April 19, 2022

Harvey t40 Review

The Harvey t40 is a lathe machine with a cast-iron bed. It has strong cam locks for fastening the banjo and tailstock, good torque, spindle thread dimensions, easy belt changes, easy spindle lock, forward and reverse capability, and responsive speed adjustments. The Harvey Turbo easily fits on your benchtop.

The lathe machine has a cast-iron body that dampens vibrations better than those made with other materials. The T40’s cast-iron bed is well crafted. The banjo and tailstock glide smoothly across the bed. They both have a cam-style lock and a square plate underneath, which helps secure them firmly to the bed. It has 24 inches between centers and a 14-inch swing over the bed.

The T40 lathe has an Industrial Servo 1-hp motor with a three-sided belt. The belt fits snugly into an aluminum pulley system. It is easy to maneuver. When on its low setting, it has the highest torque. The lathe can spin from 50 to 2,800 rpm.

Harvey t40

The Harvey T40 has the standard 1-1⁄4-in.ch spindle and #2 Morse taper. The 2-millisecond response time when speeding up your lathe brings efficiency. The lathe’s spindle-locking device is an easy system with the help of the lever that makes it simple to lock the spindle with two fingers.

A forward and reversing switch is for better-sanded surfaces and accommodates hollowing in the opposite direction. When working in reverse, tighten the screw.


  • Sturdy
  • Versatile
  • Consistent 
  • Instant response system
  • Durable


  • Not affordable 


Spindle Drive with Servo Motor

The 220V Industrial Servo Spindle Motor works in the metalworking machining center to close the gap created by insufficient torque. It features a 300% overload capacity and an instant response to torque demands. That makes the T-40 run smoothly in operation. The quick spindle stop operates within 1 second. The servo motor converts the control signal of the controller into the rotational angular displacement or angular velocity of the motor output shaft (Sciencedirect.com).

Tool Rest 

The tool rest has a solid steel construction that provides stability while expanding your turning diameter to 11 inches with the head in the forward swivel position. It comes complete with all mounting hardware and accepts the 1-inch tool rest post with the T40. It mounts at the end of the bed on the headstock side of the lathe.

Extension bed

The extension bed comes as a solid cast iron piece, machined and ground like the T40 bed itself. It allows the user to do precise spindle turning up to 42 inches versus the standard 24 inches—complete installation with mounting hardware and adjustable feet for additional support.

Cast iron legs

These heavy-duty Cast-Iron legs are for the T-40. They make woodturning easy and ergonomic and reduce vibration.

Upgraded Live Centre 

The live center is of carbon alloy tool steel. It gives more stability to the workpiece. Its hardness, abrasion resistance, and ability to retain shape at increased temperatures make the live center more stable and accurate.

Upgraded Handwheel

The headstock’s handwheel has been enlarged in size and length for operator ease and safety.

Forward/reverse spindle rotation.

Reverse rotation comes with advantages. Left-handed users will have better control in the reverse direction. For right-handed use, dust and debris fly away in reverse. Alternating motor direction helps extend the life of mounted abrasive points, buffs, brushes, sanding bands, and Typhoon burs.

Alternating motor direction makes it easier and faster to polish metals. Reverse helps with symmetrical grinding and carving techniques and is for “backing out” stuck drill bits. After some manual tests in reverse rotation, the relay for forwarding is bad if the spindle rotates in the reversed direction (Lehigh-latge.com).



The Harvey lathe is consistent in turning speed anywhere in the range. The servo motor and drive system design ranges from 60 to 4300 RPM. Even if you are working near the top or low end, the system continues to supply enough power to meet your demand without the surging you get with some lathes.

That is possible through the 2-microsecond response time, which is 100 quicker than many machines. Even at lower speeds, the T-40 lathe still performs better in smooth operating conditions.


Power comes with an instant response on the servo motor. The response system within the drive computer reacts to changes in the torque placed on it. When turning, the changing torque level is measured constantly, and the servo motor will speed up or slow down for a smooth, consistent operating speed.

 The servo motor provides up to 3HP at its peak, meaning the T-40 handles almost any cut.

Adjusting Head

The Harvey t40 headstock can be positioned anywhere along the bed. It is pivoted from 0° up to 90. To position, the headstock along the length of the bed, disconnect the lathe from power and loosen the head lock lever. Slide the headstock to the desired position, then retighten the lock lever. The large hex nut under the headstock may require occasional adjustment to ensure proper clamping pressure to the bed. 


The T-40 has excellent capacities: 14 inches (360mm) over the bed; and 24 inches (610mm) between the centers. The head also swivels up to 90 degrees for more giant-diameter bowls. It weighs up to 178 lbs, making it stable and easy to dampen.


The T40 lathe comes with baked-on black paint and gold emblems that add some class. The shape of the tool rest is for operator ease and comfort. The raw materials of each part of the lathe are all select, premium materials for both aesthetics and practical functions.


Using a T-40 enhances the enjoyment of working with a lathe machine. It allows you to be more creative. The Harvey T-40 lathe is unique due to its size. The 14-inch swing is a smaller lathe. It has been designed on the scale of a large lathe, considering casting size, power, and controls. The T-40 incorporates an Industrial Servo Motor, used on metalworking lathes for its powerful torque, which allows the T-40 a greater torque and speed capacity. 


The T-40 lets you experience fine woodworking. The body of the Harvey T40 has been painted with a stoving varnish providing a durable, long-lasting finish that offers more resistance against scratches, chipping, wear, and fading. The fit and finish are for a flawless operation and incomparable personal experience.


For a compact lathe with power and sturdiness for a larger model, the Harvey T40 could be a fit for your workshop. The T-40 Turbo lathe is a model that redefines the performance standard for wood lathes. It is highly durable, and you might go for it.

David D. Hughes

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