January 11, 2021

Proxxon Micro Woodturning Lathe Model DB 250 Review [UPDATED]

Read on if you consider getting the Proxxon 37020 Micro Woodturning Lathe Model DB 250. When you practice a certain trade for a considerable amount of time, it has its way of getting to the back of your mind, especially when you like your craftwork; more often than not, you will find yourself thinking about work when you are bored or just idle with nothing to do. Turning does not need to be left at work in the big workshops. Making something for your loved ones while they watch might be great. Miniature turning can also become your hobby, and if you do office work, you will want something to keep practising with so you don’t forget the trade while at the same time not costing you too much. 

This precision-made wood lathe is exactly what you need, and it was made just for people like you. It comes fitted with electronic speed control and a powerful motor ½ horsepower of speed 1000 to 5000 rotations per minute. Its ball-bearing spindle is bred through at 10 mm, making it ideal for producing the smallest pieces such as dollhouse cups, plates, pots, vases, columns, even model railroad items and many different toys. 

The box you purchase of the Proxxon 37020 Micro Woodturning Lathe DB 250 contains the manual guide with setting instructions, centring ruler, a 4-pointed drive of 10mm, The Woodturning Lathe DB250, Six Piece Collect Set, Faceplate and 2 pairs of Chuck Wrenches.

The bed is made from a stable and thick-walled aluminium profile. It also comes with a faceplate for turning larger items. Six collets secure its working pieces at 5/64”, 7/64”, 1/8”,  15/64” and 5/16”. The lathe gives you a distance of just about 25 centimetres between its centres, allowing a considerable length for small pieces. Its tool rest is conveniently adjustable in height and turning as it turns through 360 degrees. This is very convenient as it allows centreless turning. Secure the workpiece on the faceplate with regular wood screws when working the faceplate. It allows a 40 mm swing with a 25 mm swing over support and a 7.5 mm tailstock travel. 

Model Number37020
RPM1000 – 5000
Motor60 Hz, 150 watts
Facelift SizeHeight 3-3/4″ (95mm) Length 15-3/4″ (400mm)
Weight2.8 kg
Dimensions21.65×6.1×3.94 inches
Warranty2 years


  • Lightweight 
  • Can turn hardwood
  • Little vibration
  • Slim design
  • Precise 


  • Accessories expensive 


This is by far the best-looking lathe you will ever come across, and it looks less like a machine but more of a toy, a toy for the mature. The low weight and slim design do not in any way cut on the performance of the lathe. The lathe looks so good you can even have it in your workshop office so you can quickly whip something out in comfort. You can even use it in the house with little to no noise. 

Performance Review

Its tool support is handy and easy to set up. It has great balance and very little vibration with no noise. It is faster than most lathes out there, with a maximum speed of 5000 rotations per minute. The fact that it’s small means craftsmen and teenagers can easily use it. Even stay-at-home moms can use this lathe to make whatever they might want, even toys for their children. 


Few safety features are found on this lathe, but they are not needed as the lathe is a safety powerhouse. It is well insulated to prevent any electrical shocks from the 110 volts of potential difference powering it. It comes with a limited warranty of two years, with further information on the warranty from the manufacturer’s website.


The DB 250 can easily fit at your workshop and homestead. If your garage is too small to fit the lathe DB 250, opt to work outside the garage for greater performance of the lathe in the open air. The cost of the Proxxon DB 250 is worth the value it delivers. This shows the quality and good performance of the lathe on workpieces.

 The Proxxon 37020 lathe can work on wood pieces giving a pleasing result of the desired wooden material. This lathe can produce wooden bowls, sports bats, rings and sculptures. It helps you test your lathe knowledge and add more skills. This is a must-have in your garage at home or the workshop as it is user-friendly for professional and beginner sculptures. Its performance will engage you in the best outcome of workpieces. 

Who is the Proxxon 37020 DB 250 ideal for?

This is a must-have for all woodturning enthusiasts and one of the best first lathes you can get for yourself. It’s easy to look gives one the courage to venture into the trade. If you are a professional woodturner, purchase this lathe to make toys and ornaments for gifting to the young and old.

Our Verdict Proxxon DB 250

We have seen a lot of mini-lathes flood the market as miniature turning becomes popular. Some of us are just looking for something to aid in freelance carving, not a business. This lathe is great for both business and freelance use. It is the best first lathe you can get on which all family members can work, even the children. This lathe can also be a great gifting option to give to your senior citizen father figure in retirement or to the teenage boy who shows great interest in wood spinning and woodwork to cultivate their talent.

David D. Hughes

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