March 18, 2022

CNC Shark HD5 vs Axiom

Overview of the Shark HD5

The CNC Shark HD5 is a small format machine that carves or machines wood, soft metals, composites, and plastics using a 2-1/4 router. The HD5 has the most recent version of Vectric VCarve Desktop design software, a color pendant controller, two hold-down clamps, carbide V-bit, and Next Wave Automation’s own patented Virtual Zero Unlimited software as standard equipment. 

The CNC Shark HD5 is a fantastic machine that is a must-have for any enterprise. It has the cutting quality required to make marketable commercial wood items, a large working area of 28″ x-axis and 50″ y-axis motion and 7″ z-axis travel, and plenty of room outside of that area for clamping. It’s compatible with the optional spindle motor, which can spin dowels and spindles in a 4th axis for mechanized machining of cylindrical objects.

What to know before buying

This machine includes the Vectric VCarve Desktop design program, so there’s no need to buy other software.

Before purchasing it, you must examine what you plan to use the CNC HD 5 machine. The CNC HD5 is perfect for creating and designing small-format automation systems.


You don’t want to have any problems with your CNC machine. The CNC HD5 assures you of one thing: ease of use. It is one of the machines on which even novices may rely.

Motor Size

Always double-check your machine’s specifications. Some CNC routers require an aftermarket router, while others include their spindle motor. Always double-check whether the Shark HD5 requires a motor and select the appropriate size for the CNC machine.


  • It makes 3D carving and 2D cutting a breeze.
  • This machine requires little to no craftsmanship to operate.
  • It has a sturdy gantry and smooth ball screws.
  • It includes the software program Virtual Zero Unlimited.
  • It’s adaptable, allowing a woodworker to map the entire workpiece’s surface.
  • It offers a large work area with 28″ x-axis and 50″ y-axis travel, as well as 7″ z-axis travel.
  • It can accommodate routers with a power output of up to 2.25 hp.


  • The plastic cable tracks can be challenging to open and utilise.
  • It may arrive with a few loose screws.
  • Its construction consists of a lot of plastic which isn’t that robust

Overview of the Axiom PRO V5

The Axiom PRO v5 is a more compact machine with a larger work surface that includes the spindle; 48v stepper motors have more holding torque, a better cooling system, and better spindle performance. With an improved Variable Frequency Drive, it has many CNC router features. It’s tough, quick, and simple to keep up with. Additionally, it has four axes of motion and is pre-wired for the optional Rotary Kit. 

Precision ball screws, prismatic guides, a steel frame, and an interlocking aluminum table with a 6-1/2″ gantry clearance are all included. Furthermore, the integrated MDF spoil boards can be cut flat for true spindle perpendicularity. You don’t need to connect your CNC router to your computer—upload your file to the portable controller using a USB storage device.

What to know before buying

You should be aware that the Axiom PRO V5 does not come with any software design and will require you to purchase software such as Vetric VCarve or Vectric Aspire V10, depending on your requirements.

What you want to do with it; You should think about what you want to do with the machine. The Iconic, Pro, and Elite series of CNCs are available from Axiom. Small businesses will benefit from the Pro series.

The Axiom PRO V5 is perfect for small businesses; nevertheless, you should always consider your business type before selecting a machine.


Before purchasing a router, make sure to check the size. The Pro V5 is available in three sizes, all nearly identical but for the workspace they give. Choose the one that best fits your working environment.


  • It comes with an Axiom stand that provides exceptional stiffness.
  • The controller and tools stay in a compact container.
  • This router machine can cut several materials, including steel.
  • It has aluminium rails running underneath the spoil board, preventing it from bending.
  • Because it is water-cooled, the spindle does not make much noise.
  • It does not need a computer to operate, and you can conduct it entirely using the handheld controller.
  • When there is a power outage, the controller can preserve procedures and resume cutting once the power is back.
  • This type does not require the purchase of an additional motor. It has a one-horsepower motor built-in.         


  • It necessitates the purchase of design software such as Vectric VCarve.
  • It is more expensive than other CNC router machines.

Price Comparison

The Price range for the CNC Shark HD 5 is $1600- $5000, while you can get the Axiom Pro V5 from $5000-$8200. CNC Shark HD 5 is not too costly compared to the Axiom PRO V5.

Feature Comparison

Compared to the Shark HD5, the Axiom Pro V5 features a more solid structure. The HD5 consists of a lot of plastic in form. The Shark HD5 comes with Vectric VCarve, a desktop design software; however, the Axiom Pro V5 requires purchase. Both machines can operate without using a computer and rely exclusively on the handheld controller.

Size Comparison

Both machines come in various sizes and shapes, with the Axiom available in three identical sizes but for the working surface. Compared to the Axiom, which is too high in size, the Shark HD 5 comes in various working area sizes and is more expansive in shape.

Use case Comparison

The Axiom is widely utilized in commercial woodworking shops and serves as the backbone of many small enterprises, making it ideal for making money. The Shark appears to have better customer service and a more extensive library of software integration guidelines, making it simple to use even for CNC beginners.

Warranty Cover

A one-year warranty comes with the Shark HD5 unit. Axiom also offers a one-year guarantee on the PRO V5 machine and instructions for utilizing their CNC machine as an online module.

Which one is better?

Both machines are excellent for a range of activities and provide a decent return on investment for your projects; however, Axiom provides a higher financial return due to its rigidity, which allows it to be essential in various commercial businesses.

What software does axiom CNC use?

You’ll need a CAD/CAM software application to create and generate G-code, and also Vectric is recommended by Axiom for CAD/CAM applications. You can use the Axiom controller without any additional software. A USB stick can transfer G-code or M-code to the controller.

You can use any CAD/CAM software to design and create tool paths, free or premium. The Vectric software post-processor is simple to use and dependable. You can ask Axiom for a post-processor for your program if there are any issues with the post-processor.

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