January 10, 2022

What to make with CNC machine

If you are wondering what you can make with your CNC machine, this article will help. When considering things you can make to sell, a pro tip is to go for personalized products. While generic products will sell in large quantities and more frequently. It is the customized items that have more significant profit margins. How much would you pay for an ashtray? How much would you pay for one with your face or a loved one’s face on it? Most of us will pay a premium rate for the second option. You can decorate furniture parts and make molded items with a CNC machine for domestic use or selling that makes beautiful wood Projects. 


CNC Projects for beginners

  • Signs
  • Growth Charts
  • Bottle opener
  • Cutting board
  • Ashtray
  • Picture frame

CNC wood Projects that sell

  • Bottle opener
  • Signs
  • Jewelry 
  • Gift boxes
  • Wooden games
  • Wooden spoons

You should get the best wood for CNC projects.

        Wooden Flags

American flags are a huge seller, and there are multiple files available with endless variations you could use. Sell these on local marketplaces as a starting point when you want to make money. Do not worry about the logistics that come with shipping. They cost as much as 1,500 depending on the size and quality.

        Bottle Opener

A bottle opener hardware is a  customized wall mount gift that is quick and easy to make. A personalized gift sells well. Due to its compact size, it is easy to ship. Showcase your creativity by making phrases that fit in multiple setups. As much as the bottle opener can cost less than 2, you sell them in bulk.


The CNC machine makes signs with multiple, creative designs that help you appreciate the machine. The wood signs play a pivotal role in offices, roads, and schools as they communicate with the people, giving directions and instructions. They are of wood material and simple to make. Well-crafted signs are appealing to people and send a message. They are simple to make. They range from 2 to 1000. 

        Growth Charts

Oversized rulers for measuring kids as they grow are on demand. Make them child-friendly. You can offer personalization for free and per order. They start from as little as 2. 

        Wooden Wall art

Allow your creativity to flow with customized CNC wall art. These sell for hundreds, but you custom make them depending on customers’ budgets. They range from seasonal designs routed into hardwood to letters cut out of MDF, painted and glued onto a display board. Look for a good niche in this space, and you can make a huge profit.

        Smartphone Stand

A phone stand is made of wood or metal and keeps your hands relaxed and free. That allows you to multitask. The simple craft removes the frustration of failing to use your hands when holding your phone. 

The convenience that comes with shifting and tilting your phone as it remains fixed is refreshing. You are allowed to put your phone in a comfortable position, and it will not topple over. You can use your phone anywhere and make variations on your design. Keep the size of the phone in mind. It starts from 1 depending on the style and type of material used. 

        Custom Cheese Boards

CNC engraved cheese boards are a popular item for professionals to give to new home buyers. Make the boards in bulk so that you make good returns. Personalize them for a meaningful purpose than just a cheese board. Cheese boards help you pick up recurring businesses that can supplement your income year-round.

        Drink Coasters

Drink coasters are small, easy-to-produce CNC projects that sell easily. They are also marketable both online and to commercial customers as client gifts. Coaster blanks are more affordable in bulk, which gives you a chance for a solid profit margin.

        Board Games

You can make durable works of art in board games. The pieces are made meaningful and motivational by adding a quote on top. Almost every household has one but what makes them buy a new one is the inspiration and creativity in the board. Look for new shapes. You can sell a chessboard for as much as 400.

        Gift boxes

A gift can be less appealing when it is not well-packaged. That is why you need the gift box. The box changes an item into a gift. Gift boxes are made of wood, and they are endless on Amazon. You can choose to keep a gift box for future use or throw it into the bin. However, we’ll craft gift boxes that are worth keeping, and you can use them as storage boxes for your jewelry or containers.


Beautiful jewelry comes from the CNC machine. There is a wide range of fashion in wood and metal. The machinist has to pay attention to detail and showcase creativeness. The CNC machine has been popular in the fashion industry since it gives the machinist a chance to explore new designs. There is freedom of creativity. You can make rings, bracelets, tie clips, and necklaces.


Smokers know how annoying it can be when there is no astray around. Go creative with your designs as you turn ashtrays into ornaments.

        Custom Guitar body

If you are or have met a guitarist, you may know how protective you can be of your guitars” bodies. With a CNC machine and wood, you create beautifully designed guitar bodies.

        Tree ornaments

In the lead-up to the holiday season, there is a huge demand for unique tree ornaments such as Christmas trees. Target customers who share a common hobby. Your audience has something in common that gives clues as to what ornaments to make. 

However, this product is seasonal, so you might sell other products to help supplement sales in the off-season. They cost hundreds and thousands depending on size, theme, and features.

        Picture frames

Offer your customers a unique way to display images of their most treasured moments or loved ones with well-crafted picture frames. Picture frames are from nearly any material, and that means low capital. They come in all shapes and sizes and have a high volume of potential customers.

        Wooden Clock

Be creative to attract customers. Almost every household has a clock, and drake sure yours comes with originality, beauty, and uniqueness. The wood clock makes one’s household look modern and classy. Skeleton clocks sell faster. 

        Bathtub Tray

A Bathtub Tray makes an incredible gift. Personalization makes it sell faster and attractive. It brings meaning to the home.

What can you make with a metal CNC

  • Rings
  • Brooches
  • Bracelets
  • Earrings
  • Cufflinks
  • Tie clips
  • Necklaces 
  • Belt heads. 

How to Make Money with Your CNC Router

Start your CNC machining business from furniture making, advertising signs, clothing making, or musical instruments production. If you want to make money with CNC routers in these fields, you can have further study and start running your CNC machining business.

Ad sign is a need for almost every business. Shops, restaurants, companies, schools, hospitals, and supermarkets need clear and attractive ad signs to promote their business. You can start a CNC machining business in ad sign making. 

You should have an advanced CNC router and basic knowledge of 3D design. Then start your CNC business to make ad signs. Make handicraft items and musical instruments.

How to make money with a CNC machine

  1. Start by making items that sell in your area.
  2. Learn how to market and sell.
  3. Start small, learn more.

Where to get Free CNC project files

Where to sell CNC projects

  • Within your own community
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Amazon
  • Etsy
  • eBay
  • Social media 
  • Your own website shop
  • Shopify
  • Local Markets.
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