February 4, 2021

Robust Tools – Deluxe Sweet 16 Lathe | What To Expect [UPDATED]

Robust Tools are known for delivering professional tools and quality accessories. The Robust Tools – Deluxe Sweet 16 Lathe has been made to compete with the best wood-crafting machinery the market offers today. It has twice the average horsepower allowing consumers to handle projects they never dreamed of doing. It is a very high-quality, heavy-duty industrial lathe.

The price alone dictates that it is designed to be purchased by businesses that generate revenue from the product they can make. Doing this as a hobby will be unnecessarily expensive because of the purchase price of this product. It is top of the range, and the price is justified. However, if you are just starting out, you may want to look for something different. 

In this product, they have added several features, such as a tailstock ruler that help increase the quality of the product you can make. The product has also been designed for maximum comfort whilst using it. They have added four wheels to this and a place to put your tools if you need to rest. It is the ultimate worker’s companion for wood crafters. 

BrandRobust Tools
Model NumberModel S16-DL-WC
RPM (Rotations Per Minute)60 – 2900 RPM
MotorSingle Phase 50/ Hz
Faceplate Size12.4 inches
Weight460 lbs
Dimensions55.6” L x 28” D x 50” H
Horsepower2 HP
Voltage220 V
WarrantySeven years for mechanical parts
One year for electricomponentsarts.
Headstock1-1/4” x 8TPI pre-hardened aircraft grade 4140 chrome-moly steel.


  • Powerful 2 HP motor
  • Fan cooled motor to avoid breakdowns.
  • Single Pulley design
  • Comfort tool rest
  • Stainless steel ways.


  • Relatively expensive product.
  • No mobility features.


Looking at this Model S16-DL-WC, we can see that it is adequately sized and fit for its purpose. It comes in a matte grey paint finish with silver touches. The manufacturer has added an array of features sure to impress the user. The first thing you will notice is the steel faceplate which is useful when dealing with heavier wood.

You will see the drive spur in the centre, which helps to add additional force when required. There is also a provision for tools included in the product. This comes in the form of a 12-inch tool rest. The tailstock will extend at the back after the machine is finished. This has been finely crafted to provide additional stability for the customer.

Performance Review

The Robust Tools S16-DL-WC has a two horsepower motor. This allows it to deal with almost any wood it may face. It is a professional and high-quality wood-crafting tool to make use of. You will require 220 volts. It has a single-phase motor that has up to 50 / 60 Hz. 

This is quite powerful, given that this design can pull between 60 and 2900 rotations per minute. It can achieve this with just a single pool, which is quite innovative on the designer’s part.

The product weighs around 460 lbs. It has just enough weight to remain stable whilst you get to work. It has a trustworthy control panel that can handle forward, reverse, and emergency procedures. You have a Vector-style variable frequency drive with auto-tune. The lathe controls include the variable speed with forwarding, Reverse, Stop, and Emergency stop. 


Safety when using this product is crucial. People can be severely hurt when spinning would. The manufacturers of this product have taken that well into account and have provided certain features that will help to mitigate any safety concerns you might have. 

The bread comes with a corded penchant controller that will protect the user against any electrical flares during use. They have also made the product with four legs and a slightly heavier weight allowing it to stick to the ground firmly whilst using it. 

To ensure that you are fully protected, you must wear certified safety glasses. You should also have no jewellery on your person that might get stuck into the motor. This can also include tucking away your hair into a hat. It is important to make yourself aware of the different emergency stop switches on the product so you can easily reach them if something happens. 

Who is the Robust sweet 16 lathe ideal for?

This is one of the premium options you can buy in terms of lathes. It has been designed with a potent two-horsepower motor that can reach rotations per minute of up to 2900. For this reason, I would suggest that anyone who is a beginner would look for a cheaper and less powerful motor than this. 

This product is loud and designed for an industrial workplace instead of a suburban garage. Hence, if you want to buy this product to work on your wood skills at home whilst hiding away from your wife, this is not the right product. Other products are designed to keep the noise and allow you to work peacefully, but this is not one of them.  

Our Verdict

In the end, I would not recommend the Robust sweet 16 lathe to beginners. Nor would I recommend other robust lathes when one is inexperienced. If this is still a new hobby to you and you are still getting accustomed to the world of wood-crafting, I would not recommend this product to you because it is much too powerful. The product has a very energetic two-horsepower motor designed to reach 2900 rotations per minute. I also like being able to adjust the height of the spindle.

If you are not well equipped and experienced wise to handle such powerful machinery, you may only get hurt. Aside from that, many cheaper options exist for people who want to get started. 

These options are much quieter and will help you refrain from getting any injuries. If you are looking for this product to take into an industrial complex, maybe you manufacture wood furniture, one of the top products you can acquire. It is robust, reliable, and made from a very durable quality of metal. 

David D. Hughes

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