January 24, 2022

CNC Piranha XL vs SHARK SD110

CNC Piranha XL Overview

The CNC Piranha XL is an affordable CNC machine with a large 12 x 24 inch table that makes it ideal for projects like carvings, plaques, ornamental boxes, and precision parts. These projects are on multiple materials such as wood, soft metals, or plastics. 

What makes it unique is the 3D carving capability. These include a 3D models library to cut intricate inlays and engravings. When it comes to the CNC Piranha, your creativity is unlimited. You can easily fit your machine on one end of your bench. 

Use your VCarve Desktop Design software on a PC with a USB 2.0 port to design your work. The USB is not inside the package. Save the program directly to a USB flash drive, plug it into the Pendant, select your file, and press the run button. Your computer stays far from a dusty shop environment.

The package includes a Piranha XL CNC, the latest version of VCarve desktop design software, Vector Art 3D Sampler Pack, Color Touch Screen Pendant Controller System, V-Router Bit, Instruction Manual, and Two Hold-Down Clamps. It comes fully assembled, and that minimizes the preparation time. Software is not MAC Compatible and only compatible with Windows 7 and above.

It is only compatible with Windows 7 and above and requires a PC with a USB 2.0 port. It works with a USB Flash Drive, DeWalt, and a Bosch Motor Mounting Bracket (161666) if a Bosch motor is used.


  • Accurate
  • Detail
  • Compatibility
  • Affordable 
  • High performance 


  • Expect to add a lot


Touch screen colour graphic pendant-controlled software package

When running the Pendant from your computer, the Controller Interface is connected using a USB cable plugged into a USB 2.0 capable plug. This will require you to download and use the Piranha FX/XL Control Panel software to communicate to the interface. You can use this interface to jog (position) the gantry and router, load a project file, and run the project.

3D carving Capability

3D carving capability and a library of models, the XL can produce intricate corbels, detailed inlays, engravings, and more. The CNC machine uses a rotating drill bit to cut through wood, plastic, or soft metals like aluminum.

The router power control init

The Router Power Control Unit (RCPU) is one of the two additional plugs that attach to the back of the Piranha XL controller. The RPCU has a power outlet on it for the router power cable. Do not use any other power cables in this outlet.


The table dimensions are 12 x 30 inches. The XL table makes it ideal for projects like carvings, plaques, ornamental boxes, and precision parts from wood, soft metals, and plastics. 

SHARK SD110 Overview

The Next Wave Router comes with a convenient touch-screen interface. A compact 12 in. x 18-inch table makes it ideal for smaller-scale projects like cabinet making. With its 3D carving capability, you can carve and reach complicated positions such as corners. 

The CNC Shark SD110 base unit has incredible accuracy that you can even engrave cabinets with it. There is no need to have your computer in a dusty shop environment. Creativity is not limited, and the compact machine easily fits on one end of your bench.

SHARK SD110 CNC Machine Review

Next Wave SHARK SD110 CNC machine comes with a touch-screen interface. Included software means you are ready to start machining as soon as you receive your product. It is affordable and versatile. It works on wood, soft metals, or plastics, all at a fraction of the price of a full-sized CNC. 

It is compatible with optional accessories sold separately. Its 3D carving capability, including 3D models, helps you carve expensive corbels cut intricate inlays and engravings. The Next Wave SHARK SD110 is accurate enough to engrave custom circuit boards. In addition, the entire machine can easily fit on one end of your bench. 

Design your project with the VCarve Desktop V10.0 Design software on a USB 2.0 port or higher PC. Save your project to a USB flash drive, plug it into the Pendant, select your file, and hit the run button. Using the flash drive does not expose your computer to a  dusty shop environment.


  • Maximum performance 
  • Ease of use
  • Convenient 
  • Compact
  • Accurate


  • It takes time to assemble 

Features of the SHARK SD110

Touch Plate

The Touch Plate allows the user to “zero” out the machine in any way they choose to eliminate the need to measure or reset zero manually. To use the CNC touch plate, plug one end into the controller, attach the magnet to the collet, and lower the router bit onto the touch plate. 

It is durable metal construction, and the precision-machined plate is for accuracy. The Next Wave Automation Touch Plate comes complete with the touch plate, cable, and user manual. That makes it easy to use and saves time.

Dust Boot

The Dust Boot helps control dust and shaving debris. It is from durable polymer flexible brushes that allow movement in all directions while capturing most debris. The dust boot fits most shop vacs and shop vacuum fittings. Use it together with your shop vacuum for maximum performance.

6 Piece CNC Starter Bit Set

The set includes popular bit shapes and sizes with ¼” shanks. These areas follow:

  • 1/16″ x 1.0″ 5.5 degrees tapered solid carbide four fluted ball nose bit
  • 1/8″ x 1.0″ 3.8 degrees tapered solid carbide four fluted ball nose bit
  • 1/4″ x 1.0″ 0 degrees straight solid carbide four fluted ball nose bit
  • 1/4″ x 1.0″ straight solid carbide two fluted up-cut bit
  • 3/8″ x 1/2″ 60-degree carbide-tipped v-groove bit
  • 1/2″ X 1/2″ 90-degree carbide-tipped v-groove bit

Bosch Colt Compact Router PR20EVS

The Bosch PR20EVS colt palm router features a 1.0-Horsepower 5.6 amp variable-speed motor with speeds from 16,000 – 35,000 rpm. It uses ¼” collet for all ¼” shanked router bits.

Key Differences Between CNC Piranha XL and SHARK SD110

  • The CNC Piranha XL is heavier than SHARK SD110.
  • The CNC Piranha XL has a bigger table than SHARK SD110.
  • The CNC Piranha XL does not come with a USB, while SHARK SD110 includes the USB.

Similarities between CNC Piranha XL and SHARK SD110

  • Both have a touch screen.
  • Both operate in 3D.

Accuracy Comparison

SHARK SD110 is more accurate than the CNC Piranha XL. That is why it makes cabinets. However, both machines pay attention to detail. 

Performance Comparison

Both machines give a good performance. However, CNC Piranha XL produces items faster than the SHARK SD110.

Price Comparison

SHARK SD110 is more affordable than the CNC Piranha XL.

Assembling Comparison

CNC Piranha XL comes fully assembled, making it easy to set up in a workshop or any work area.

Ease of Use Comparison

Software used by CNC Piranha XL is not easy to use. That makes it more complicated to use than the SHARK SD110.

Which is Better

In comparison to the above products, choosing between the two depends on your budget and the type of products you intend to make. For intricate and complex parts, the SHARK SD110 performs better than the XL. It is also ideal for users working under a tight budget. If time is more valuable in your work, CNC Piranha XL might be your best choice since it comes installed. That makes it easier to use. Compare your expectations with the features of each product and make your priority right.

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