January 18, 2022

Jet JTM-1254VS Review

The JET Milling Machine has a 3-Axis ACU-RITE G-2 Millpower CNC, a Computer Numerical Control system that brings more precision of digital automation to the process. It also allows the user greater control and efficiency. The vertical mill with a 3-axis factory-installed CNC package delivers accurate results. It matches your specifications. 

There is a combination of durability, strength, and precision engineering when using the Millpower machine. The Jet machine features speed variance, which allows you to use the speed that matches your task. You are at liberty to change it when you change an operation method. 

Jet JTM-1254VS is a heavy-duty mill in both R-8 & NT-40 Spindles. Jet Mills give continuous automatic lubrication, and it becomes easy for the user to level the machine without raising it off the floor. That is how you manage to yield high-quality items.



Adjustable gibs throughout the milling machine. 


Automatic lubrication every 180 minutes with a flow of 3-6cc reduces maintenance.



There are dual locks on all moveable surfaces. It comes with a precision bored and honed milling head. It features hardened and ground ways and tables.


It has a quick nut for spindle feed.

Braking system

The spindle brake is for rapid stopping of the spindle. That makes it safe and efficient. The three-stage power down feed has an automatic stop that makes it safe.

Ground slots

It has three Precision ground t-slots.


It is compatible with USB and Ethernet and features simplified controller navigation that eliminates multiple menu screens. It has a 12.1inch high-resolution display (1024 x 768) with 3D graphics. It features an expanded tool library and Datum offsets,  a program preview giving a graphical representation before operation.

The Jog control allows table milling movement from one location to another. The 3-D contouring imports and runs G-code files from CAD/CAM programs. There is easy manipulation of part programs to save time and reduce program steps. Menu-prompted conversational programming helps you create part programs, edit, reverse, change, delete and copy or move steps. All you do is allow the menu prompts and let Millpower G2 do the rest of the job.


The built-in calculator performs standard, trig, and geometry calculations and transfers them directly into part programs. You do not need to get an extra one. Circular features such as circles, pocket, frame, ring, and helix circles include the ramp feed feature. 


You are at liberty to use the milling machine automatically or manually. Manual use requires more human input than automatic. 

Key features to consider when deciding to buy a product

Choose a model

Choose a suitable model CNC milling machine that matches your tasks. The price of different models of CNC milling machines varies, and you have to take what is within your budget. As much as you choose what suits your budget, do not ignore the features that matter to you. What determines the model number is the workpiece to be used for machining. The size of your workpiece determines the type of CNC milling machine required.

CNC controller

There are multiple brands in the CNC controller market. Choose a brand that you are proficient in. Some systems come with every CNC machine, and you should have heard or used any of them for familiarity.

Select the CNC controller you will operate, make sure you are familiar. Look at the recommendations and choose brands with a high market share that provide worldwide services.

Voltage level

Provide your national voltage standard when purchasing CNC milling machines. CNC manufacturers manufacture CNC milling machines through their national voltage standards.

Automatic tool changer

An automatic tool changer works for computerized numerical control (CNC) machine tools. It improves the production and tool carrying capacity of the machine. It allows you to change tools quickly, thereby reducing the non-productive time. Choose your own needs for the number of machining tools.

Cooling system

The cooling system is an accessory for CNC milling machines. It affects the work of CNC milling machines, and the spindle generates high temperature when it runs at high speed. The cooling system cools the main shaft. The feature is optional. Consult the manufacturer whether there is a cooling system.


The spindle is the heart of the CNC milling machine. According to the taper hole, it is divided into BT30, BT40, and BT50 and divided into belt type, gear type, and straight end type. Belt-type spindles process materials with high hardness. The geared spindle is rigid and ideal for rough machining of high hardness as large molds. The straight-through spindle has a fast speed and is for machining precision parts.


Understand the size of CNC milling machines. CNC milling machines are large, so pay attention to the space you have in your store. There should be a point where your door passes the size of your milling machine.

Motor Power

Different machine tools require different motor power. Motor power allows the process and is provided by the manufacturer. There are specific motor power CNC milling machine manufacturers to these, and you choose according to your own needs.

After-sales service

After-sale services are benefits you have After purchase. Failure to operate is unavoidable when using any machine. You can fix the technical challenges, where manufacturers come in to examine and solve the problem. 

CNC machine tools will inevitably fail, the need to select enterprises with perfect after-sales service.

Means of transport

Choose a transport method to keep your machine safe. Shipping is one of the best options, and it takes less time. Choose a qualified shipping company to transport, and communicate specific details with the manufacturer, such as packaging.


The Jet JTM-1254VS is a heavy-duty tool that looks big. When it comes to style, it is a variable Speed NT40. It is 12 x 54inches. It weighs 3696 pounds and has the standard color. 


  • Manufacturing industries,  aerospace, shipping, automobiles, and oil drilling 
  • Pumping and refining
  • Precision engineering sectors.

Available Sizes

It is by the table size, 13 x 54 inches. That makes it big enough for bigger materials.


As much as it is prone to technical faults due to the material you are working with, it remains durable. The heavy machine meets the requirements of industrial work.


  • Adjustable gibs.
  • Automatic lubrication every 180 minutes.
  • Low-maintenance
  • Sade
  • Precise


  • Heavy


As much as the milling machine is not affordable, it is worth the price. It is on the higher end of the pricing scale. Before buying the milling machine, save the money until you have enough.


When working in the industries, the Jet JTM-1254VS is one of the best milling machines. It works on heavy-duty productions that aim to achieve high quality. If your budget allows and the type of material you intend to work on requires one, you may go for it without a doubt. You have a versatile tool you can manipulate to suit what you want.

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