April 30, 2022

Nova 46300 Comet ii Review


The NOVA 46300 Comet II is a 12 Inch x 16 1/2-Inch Variable Speed Midi Lathe that is a versatile and innovative mini-lathe. Portable and space-saving, but with the volume and toughness of larger machines. It has a powerful 3/4 HP electronic variable speed motor with a speed range of 250-4000rpm. The forward and reverse switch offers you more options for a better finish. You can turn a wide variety of projects with its 12′′ swing capacity over bed and 16.5′′ between center capacity, which you can expand to 41′′ with the optional bed extension adapter.

The NOVA Comet II Midi Lathe is adjustable to improve the turning experience. The reinforced composite guard now has a quick entry latch for even faster and better access, the on/off switch is quicker and more favorable to switch on and off, and the guard comes with a no-vault release for further safety. Finally, the motor has a more durable die-cast casing. You may turn your lathe into a complete woodworking station by adding extra equipment.

Teknatool International has been pioneering since 1955. This innovative, world-first approach to adaptable Midi Lathe design provides maximum flexibility for the lathe owner to combine critical woodworking and woodturning functions into a single machine, saving space, time, and money. 1′4 HP variable speed motor, 3′′ faceplate, handwheel, 6′′ tool rest, 2MT Drive center, 2MT Live Center, knockout bar, manual, and fastenings are all standard features. 1′′8TPI thread is available on this lathe.

It has a complete replacement 1-year warranty on the motor and electronics. It also comes with a 2-year limited warranty on other parts except for the motor, electronics, and consumables.

Nova’s top-of-the-line midi lathe has been updated. It has a new appearance that matches their top-of-the-line Orion and a very handy Digital Speed Readout for the Electronic Variable Speed settings. The constant read system, located on the headstock, delivers live speeds visible at a glance while you operate. With a digital readout, you can go back to your preferred rates for specific applications and figure out what works best for you.


The Nova Comet II DR Midi Lathe is ideal for various woodworking tasks.

Most WoodTurning applications can be satisfied with the middle pulley step, while the additional two steps provide more torque for more demanding and particular applications. At the turn of a dial, the powerful Electronic Variable Speed Motor provides an RPM range of 250 to 4000 RPM across three belt ranges. This lathe’s speed and power range make it ideal for various tiny tasks, such as pens, pepper mills, and bowls.

On a midi lathe, a 305mm (12″) swing capacity over the bed allows for plenty of room for bowls and platters, while the 419mm (16.5″) between centers accommodates numerous tiny craft spindle tasks. You can increase the distance between centers to 1065mm (42 inches) “) with the TK-47001 bed extension adapter.

The Nova chucks and accessories have a 1″ x 8″ Spindle thread, and both the headstock and tailstock have Morse 2 Tapers. To get the most out of your woodturning experience, we recommend investing in a Nova G3 or SN2 chuck. The lathe includes a Drive Center, a Live Center, and four spindles “Faceplate with a direct thread.

A Forward and Reverse Switch gives you more options and allows you to have a better finish.

This lathe’s high-quality construction, fit, and finish make it a popular and capable midi lathe system. It’s an excellent location to begin your woodturning journey!

A stand (TK-47050) is also available as an alternative. It comes with a full 1-year warranty on the motor and electronics. It also has a 2-year limited warranty on all parts except the motor, electronics, and consumables.


  • Advanced users who seek portability will appreciate the compact design.
  • Its variable speed allows it to be helpful in a variety of situations.
  • The speed setting options are simple to use.
  • A feature allows you to go backward and forwards for high-quality finishing.
  • The lathe is customizable thanks to its expandable capacity and compatible accessories.
  • It comes with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • The compact design may be considered too small by certain skilled users.
  • The packaging does not include any extendable accessories.


The NOVA is capable of a wide range of tasks. With a weight of 77 pounds, it is silent and vibration-free. This lathe comes practically entirely constructed right out of the box. Only the handwheel, rubber feet, tail-stock adjustment lever, and tool rest must be attached.


It has a grinding wheel, belt sander, disk sander, and wire wheel attached to the bed extension. With the addition of the accessories, you can sharpen your tools, turn a bowl, and polish it all without leaving the machine lathe.

  • Quality materials, including solid cast iron
  • 2MT spindles with a lot of power
  • NOVA intelligent accessories
  • The models all have the same lathe attachments.
  • Machining with extreme precision
  • Long-reach tool slides that take advantage of the NOVA lathes’ increased capacity.
  • Extended beds
  • Quick Action Cam Controls – quickly and precisely adjust to your needs.


The NOVA Comet is a full-featured turning kit that’s affordable for most home woodworkers. It’s a compact and powerful mid-lathe that won’t break the bank. Because of its excellent spindle turning, it is a fantastic machine for furniture builders. 

The device can handle 16.5 inches between centers, but an additional bed extension can accommodate 42 inches. This lathe can turn bowls and platters due to its 12-inch swing (the most oversized diameter the machine can turn inboard) ( for outboard turning, you require a bigger lathe). The 12-point index on the head is advantageous for furniture makers because it’s simple to adjust, accurate, and secures the head.

Technical specifications 

12″/300mm inboard bowl turning capacity • Standard between centers 16.5″/419mm. The bed may be extended to 42″/1066mm with the optional bed extension accessory. • Variable Speed: 250 – 4000rpm • Spindle Thread: 1″ 8 TP. RH • 3/4 HP, 120v single phase, 60Hz • 2MT hollow tailstock with 1.6″/40.60mm quill travel

Standard features include a 3″/80mm faceplate, a 6″/152mm tool rest, a 2MT live center, a 2MT spur center, and a manual and fastenings kit. • Knock out bar • Handwheel


The Nova Comet II is a purchase you can’t go wrong with, even if you cannot fully comprehend the functions and lack the necessary skills to operate this sophisticated computer. The Nova II’s expandable accessories make it a helpful tool and a wise choice for expert users. Because of its adaptability, even novices will be able to create stunning woodworks with it.

Above all, know that the Nova 46300 Comet II is a re-engineered model, ideal for those who have yet to discover the original capabilities. This new wood lathe is one of the most capable mini-lathes available. Its small size makes it portable and space-saving while still providing the power and stability of a giant machine. It has all the capabilities that an accomplished wood crafter would want, but even a novice may enjoy crafting with its unique variable speed settings.

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