April 30, 2022

Nova 1624 Review


Nova 1624 7s is an entry-level lathe with versatility and power to offer many years of turning. It features an 8-speed range and a low speed of 215 rpm for the safe large piece and bowl turning work. 

The steel and cast iron stand are in the Nova 1624 package. Full swivel head functionality and solid cast iron components complete the tool package. 

It is available in the 11/4″8TPI thread. The package includes a 1.5HP AC motor, belt, stand, 2MT live center, 2MT spur/drive center, 3″ faceplate, 12′ tool rest, manual, and fastenings. 

The Nova machine has a range of accessories and 50% more power available than others in the same segment with a massive 1.5HP motor.

The 1624 lathe is the only affordable one in this class with this versatility. The reversible motor is for finishing and left-handed turners. An adjustable vibration dampening stand suits the floor level with the lathe.


Powerful motor

The 1.5 HP motor delivers continuous power. It provides 50% more power than comparable lathes on the market, allowing for much larger projects. The powerful 1.5 HP motor is 50% more potent than the conventional midi lathes.

Intelligent Control

The Nova 1624 intelligent computerized control makes the handling easy and accurate in woodturning. This intelligent control will help you in various moments, like turning when you need to weigh the craft you are making and performance adjustments according to the style of your work.

The 1624’s intelligent computer boosts the efficiency of the motor. It saves up to 80% of energy compared to the conventional lathes in the market and only takes up power as it needs for the project to be worked on. It also tells you if there is a problem while setting up the lathe and advises you on what to do.


Nova 1624 has a torque power option that gives you instant power whenever needed. Its inbuilt motor has a specification of 1.75/115v, meaning high torque motors. The need for torque can meet your expectations as it manages to work with larger bowls. It also extends the spindle capacity that adds to the beds.

Shut Off button

The Nova 1624 has an intelligent sensing method that ensures that it is fail-safe. The built-in computer of the lathe instantly shuts down power whenever it senses any problem occurring. On top of the safe off button, it has a reversing switch, making wood sanding safer and effortless.


The headstock features a rotation of 360 degrees, and it gets locked in any position for the outboard turning of more substantial items. 

Speed range

It features an 8-speed range from 215 – to 3,600 RPM. Low speed is for bowl turning.

Outboard swing

The NOVA machine features a 24″/600mm between centers, extendable in 20″/510mm increments with an optional bed extension accessory. It comes with a 16-inch/400mm inboard swing. You can have up to a 22inch/ 740mm outboard swing using the fast and easy-to-use optional outrigger accessory. 

Swivel head

It features a 360° swivel head. Position work where you want it, making your turning more comfortable and saving your workshop space. The Swivel head makes it easy on the back and allows Turner to operate in a compact working area. That is ideal for those who need extra workshop space.

There is superior bowl turning performance, the only lathe in its segment with a swivel head and outrigger for bowls up to 29”. 


Nova 1624 has more power, lower speeds, and the capacity to handle large bowls.


The long-reach tool slides take advantage of the extra capacity the NOVA lathes offer. These feature easy-grip rubber handles.

Extendable Beds

Without taking up the workshop room, the beds make your lathe as long as your project requires. That is an additional accessory that you can choose to do without.

Cam controls

Quick Action Cam Controls help you adjust to your requirements. They make the process quick without compromising precision. The cam action lever makes adjustments easy and faster with rubber grips.

Cam lock controls are for more stability, function, and capacity. This machine comes with the capacity to last for a longer turning time and working duration.



The bowl turning capacity is 400mm/16″ onboard. 740mm/29″ outboard. Between centers, the standard is 600mm/24″. It is extendable for as long as you want in 510mm/20″ increments, using an optional bed extension accessory.


The built-in motor of the Nova 1624 is outstanding. It features a 1.5HP 110V motor. Almost half of the lathe motors that other lathes have is 1 HP, but the Nova unit has a powerful 1.5 HP. The motor operates in both forward and reverse motor functions. 

The motor has eight other variable speed controls for more precision with 215 to 3600 revolutions per minute. Its reversible motor feature helps finish and serves as a relief for left-handed turners. It will also lock down the spindle if it finds any issue regarding the lathe.


Speed ranges from 214 – 3,600 RPM.

Build quality 

The Nova 1624 is of high-quality materials. That is solid cast iron for rock-solid performance. The iron cast construction gives a vibration-free woodturning experience. With the 1624 model’s Iron Cast build, it is one of the sturdiest lathes on the market.


The stationary lathe can also work in a compact workspace. That does not compromise its power in a compact working space. It is ideal for those who need all the workshop space. The 360° swivel head and accessory mean that you are still turning in the same compact area even when turning large bowls. It is sizable and can fit conveniently into a small workshop space.


It is a greatly crafted crafting machine, considering the features and size. It is handy. All the Nova features inside the Nova 1624 will fit our pocket and workplace with no hassle.


The Nova machine has a 5 Year Warranty on parts and components and a 2 Year Warranty on the motor. The 2-year warranty covers replacement on the lathe motor and five years of replacement on all other parts. 


The Nova 1624 is an excellent device with so many features to offer. It has advanced technologies that make woodturning fun and bearable. Nova 1624 handles DIY to semi-professional work needs. Research more on other competing lathes so that you make an informed decision.

David D. Hughes

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