January 24, 2022

JET Elite Mill ETM-949


The JET Elite Mill ETM-949 represents one of the most precise, durable, and safe metalworking machinery. The milling stands for excellence. Variable speed JET Elite Mill With 3-Axis ACU-RITE MILLPWR G2 CNC comes with features including an accurate spindle assembly that meets strict tolerance requirements. 

The durable design delivers reliable and high performance. It features a 21 2/5inch swing and a spindle safety guard. The product is too large for the liftgate, and you need to use the forklift for on-site unloading. It is there to match your specifications.

Elite offers an electronic spindle brake that prevents accidental start-ups, and a hardened and ground table, providing reliability and durability for milling materials. The patented variety-disc key gives ten times the wear resistance than aluminum or brass keys. 

It has a hardened Chromium Molybdenum spindle for tolerance requirements. It utilizes precision angular bearings for the industry leading spindle taper runout of 0.00012inches. The Elite mill is lubricated with a flow of 3 to 6 cc/cy. 

Key features

Precision spindle

The Chrome Molybdenum spindle is hardened through a carbonizing treatment and ground to maintain strict tolerances.

One-piece quill

It is a seamless steel quill that is hardened and chromed for increased strength and precision ground for accuracy.

Mounted control box

The control box also works as an emergency stop button. 


The lubrication tank allows the flow of the lubricant of 3-6 CC. The process takes place automatically. Apply oil into the horizontal and vertical ball screws to avoid friction. 

Do not forget the linear guides below the table. For grease, apply a small amount (0.3 mL) periodically as required. Apply a small amount of oil (0.1 mL) every hour of operation. Turn on a machine and move the spindle head back and forth, up and down, to distribute the grease/oil.

Spindle break

The electric spindle brake is for emergency stops. When you activate the button, one cannot move on the milling machine. 

Ball-bearing support

Ball-bearing support of the motor shaft ensures proper loading, support, and alignment for quiet, accurate operation at any speed. It works with speed variance control.


Thrust bearings support heat treated and polished lead screws for smooth movements of the table. Precision ground ball screws eliminate backlash for precise lateral movements. It is a high-efficiency feed screw with the ball making a rolling motion between the screw axis and the nut. This milling has a drive torque of one-third or less, making it suitable for saving drive motor power.



The 3HP motor design is an NC milling machine for metal processing. Its guideway has the characteristics of high rigidity high wear resistance.

Speed (RPM)

The milling machine has a speed variance of 60–4,500 rpm. The cutting speed and feed determine the surface finish, power requirements, and material removal rate. What determines the feed is the material.  Consider the tool material, rigidity of the workpiece, size and condition of the lathe, and depth of cut when choosing speed. The maximum speed makes the process quick.


The stand gives stability and rigidity to the working machine. The chances are low that it will move during operation.  That is how precision comes to your items, and the stand comes in the form of a steel stand. 

Steel gives your milling machine long service life. It requires low maintenance. Ergonomic stands made from high-grade stainless steel withstand years of rigorous use without wearing down or breaking. It requires low maintenance. It is resistant to corrosion slipping and custom-designed for your application.


The work table is spacious and accommodates wide and thick materials. It measures 9inch x 49 inches by an advanced double nut design that eliminates end-play for precisely controlled lateral movements. 

The hardened and ground table offers a stable and accurate platform for milling materials, and the table movement comes in longitudinal handles on opposite ends of the table. Stops are on the front of the table. 

Table locks are on the front of the saddle used for locking the table in position. They control how far the table travels in either direction. Crossfeed movement is on the front of the knee; controls the Y-axis. The knee handle is on the corner of the knee; controls the Z-axis.


Standard mill weighs about 2,000 to 3,000 lbs, depending on the day of manufacture and its options. It weighs 2,200lbs, and minimal movement is required since it is a heavy-duty machine. Move it, look for a threaded hole on top of the ram that’s a hoist point. 

Thread in an eye bolt and start hoisting or moving it manually or use Forklift. The movement depends on the resources you have. The size and durable construction of the milling machine give tremendous support to handle large and heavier milling machines without damaging themselves.


The light is in the package for visibility. You witness every movement or process during milling. The chances are low that you will make mistakes. Sometimes, daylight is not enough.



The Jet mill comes in standard color. The colors in the milling machine are determined by the environment. There are chances whereby the milling machine gets in contact with oil and other sharp items. The standard color is black paint with high bitumen content. It provides a protective finish that is durable and dries quickly.


A milling machine is a heavy-duty machine meant to work on metal and other heavy materials, making it an ideal CNC machine for the industries. It measures 9 x 49 inches.


  • Milling 
  • Cutting 
  • Drilling


  • Speed variance
  • Strong
  • Safe
  • Heavy duty 
  • Precision
  • Efficiency 


  • Heavy 


Comparing the Jet milling machine to other CNC machines, it is affordable. Beginners and hobbyists can budget money to buy the milling machine. Buy some accessories as you go to have a hybrid milling machine. The price is worth the milling CNC machine. It comes with advanced features that make it worth the price, including the built-in calculator and the display. 


In light of the above review, JET Elite Mill ETM-949 is one of the best mill machines that deliver maximum performance, precise work, and fast results. The price is worth the mill’s performance. Moving the mill is difficult from one place, and it is for industrial use and moving to the site requires a Forklift. 

David D. Hughes

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