May 12, 2021

SHARK HD510 CNC Machine Review | What To Expect from it

The SHARK HD510 CNC Machine is a top-rated machine that offers good value for money despite the somewhat steep price. With a great range of features and compact size, the SHARK HD510 is an excellent option for new and seasoned woodworkers. It features an enclosed construction with a dust extractor. There is also a sliding table, a warranty, and a lightweight and portable design. Unlike other models, the SHARK HD510 is powered by a standard 13A power supply. It is compatible with various operating systems. If you are looking for a more in-depth review of the features of this product, then continue reading. 

SHARK HD510 CNC Machine

Virtual Zero Unlimited Reference Points

You can get any piece of wood you wish to work on and extensively map it with very accurate reference points. The best part of all of this is that you can have an unlimited number of them, meaning that you can map out any wooden surface you like. This key TM technology has been hailed as the next-generation exclusive software.

Once you have input all these reference points, the machine will know how the wood looks. Therefore, it can begin to use its other systems to help you carve a very straight and accurate piece. This feature guarantees a solution for when your wood is not equal on all sides. You will receive the advantage of a constant cutting depth that you could never achieve through freehand. It is also true that quite many machines on the market today cannot accomplish this. 

Industrial Grade Material

This machine has been built with professional materials that ensure it will operate efficiently at industrial strength. The gantry on this carving machine is steel reinforced, which means you can expect it to last you for an extended period without incurring any rust or dents. To add to the steel-reinforced gantry, a heavy-duty aluminium router works to secure the wood that you are using safely. The mounting system is essential because it will prevent you from slipping off the wood.

The table on which we will be operating is also made of aluminum, making the product much lighter but more durable. It also comes with a stainless-steel anti-backlash system that prevents you from experiencing splinter outbursts. Splinter outbursts are when you are drilling, and some pieces of wood get hurled into your face. It is pretty dangerous, and this product helps you to avoid encountering such problems. The main reason why this product has been made with so much extra strength is to allow you to handle a wide range of wooden projects. Apart from managing wooden projects, it would help if you also dealt accurately with soft metals or plastic. This is quite a game-changer among these kinds of products because they are generally not designed for that.

Desktop Design Software

Desktop design software is highly sought after in this product line because they allow you to 3D print. The idea of this software is that you can go onto your computer and design something there, which the machine will execute in the real world. It is prevalent in all the giant manufacturing corporations because the available level of craftsmanship is always consistently high. Therefore, getting this for a small workshop within the home is quite an outstanding feature.


Although not directly included when you purchase the Shark 510 cnc, you will be able to attach handy accessories to the Shark HD 510 to improve its performance. An example is purchasing a laser to ensure all your designs are straight and not crooked. You will also be able to buy a fourth-axis scanner that will allow you to fully map out the trajectory of the design and show you in which directions you should start drawing. 


This very reliable manufacturer is well known for producing high-quality products. When you purchase this product, you shall receive a full one-year warranty. If you require assistance in any other aspect of this product’s usage, you are also entitled to free lifetime Technical Support.


The price of the Next Wave Shark hd510 is relatively high, which is understandable given the extensive amount of industrial-grade materials applied to the product. These benefits are that it will not turn rust or dent quickly. The product’s durability makes it entirely worth the price you will pay. Its strength allows you to access and thoroughly work on different types of materials. Not only will you be able to handle wooden projects, but soft metals and plastics are also an option. It comes with desktop design technology, making it one of the more modern options you can look at.


The bottom line is that the Shark HD510 is a good CNC machine. It can do new things you have not seen before. I recommend it to people who can spend more money on the machine. You can attach laser accessories to your freehand drawing to improve it. The materials are industrial grade, so that they will last a long time. You get one year warranty and lifetime technical support when you buy this product. You may also want to see our SHARK SD110 CNC Machine Review.

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