January 24, 2022

CNC 3018 VS 3018 Pro

CNC 3018 Features and Characteristics

The CNC 3018 engraving machine is a tool machine used in multiple projects. It comes with a working area of 11.8 inches by 7.1 inches. That is spacious enough for bigger projects. There is maximum production since the table supports all the materials without shaking.  

This product weighs 16.35 pounds, and that makes it lightweight. That way, you can shift it from one place to the other. You can take it to the customers for projects, and you can use it both home and at your workshop. It comes with an integrated mainboard which allows smooth hardware and software communication for a better product experience.

The product engraves wood, acrylic, soft aluminum, plastic, PCBs, and PVCs. That makes it ideal for a wide variety of projects with minimal or no challenges. This product can run in Arduino, and uses GRBL for a higher performance and acceleration control. That is how the controller maintains a steady acceleration while working by advancing 16 to 20 movements.

The CNC 3018 also comes with an aluminum plate, a plastic frame, and a 775 spindle motor. Although the plastic frame makes one think it is not durable, it has maintained its weight. It supports XP, Windows, win 7, 8, and 10, and Linux software systems. This product also works with drill bits of 3.175 mm and has a voltage of AC 110 to 240 volts.

The package also includes four plates and 10 PCB bits. The CNC 3018 also comes with an offline controller, and an ER11 plus extension rod. Keep in mind that this product is not industrial grade level. It is used as a domestic engraving machine. That makes it ideal for hobbyists and beginners. 


  • Torque of 0.25 n/m
  • It runs with GRBL software
  • Can work without computer connection using the manual controller

3018 Pro Features and Characteristics

The CNC 3018 Pro engraving machine is just like the CNC 3018. They are similar in weight, work area, and spindle motor. It has a work area of 11.8 inches by 7.1 inches and comes with a lightweight design. It weighs up to 15.25 pounds. 

The CNC 3018 product also comes with a 775 spindle motor. That makes the engraving machine convenient to use. It becomes easy to operate and requires minimal human effort. This product also has GRBL control and supports windows XP, win 7, and 8. 

Its versatility lies in the multiple materials it works on, such as wood, acrylic, plastic, soft aluminum, PVCs, and PCBs, just like the CNC 3018. This product also comes with a manual controller, giving you an option to work without a computer attached. If you do not have a computer at that moment, that does not put your work on hold. 

The two products have a lot in common, but they have differences that separate them. Unlike the previous product, this product comes with easy installation. The estimated time for installation is 20 minutes. 

CNC 3018 Pro comes with multiple manual adjustment capabilities, such as with the location of the engraving start point, and you can open or close the spindle and cooling fan. The CNC 3018 also comes with an SD card reader. You can store your projects and sessions for replicas or reference purposes. 

The CNC 3018 also comes with four clamps, 20 drill bits of 3.175 mm, and a voltage of 12 purposes like the above product that has a plastic frame, the CNC 3018 Pro has a nylon and aluminum frame, making it more durable than the CNC 3018. This product also comes with an ER11 collet with an extension rod.


  • Torque of 0.25 n/m
  • It runs with GRBL software
  • Can work without computer connection with the manual controller


They both use the GRBL software that controls stepper motors and spindles. GRBL uses g code as input and outputs signals via the Arduino pins. CNC machines use a parallel port controller that requires big purple connectors.

GRBL is one of the most popular CNC controller firmware. It works in combination with CNC controllers such as Arduino individual which is what hobbyists use. It eliminates the need for a parallel port on your computer.

Size Comparison

As much as both products have the same weight and work table area, the CNC 3018 pro is an improved version when it comes to height. The base height of 3018-PRO is raised from 2cm to 4cm and that makes it more stable than the 3018. 

Key differences between CNC 3018 and 3018 Pro

  • The CNC 3018 has a plastic frame, whereas the 3018 pro has a nylon and aluminium frame.
  • The CNC 3018 pro is more durable than the 3018.
  • The CNC Pro is easier to install than the CNC 3018.
  • The CNC 3018 pro comes with more multiple adjustments than the CNC 3018.
  • The CNC 3018 pro comes with an SD reader, while the CNC 3018 does not.
  • The CNC 3018 has ten drill bits, whereas the CNC 3018 pro has 20 drill bits.

Similarities between CNC 3018 and 3018 Pro

  • They are both lightweight.
  • They have the same size in the work area.
  • They both use the 775 spindle motor.
  • Both come with GRBL control and support windows XP, win 7, and 8.


Both the CNC 3018 and 3018 pro, are engraving machines that bring excellent addition to any shop that needs to personalize or add an artistic touch to workpieces. Choosing between the two requires users to compare the features of each product with their expectations. 

If you prefer a more simplistic engraving CNC machine, with Arduino support and a range of supported systems, the CNC 3018 engraving machine may be the best choice for your needs. For a sturdier CNC frame, with easy installation, more manual features, and more drill bits and clamps, then the CNC 3018 Pro might be a better choice for you. Both of these engraving machines offer durability and clean cuts, making them each option for your engraving needs.

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