April 23, 2022

Nova Comet 14 DR Midi Lathe Review


The Nova Comet 14 DR has an enormous swing—14″ between centers and 18-1/2″ between swings—and digital controls and a digital readout for efficiency and convenience. It’s the ideal compact lathe for small workshops and people who need to teach, display, or sell their turnings while on the road. For lesser work, the Comet 14 DR is an excellent supplementary lathe. Its electronic variable speed motor has a speed range of 250 to 3,450 RPM, making it ideal for various tasks from pens to bowls. 

The forward and reverse switch gives you more options and helps you obtain a better finish without sand. In addition, when combined with the optional accessory attachments, Nova’s Versaturn  Adaptable Technology transforms the lathe into all-in-one woodturning and woodworking system.

Nova Comet 14DR Midi Lathe

Key Features of identifying Nova Comet 14 DR 14″ Midi Lathe

Brand Teknatool 
Model Number 46902
RPM250-1100, 750-3450 (two speed)
Motor 120V, single-phase, 60 Hz
Faceplate Size3 inch
Weight 114 pounds
Dimensions 33.5 × 10.5 × 17.5 inches 
Horsepower 1
Voltage 120
Warranty 2 years 
  1. It’s ideal for little tasks, such as pens, bowls, and platters.
  2. Electronic variable-speed motor with a speed range of 250 to 3,450 RPM, suitable for various projects ranging from pens to bowls.
  3. Two-speed ranges: for giant spindle and bowl work, 250 to 1,100 RPM, and for minor work, 750 to 3,450 RPM.
  4. To modify the speed, turn a knob with limitless variety within each range.
  5. The forward and backward switch gives you more options and helps you get a better finish.
  6. Precision machining and CAD-designed solid cast iron webbing throughout.
  7. Quick-action cam controls with pleasant rubber grips are used for quick and secure locking.
  8. An optional Bed Extension, sold separately, allows for more extended spindle operations.

Technical Specifications

  • Nova Comet 14 DR 14 Midi Lathe falls under the ‘Nova’ brand. The Manufacturer’s Part Number is 46900. It weighs about 120.000000. Its technical specifications as chiefly as follows;
  • Swing over bed: 14’’/355mm
  • Spindle Type: 2MT
  • Distance between Centers: 18-1/2″/ 469mm (extendable to 44″ with optional Bed Extension, Nova Item #46901)
  • Slow Speed Range: 250 RPM to 1,100 RPM
  • Fast Speed Range: 750 RPM to 3,450 RPM
  • Spindle Thread: 1″ x 8TPI
  • Tool Post: 1″
  • Motor: 1HP, 120V, Single Phase, 60Hz
  • Shipping Weight: 93lbs/42kgs
  • Footprint: 32-3/8’’/821mm x 8-1/2’’/215mm

Things to consider when buying this product.

  1. Customer Service – You must read the handbook before operating the lathe after receiving it. You must think about the value of the sales representative’s assistance as a complimentary gesture to the warranty. It’s great to opt for a product that comes with after-sales support.
  2. You should think about getting a replacement in unforeseen circumstances or a technical failure. Unlike purchasing a counterfeit product, you can receive a new lathe or have it set up for you where assistance can be complex. And this is a good illustration of when a product fails to perform according to the manual’s specifications.
  3. Technical Specifications – you must consider precise measurements and sizes to ensure that they are appropriate for the intended use. It must be the ideal size if this is your first lathe! You can turn 19 14 spindles by removing the metal cover on the right side of the base. 

Benefits of Nova Comet 14 DR 14 Midi Lathe

  1. 2-step Electronic Variable Speed Range: Versatile Variable Speed Range. Slower rates from 250 RPM to 1100 RPM are suitable for more oversized spindle and bowl work in the low range. The short-range is from 750 RPM to 3450 RPM for micro turning tasks.
  2. Speed Screen with Dial-In, Easy-to-Use Speed Adjustment: Quickly dial in the right pace for the job, the material, and the circumstances. You don’t have to stick to potentially risky fixed-speed steps. The NOVA Comet 14DR is ideal for various tasks ranging from little pens to giant bowls and platters. The easy-to-read screen shows you how fast you’re turning.
  3. Forward and Reverse: Change direction quickly and effortlessly between forward and reverse. And this gives you more options and allows you to obtain a better finish while eliminating the need for sanding.
  4. Adaptable Capacity for Your Project: 14″/355mm Capacity Over Bed; regular 18.5″/469mm Between Centers; optional 44.1″/1120mm Between Centers with Bed Extension Accessory to extend the beds as long as your project requires. (Additional purchase of Nova #46901).
  5. Easy Belt/Pulley Access: Lifting the cover and adjusting the belt is quick and easy—spindles with a 2MT rating.
  6. Fast and secure locking with Quick Action Cam Controls with a pleasant rubber grip.
  7. A Wide Selection of NOVA Accessories: The NOVA Comet 14 DR Midi Lathe is enhanced by NOVA Chucks & Jaws, Faceplates, Chisels, and Centers.
  8. Solid, Precision Cast Iron for Endurance, Stability, and Vibration Dampening: CAD-designed webbing absorbs vibration along the whole length of the bed. Precision machined for excellent fit and finished, with exceptional structural strength.

Cons of Nova Comet 14 Midi Lathe

  • It is only ideal for smaller tasks 

The durability of Nova Comet 14 Midi Lathe 

Most Nova items are long-lasting and come with a 2-year full replacement warranty. Various objects, however, have varying exclusions. Check your manual for warranty information on your product or contact the appropriate information inquiry customer service.


The Nova Comet 14 Dr Midi Lathe SKU #210079 and MFR #46900 are ideal for various applications ranging from small pens to huge bowls and platters. The value price varies from US$ 700 to US$ 800.


The NOVA Comet 14 DR has a larger capacity and more digital features. The lathe is solid cast iron with a 14″ swing capacity and a digital readout. The NOVA Comet 14 DR is ideal for various tasks ranging from little pens to giant bowls and platters. You benefit from multiple advantages such as versatility, speed, and flexibility to match specific tasks.

There was a time when a customer bought a lathe that had power troubles right out of the box. It was utterly dead eight months later. The client first chose to disregard this setback since they were eager to get their hands on their first lathe. They attempted to contact customer support in every way conceivable but could not speak with anyone. 

As a result, if you’re thinking about buying this lathe, you should think twice. Otherwise, the specifications and bundle deal appear to be appealing. The only flaw is that you’ll be fine paying a little more for a little less in the bang category and a lot more in the quality department if you spend a little more for a lot more in the quality area.

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