April 30, 2022

Laguna Revo 12|16 review


The Laguna Revo 1216 wood lathe is a compact size, and it does not make noise through sound or vibrations. Adjust the speed with ease. When changing speed, only open the magnetic belt cover doors, flip the cam-action lever and slide the belt to the other—Cam-action belt changes for low, medium, and high speeds. 

You only have to turn the dial to fine-tune within each range. The sealed ball-bearings give you a smooth action. Sealed bearings are easy to use as they do not need lubrication. That saves time and labor. They are also weather-proof, and they perform well. The 1HP motor is powerful and allows consistency in torque at multiple speeds. Efficient cooler running and longer brush life is what you get consistently from the machine at low. 

The Laguna machine and the stand are sturdy. It is ideal for multiple spindle turnings, ranging from 15-1//2 long, and the bowl turnings up to 12-1/2inches in diameter. The table saw has a self-ejecting live center that is user-friendly. The push-button has a spindle lock that you can release when you want to start the machine. The package includes a Laguna Revo1216 Midi lathe, MT2 Drive center, MT2 Live center, and a faceplate. The built-in storage is convenient as it keeps your tools closer to you. It uses a unique Pulse Width Modulation inverter. It helps consistency throughout the speeds.

Laguna Revo 12


  • Ideal for professionals
  • Smooth
  • Compact size
  • No friction
  • Great build quality
  • Variable speed


  • The lathe does not have a gloss finish
  • Ideal for smaller projects


Key Features of the Laguna Revo 1216

Tool rest

The tool rest has a stem diameter of 25.4mm, and the tool is 150mm long. The tool rest edge is of hardened steel. That makes it last longer. The standard tool rest that comes with 1216 is 6inches long. The 6mm, spring steel tip provides a stable, ergonomic balance point for controlling chisels during turning operations. It is a solid performing, durable component amongst other accessories. 

There is no need to upgrade to an after-market tool rest as this model is meant to serve for decades. What makes it a detailed tool is the mechanism that locks the tool’s rest into position. 

The lever locks a collar that wraps around the perimeter of the tool rest post, applying even pressure that does not affect the post’s surface or alter its ability to slide. The lever holds it solidly under pressure.

Expansion set

The 1216 functions well on bowl and spindle work, and the optional bed extension brings the additional capacity for both types of work. It includes a 250mm cast iron extension bed, turning thread adaptor, and a tool rest extension. The extension adds length capacity for spindle work, and the step-down design gives bowl turners a 7inch of clearance between the spindle and the bed. That allows for the turning of bowls up to 32inch.

The bed extension also comes with a tool rest height extension to enable placement of the banjo and tool rest on the bed extension. Use a bed extension for outboard turning (Feldercanada.com). 

Floor stand

The premium floor stand has an adjustable height. A tool changes the stand height. The stand comes with a storage shelf. You need it for your accessories. They become easily accessible.

Wheel System

The wheel system gives your machine maximum stability. It becomes easy to use. You only have to use one pedal to engage. There is a need to move it around the shop. That is where the wheels come in. The base features large urethane wheels that allow you to move the machine around your shop with one hand. It provides large wheels on each corner of the Laguna machine and balanced dual gas struts raising and lowering a smooth experience.

Control panel

The control panel accommodates the On/Off switch, Forward/Reverse switch, digital read-out, and variable speed control. The control panel is user-friendly. It is positioned at a neutral height at a convenient angle. That gives you easy access and viewing of the large format digital RPM readout. 

Buttons and dials are large, colored, and provide smooth operation. A large digital display indicates the actual spindle speed with real-time updates. That explains how one gets to appreciate the thoughtful ergonomics of this design.


The headstock secures the spindle, the belt drive system, and the electrical components. The spindle is rotational in forward or reverses the motion. It would help if you threaded both ends. The Laguna lathe has a conical shape of the headstock that extends the workpiece outward. It contains the bearings used by the lathe to rotate the workpiece against the tool bit (Monroeengineering.com).

While tapering back gives the user better access to bowl bottoms without removing the workpiece from the lathe. That is beneficial with using chisels and provides access during sanding.

Dust collection

The machine has a dust-proof aluminum case that traps dust. It revolves up to 320 degrees, and the workpiece becomes well illuminated. The metal case is glare-free. 


Speed control

Laguna 1216 provides variable speed within each of the two ranges. There is a simple belt change to go from low range (50 – 525 RPM), medium-range (325 – 1750 RPM), and high range (650 – 3500 RPM). Each power range has speed variance with intuitive dial control. 

Use low range for bowls and other projects. Without a belt change, it is easier to work within the 50 – 1300 RPM range. Chances are higher that you can do most of your spindle work within that range. Changing a belt takes less than a minute for turners who like to crank up the speed for spindles. 

Laguna 1216 is for high-speed action. It comes with smooth acceleration and stability at any RPM. It still performs better on spindle pieces with the lathe configured in the high range.

Dial up the RPM to an appropriate speed for shaping operations without stopping the machine. You no longer have to disrupt your turning to swap belts for every speed change on the lathe.

Amp motor

The powerful 1-horsepower permanent magnet motor can run at multiple speeds. The motor has a speed variance that ranges from low to high speed. The Modulation system feeds voltage pulses to the motor. Adjusting speed is made easy. The 15 Amp motor needs 110 Volts. 

Rotations per minute

The machine operates at different levels of speed. It ranges from low speed up to high speed. The speed ranges from 50 to 525 rotations per minute when it is in the lower range. At mid-range, the speed is from 325 to 1750 rotations per minute and 650 to 3500 rotations per minute when running at high speed. 


The Laguna Revo 1216 weighs 118lbs. That is lightweight, making it easy to move around your work area. 


Laguna Revo 1216 is a lightweight lathe tool that is comfortable and easy to move around. It does not matter if you are making items at home or a professional level. If you are looking for a machine that lasts longer, Laguna serves you. The cooling system yields axiom performance. The high speed makes production quick. It comes with competitive features, but you might not have what you are looking for in the Laguna tool.

David D. Hughes

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