May 12, 2021

SHARK SD110 CNC Machine Review

The SHARK SD110 CNC Machine is one of the more affordable CNC machines on the market. It has excellent value for money. Fortunately, we have taken this product for a spin and are back with positive news for you. Purchasing this product will allow you to design and carve plaques or signs. It is a great buy to make for someone looking to reduce the time and effort involved in carving out a slab of wood. The size of the product makes it an attractive option to buy for a mid-size home workshop. That’s not the whole story. Let’s get into some detail of the features.

SHARK SD110 CNC Machine

Main Features

3D Model Library

One of the main features that stand out when you first begin carving outward with this product is the incredible 3-D model library. It is a beginner’s paradise because it offers you a comprehensive catalogue of options to start carving out when you first begin wood carving. 

The library provides you with extensively detailed engravings that might seem almost impossible to do by hand for a beginner. This is since there will be a wide range of intricate inlays that take quite a long time to learn, and this product simplifies that process and reduces the time involved. 

3D Carving Laser

This is a relatively new feature that makes it possible to design custom circuit boards. This is the reason why this product falls in the range between upmarket home and professional usage. It comes with exact drilling functions because of this feature. Including this product has therefore resulted in decorations of the highest quality. The laser itself is very safe and offers the consumer a faster and safer way of carving. 

Touch Screen

The touch screen is a lovely addition to this product because it gives the carving machine a greater lifespan. Buttons are well known to break after a long period of usage, and therefore adding a touch screen has brought about a more modern feel to the machine. You will also find that making use of a touchscreen allows for more accurate designing of carving styles. The manufacturers of this machine have gone very far to make this a very technologically assistive product. 

Virtual Zero Unlimited Programming

This feature has been included because it assists the user in designing curves that make sense. At times to the human eye, it is difficult for us to see that certain things are not in line or straight. Often, once we notice this, it may be too late, and the wood may have been used already. 

As you are drawing with this feature, it automatically corrects the lines and angles of your substrate. This is quite a handy feature because it saves you from making any of the common mistakes known to happen when drawing with freehand. 

Interlocking Table Track

This feature which has been made from aluminium, allows you to perform highly customisable clamping. Including this feature has provided the user with more excellent stability and control regarding the location of the wood they want to work on. 

Sometimes, there are angles on the wood, which is difficult to reach because of how the wood has been clamped. This method will allow you to position the wood in a broader range of positions than usual. Given that it is aluminium, it will survive without rusting or scratching for quite an extended period.

Look and Feel.

This is quite a stylish and modern-looking product. At first glance, it is very compact and will suit any small to midsize workshop operation. It has been painted all black and comes with a maroon clamping table. The design is very sleek and high quality. 

The paint used is not likely to rust or begin to tear through consistent usage. Depending on how modern you want your workspace to appear, then the look and feel of the product are critical. Many old-fashioned woodcarvers believe any product will get the job done, although the new generation has taken quite a liking to the modern and sustainable products approach. This product has been ergonomically designed and therefore boosts a more eco and workshop-friendly environment. 


You will undoubtedly be gaining good value for money when you purchase this product because of the main features available. It offers you the latest laser technology printing; therefore, even the most complex designs can be performed by beginners. It also comes with the model library, which is very useful and rare for products in this market range. The material used is quite durable and will not rust even if your work is a little bit damp. 


In conclusion, this is a product that I would recommend after trying it out a little bit. It comes as a modern-day adaptation of well-known, trusted wood carving machines. one of the main standout features you will be receiving with this product is the 3D model library and carving laser. These will help to make the project you were designing come out more professionally. You will no longer be experiencing crooked lines. 

Crooked lines are a common problem because it often means you must throw away the entire slab of wood. Corrections can be pretty messy and difficult to perform, especially on a high-quality professional piece. The library will give you some ideas as a beginner when starting with what you want to do with the model. 

Inspiration can be difficult to find at times, and this is a very thoughtful inclusion. It is also quite rare to find carving machines with a touch screen and virtual zero program assistance. For these reasons, we would recommend this product for people searching for an upmarket home to professional wood carving solution. See our post about the Best CNC Wood Carving Machine.

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