clamped to the sliding table, and you’ll be beside the blade rather than in line with it. The workpiece is moved through the saw blades by rolling or sliding the table, resulting in a safe, clean, and accurate cut.

  • Used to cut rabbets and grooves
  • You can cut joints and bevel cuts
  • Used for kerfing
  • Used for crosscutting, particularly cutting wood to length
  • Used for ripping
  • The table sliding saw can cut larger boards into smaller pieces.


Above all, the Baileigh sliding table saw is an essential tool in many industries. It can be dangerous since the operator will be holding the material being cut instead of the saw. This makes it easy to move hands into the spinning blade accidentally.

Other circular saws allow the material to remain still as the operator leads the saw into the material. To reduce the chances of an accident, an operator can use a push stick, riving knife and a protective cover over the spinning saw.

It is best suited to more extensive woodworking facilities. Use can tear and break down complete sheets of plywood or long dimensional components. At least one sliding table saw is likely to be present in an industrial woodworking operation.

David D. Hughes

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