January 27, 2022

CNC Machine for Gun Manufacturing

Gun manufacturing using a CNC machine is a process that requires proper documentation and steps to be successful regardless of use. The gunsmithing CNC machine is complicated because the person, manufacturing the gun should have a license. For maximum performance,  it has to look and perform in a way that lasts longer. More years of training and practice are a prerequisite. 

The making of the guns comes with finishing using new techniques like carvings, engravings for the guns to look neat and unique. Guns are also custom-made with standard metals or wood. As you prepare to make your gun using your CNC machine, make sure you have the best CNC machine with you. Only with a good quality product, you can make your gun. Below are highly-competitive CNC machines that make your guns.

Best CNC machine for gunsmithing

CNC Piranha FX

The CNC Piranha FX is one of the best CNC machines for gunsmithing. There is a balance in a combination of affordability and reliability that comes with the CNC Piranha FX machine. As much as it is a base model, it has more robust and substantial features that make it competitive in a field filled with vast models. 

What makes it more appealing is its size. This is a smaller unit than some of the CNC machines, and it comes with a 12×18 inch table which makes it great for users limited by space restrictions. It supports the 3D digital touch probe that allows you to trace and duplicate objects down to a hundredth of an inch in detail. It features a touchscreen control for convenience.

Compatibility describes CNC machines. It is compatible with multiple router sizes for more versatility making it one of the best picks for CNC machinery. It allows you to stay within a smaller budget. Its compact 12 x 18-inch table makes it ideal for smaller-scale projects like carvings, plaques, ornamental boxes, and precision parts from wood to soft metals. 

It comes with a 3-D carving capability, meaning you can carve high-end corbels and cut intricate inlays and engravings. The CNCPiranha is so accurate that you can even use it to engrave custom circuit boards. It does not lim8t your creativity. Make use of the VCarve Desktop Design software on your PC  with a USB 2.0 port, save the program directly to a USB flash drive, plug it into the Pendant, select your file, and hit the run button.

What to look for in a gunsmith lathe


What size lathe for gunsmithing? When you do not have multiple space options available, the amount of working space you have is one of the most elements to consider when choosing a CNC machine. A compact machine has to fit in your allotted space, and you cannot go for a model that could take up the whole garage. 

Although taking measurements first is considered old school, it is necessary when you do not know the amount of space you have. You cannot order blindly, hoping that your choice would fit. Buying a benchtop CNC machine to get started, is not a bad idea. Getting started is an important part of the process.


The weight of your CNC machine is something to consider early on in the buying process. There are some desktop CNC machines and smaller versions that work for you, but some are heavy. If you want to be a DIY CNC machinist, go for a CNC machine that does not weigh more than what you can carry by yourself.

If you are considering purchasing a small business or a larger area, the task of purchasing one of the more heavy-duty models may be practical. Make sure you get one that fits your needs at the time.


Gunsmithing and heavy metals require some power considerations. If you do not have the right amount of power in your CNC machine, your milling process will not be q success. When it comes to the output power of your CNC machine, consider the power source that you will be using. You should have a well-grounded power source. 

This is more relevant when you are buying larger CNC machine models. If you wish to explore more, consider a bigger CNC machine. Make sure you are ready to invest in the power source, to sustain it to avoid some blown circuitry.


The cost of a CNC machine also matters. Affordability and price are not just the initial amounts but the amount you pay upfront, combined with the amount of time you are willing to invest in learning CNC machining. You cannot have a machine that you do not afford. Make a budget and stick to it. 

Ghost gunner 2

Ghost Gunner comes from a rigid plasma-cut, A36 steel, and 304 stainless steel. The machine part count is reduced compared to traditional CNC machines. That increases rigidity and decreases cost.

Ghost Gunner 2 features a horizontal milling format, a 10,000 rpm ER-11 collet unibody machined spindle and has a machinable area of 8.25 x 2.95 x 2.35inches, optimized for machining AR-15 and AR-308 receivers.

Red cam CNC

It features high-grade iron castings with ground bedways capable of machining steel, aluminum, brass, wood, and plastics. The feed screws are precision ball screws with anti-backlash ball nuts. When it comes to lubrication, one-shot is metered, delivering the correct amount of oil to each component. 

It is covered with a safety switch on the door. Variable spindle controlled through computer makes the machine efficient. It features the Simultaneous 4 axis Controller Software capable of machining complex curves. It also runs standard G and M Codes, Excellion, and HPGL files. Programs are generated manually or with CAD/CAM software.

Ghost gunner alternative

The Ghost Gunner is after a CNC router. It cuts metals but struggles to balance feeds and speeds against the flexibility. You can opt for Desktop CNC mills like the Shapeoko, although they are high-end machines. 

Where to find CNC gun plans

You can find CNC gun plans from the Internet or your supplier. You may request from your supplier either for free or a certain fee (Source). 

How much does a CNC machine for gun manufacturing cost?

CNC machines for gun manufacturing costs differ depending on levels and features. Hobbyist-grade CNC routers range from 1,000 to 3,000, Entry-level 3-axis vertical machining centers range from 10k-100k, and Production 3-axis vertical machining centers are from 150k to 300. Entry-level 5-axis mills ard between 200k-500k and production 5-axis mill on 500k. 

Best places to purchase a CNC machine from

What is a CNC lower receiver

A lower receiver is the body of the gun that connects its stock, barrel, magazine, and other parts.

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