April 27, 2022

Jet 1440 Lathe Review


Jet 1440 is a versatile wood lathe for crafting and has features that can easily do the woodturning project. Jet 1440 has a powerful motor with a single horsepower of its size. It has installed iron cast legs and variable speeds with an RPM range of 400 to 3,000. That contributes to the overall construction.

The built-in legs of the Jet 1440 are attached to it with a structure that gives the machine a single trademark. A heavyweight weighing about 352 pounds gets to the ground and never moves away from its place.

That feature allows you to use this machine for a long time. The design makes it a professional tool for serious woodturning.


  • The iron cast construction offers sturdy and vibration-less woodturning.
  • The variable-speed motor gives an ultimate customization option to the user.
  • The 40-inch inboard working bed allows you to enlarge even in greater size.
  • It has a powerful 1-horsepower motor.
  • Better reading measure.
  • Solid construction.
  • Robust
  • Smooth-running lathe
  • Powerful
  • Precise
  • Flexible 


  • Heavyweight
  • Difficult to manoeuvre 
  • The lowest RPM of the lathe is 400, which is very high for beginners.
  • Not affordable for beginners who are just starting woodturning.


Iron Cast Structure 

The Jet tool comes with a solid iron cast structure, which is why it does not make a trembling sound right after turning up the speed in the middle of your work. The Jet JWL 1440 has built-in legs attached to it, giving the lathe balance. 

It is a heavyweight weighing about 352 pounds, which grabs the ground and never moves from its place. When the motor is rotating, it is a matter of seeing whether the machine is firmly in its position.

Sliding Headstock

Jet JWL 1440 features a 141/2-inch swing with 40 inches between the centers to better clear the crafting job involved. Jet lathe tool features a 12-inch-long tool rest that needs repositioning a couple of times so that the long spindle remains firm like the legs of the table.

The lathe’s headstock is not limited to just staying stationary. That can be a slide for better positioning the crafting work for users. Rotate it for outboard turning and bowl turning.


If you need a larger bed to work on, you might as well choose the Jet1440 lathe. The lathe offers a 40-inch centerpiece for inboard wood crafting. You are given an even larger bed which is extendable to 60 inches. You have a larger working area that accommodates larger pieces.  A laser-cut scale is included in the lathe to get a better reading since it gets messy in wood-turning jobs.

Sliding Headstock

The Jet 1440 allows you to do a variety of crafts better with the help of a sliding headstock. The centers are a discounting feature of a 141/2-inch oscillation with a 40-inch oscillation feature, which allows you to take on any project. 

A 12-inch long wood lathe tool rest has to be reinstated numerous times so that the long spindle remains as robust as the bench legs.

Better Reading Measure

This wood lathe will help you through the extra space. Its 40-inch centerpiece bed can be more effective for any of your projects. The reading quality of this machine can also help you with a lot of fine work. The readings from this machine are clearer.

In some machines, the reading is not satisfying enough to make fine work. In this case, the reading of this machine is better and has become popular.


The tool rest has positive clamping, creating a point of contact that helps to prevent slippage. The tool rest provides additional clearance with its offset position.


The Jet Woodworking Lathe tailstock features ACME threading while an anti-rotation key prevents the quill from rotating. A laser-etched scale remains easy to read despite the mess that woodturning can sometimes create.


Powerful motor

You should not underestimate the power capability of the Jet 1440 due to the included one horsepower motor. For the price, it is one of the most efficient lathes in the market for this category. A lower-powered motor might not have worked as efficiently as it does. The Jet lathe machine has plenty of power for large bowl turning.

That motor is powerful, and if you are a new woodturner, avoid any accident by taking a little precaution while using it. It can go hours and hours of crafting without any hassle or failure. The motor can take up to an hour to create without any problems.

You can make beautiful wood decorations for bowls and wood pens and redesign them as the machine turns that wood post for you. It gives you comfort as you run your projects.

Speed variance

The Jet JWL 1440 has a variable speed control. Jet used knob-like regulators in the lathe, which resemble the knobs in an airplane. The ultimate customization power of the speed separates this type of regulatory system.

The beginner usually has a problem with the high speed. You can control the speed of this machine according to your needs. It ranges from 400 to 3,000 RPM and can be set to any desired RPM. You can craft accordingly and get more crafting techniques with the help of the classic knob system. 

Controlling speed through switches makes the process manageable. Multiple machines work at variable rates, but Jet 1440, is the ultimate self-determination of speed. The Jet wood lathe has more control than other machines. Its range is from 400 to 4000 rpm, and you can set any RPM within the range.

Verdict on the Jet 1440

The Jet 1440 features a functional headstock locking handle, sturdy and non-vibrating construction, speed variance control, and a large bed. All these features separate this machine from the rest. It has a 360 for flexible operation of the sliding headstock. These features have taken this machine to a level that might make you feel comfortable and functional. You can work on any wood lathe with this machine. The woodworking Jet 1440 wood lathe machine features a high-power three-level input. Gather your preferences and compare them with the features offered by this model. You might not have it all in one package, but it might be worth trying the machine.

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