April 27, 2022

Powermatic 4224b Review | Read Before You Buy

Overview of the Powermatic 4224b

If you consider buying the Powermatic 4224B lathe, you will want to read this post. This lathe retains the features of the 3520 while introducing some interesting new features. One of the most notable changes is the introduction of a moveable headstock. This provides versatility and maneuverability while working. The headstock can be moved from one end to the other, creating more space for machining large pieces of wood. Once in position, you can lock it in place to ensure that it does not move while working. The Powermatic 4224B weighs over 900 pounds.

Powermatic 4224B Lathe with Light fitting


  • Quad 15-amp receptacles for convenient access to electrical accessories
  • The machine can run on single-phase or three-phase power with a variable frequency drive.
  • Clearing dust/chips with an air nozzle with a fast hookup
  • The action of the sliding handle is concentrated by a knockout bar with a brass tip that will not damage the drive centers.
  • Two 100W task lamps provide ideal lighting and serve as a safety guard.
  • For versatility and safety, a magnetic-backed mobile control box is helpful.
  • A spindle is held in place by dead centers for visual comparison.
  • Electronic variable speed sliding headstock
  • The headstock has a spindle lock and built-in spindle indexing for drilling hole patterns, routing flutes, and other evenly spaced features.
  • The vacuum system allows for quick chucking of bowl blanks.

Features and Benefits

With Iron Cast, the bed, and the body, the Powermatic 4424B is made to last. The lathe’s massive structure has resulted in a weight of 960lbs. It is heavy as it provides the lathe with the most significant ground gripping, eliminating all vibration. The machines tend to vibrate when used at high throttles, but not in the case of the Powermatic 4424B. The lathe’s sturdiness is due to the iron cast.

Sliding Headstock

The headstock on most lathes is fixed, but not in the case of the Powermatic 4224b. Brilliant Research and Development have developed a moving headstock in the lathe bed that glides. The sliding mechanism has made it possible for people to work on larger projects efficiently.

Spindle Lock

The indexing headstock’s built-in spindle lock is helpful for the Drilling hole pattern and other routing flutes. In addition, the Powermatic 4424 has an excellent spindle lock that is conveniently present in the lathe. The lock secures the Spindle, and it is a fail-safe lock for users.

Built-In Lamps

Do you work in a place where there isn’t enough light? Or do you require more precision in your creating, which necessitates extensive detailing? When caring for demanding processes, a suitable lighting system is always needed. Precision and detailing are essential functions that are valuable. The built-in lighting is beneficial. For added precision, the Powermatic 4224 boasts two built-in 100W lights.

Upgraded Tailstock & Ergonomics Hand Wheels

Powermatic has upgraded their Tailstock from the Powermatic 3520B, their last product line. Powermatic has made use of spare space in the lathe that is helpful as a storage area for accessories or other critical items required during the woodturning process. The Hand-wheel is more ergonomic, allowing it to be valuable even more efficiently.

Variable Speed and Frequency

We know that most lathes feature variable speeds within this lathe’s price range. The Powermatic 4224B, on the other hand, is outstanding because it produces ultra-smooth woodturning. With RPMs ranging from 40 to 3500, motors in this price range have lower RPMs and are set at considerably higher RPMs than Powermatic lathes. It’s far more difficult for novices to adjust to higher RPMs when they don’t have the choice of starting with a low setting.

Digital Readout

According to our observations, around 80% of the lathes in this price range feature a manually dialed readout that does not provide an accurate reading. We’ve seen several folks ruin their careers because of erroneous readings. However, in the Powermatic 4224B instance, this is not the case. The RPM readout is digital, and it provides the lathe’s actual readout.


  • It is entirely vibration-free due to its weight and cast iron construction.
  • One of the most powerful motors on the market is the 3HP motor.
  • The user can get a more accurate reading using a digital readout.
  • Variable speed settings are available for the optimum WoodTurning experience.
  • The upgraded Tailstock provides a haven for valuables.
  • Sliding Headstock allows for the most customization.
  • Personalized woodturning is possible at speeds ranging from 40 to 3500 RPM.


  • The lathe is not a machine for newcomers or beginners.
  • The Powermatic 4224b comes at a high price.

Powerful Motor

One of the unique aspects of the Powermatic 4224 is its strong motors. The motors have a three-horsepower output and a speed range of 40 to 3500 revolutions per minute. As a result, you can estimate the motor’s power. A Poly-V belt transmits power from the motors to the Spindle at all speeds, resulting in a belt with a longer life and ultra-smooth operation. In addition, when there is interlocking grain, the motor has a reverse switch instead of a forward switch, which is a useful function.


The Powermatic 4424B is Powermatic’s largest and most potent lathe ever produced for industrial use. This metal lathe comes with a plethora of functions that will astound you. It’s ideal for large-scale industrial projects such as woodturning, metalworking, metal spinning, thermal spraying, parts reclamation, and glass fabrication. The lathe’s design is well-tailored from top to bottom to meet the users’ needs.


A manufacturer’s warranty covers every product sold by Powermatic. The product has a 5-year warranty from the manufacturer. Subject to limitations, this warranty covers any flaws in craft or materials. This warranty is not for failures caused by usage, abuse, carelessness, accidents, normal wear and tear, improper repair, alterations, or lack of maintenance, either directly or indirectly.

Verdict on the Powermatic 4224B

The Powermatic 4224B is a great lathe that has plenty to offer. It’s important to realize that this is a professional-grade lathe. It is not ideal for novice woodturners who have only recently begun turning. Because it is hassle-free, the 3 HP motor will turn work into gameplay for the user. You can fine-tune the speed variables to meet the needs of the principal user. Also, keep in mind that this lathe is one of the most expensive lathes.

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