June 19, 2021

Best Finish Nailer | 12 Options You Must See

Finding the best finish nailer can be a challenge. There are now so many types of finishing nailers that it is difficult to know where to start. Finishing nails are like screws: you use the right tool for the right job. The main things to consider when looking for a finishing nailer are the type of work you are doing and the length of nails you need. The size of the nails can be confusing because there are different sizes – and not all of them are suitable for woodworking.

Round Up of the best finishing nailer

NuMax SFN64 Pneumatic Nailer

The NuMax nailer has a lightweight and durable aluminum body that is easy to carry around. The ergonomic design makes the product comfortable to use. The comfortable grip handle does not strain the user. 

A quick jam release saves you time as you clear jams without taking the nailer apart. It works on both interior and exterior finish and trims. The tool-free depth adjustment feature makes your product customizable for specific projects. 

It is a high-quality tool made of high-quality materials under strict quality control guidelines. It is ideal for professional contractors as well as DIY users. It is dependable. 

 Metabo HPT Finish Nailer

The 16-gauge nailer comes with finish nails that range from 1inch up to 21/2 inch. It has an actuation switch allows users to select bump fire or sequential fire modes. It is lightweight and well-balanced. That makes it a strain-free product. 

It is easy to move around. The depth adjustment feature equips the user with a professional finish when fastening into different materials. It is ideal for installing molding and cabinetry. The 360-degree exhaust port is adjustable and directs air exhaust away from the user during use. 

The air duster keeps your work environment clean. The duster button blows away the dust from the tool. The nose protects the nailer from markings.

3PLUS HDA1564SP Finish Nailer

The gauge ranges from 1-1/4 to 2-1/2 inches. It features a tool-free depth adjustment for flush fastening. That makes it customizable to different materials. You have control over the tool, giving you a professional finish. 

The no-mar tip protects the work surface from damage, and the exhaust portal is 360 degrees adjustable. It has an interchangeable trigger for a single shot or bumper fire function. The quick jam release makes maintenance easy. 

It is durable, precise, and reliable. That helps you maintain efficiency as you complete your projects. It is not time-consuming. It is ideal for DIY enthusiasts.

Valu-Air T64C Finish Nailer

The nailer has a carrying case that protects it from damage and makes it portable. The finished nails range from 7/8iinch to 2 ½ inches. It works well for decorative trim, bedding, baseboards, and cabinetry. 

An aluminum hose design is for heavy-duty projects, and the exhaust deflector is 360 degrees adjustable. The two adjustment wrenches are for easy and quick adjustments. The nose clears the jam quickly. 

It weighs up to 4.14lb. Lubricate the nailer before use by applying oil droplets into the air plug. Nails are inserted inside the magazine. They are pointed toward the bottom of the nail gun.

3US HT5014SP Pneumatic Stapler

It features a ¼ to 9/16inch gauge staple. The trigger lock-out mechanism avoids accidental firing. The exhaust is multi-directional, and the cover rotates up to 360 degrees. The direct exhaust airway keeps your machine and work environment clean. 

The rubber and the soft grip make the tool comfortable. It is compatible with Arrow T50 staples. It requires an air compressor, although it does not come with the package. You have to buy it separately. 

The reliable tool is ideal for heavy-duty projects. It is small and lightweight, and the price is budget-friendly. The staples are easy to insert, and it functions smoothly. 

Dewalt DWFP12231 Brad Nailer Kit

The Dewalt nailer kit is an electric nailer that is durable and easy to maintain. It features proper settings for nail adjustments. It has a tool-free jam release that gets rid of jams. There are lower chances of contamination due to the rear exhaust. 

It removes the produced dust particles. The nails range from 5/8 to 2inch lengthwise. The adjustable belt hook keeps the tool closer to the user. The package includes a carrying case and a user manual. 

The magnesium body comes with a strong and lightweight design. The instructions are easy to follow, and the nose tip is removable. The rubber grip gives you comfort. It is easy to handle. 

Bostitch BTFP71917 Finish Nailer Kit

Since it is an oil-free tool, it is not necessary to lubricate the Bostitch BTFP71917 Finish Nailer Kit. That reduces the chances of having oil stains. The jam release mechanism gives you an easy nail removal experience. The Dial-A-Depth control results in the sinking of nails. 

The rear air exhaust allows you to work in a clean, dust-free environment. The trigger system is for sequential or contact operations. The belt hook comes with an integrated pencil sharpener. 

The carrying case reduces the chances of damaging the tool when it falls. It is efficient and precise. You can control the nail’s depth without disturbing the workflow. 

Makita AF601 Finish Nailer

The Makita nailer has an efficient motor design that gives you high performance. The depth adjustments feature allows precision on the projects run by the nailer tool. The nail lock-out mechanism protects your device. 

The tool has a built-in air duster that makes the airflow process convenient. The exhaust port is multi-directional. That gives it access to multiple spaces surrounding the nailer tool. The work surface becomes clean. 

It has a 2-mode selector switch that gives you control over the nailing operation. The belt hook is reversible. That allows the tool to remain close. 

Dewalt DCN660D1 Finish Nailer

The cordless nailer comes with a compact and lightweight design. There is freedom of movement without being interrupted by a cord.  The finish nails range from 1-1/4 to 2-1/2 inches. 

It is for fastening casing and baseboards. A Dewalt 20V lithium-Ion battery powers the motor. It works on heavy-duty and light projects. The adjustment settings allow precision.

The powerful motor increases runtime and durability. The LED lights illuminate your workspace. That makes the activities visible even in low-light conditions. The lever allows you to reset the driver blade in case of a stall.

Makita XNBO2Z Finish Nailer

The powerful motor drives finish nails ranging from 1 to 2-12inch in length. It is compatible with a 5.0 Ah 18V LTX battery with fast charging. It is safe to use genuine Makita batteries and chargers.

The cordless tool is convenient to use. There is no need for a compressor and an air hose. The compact height gives you visibility over your projects. That makes working on tight spots bearable. 

The tool is ideal for trim work and flooring. The anti-dry mechanism prevents driving blanks and damaging your work surface. The belt clip is reversible, and that keeps the tool close. 

Makita AF635 Finish Nailer

It features a magnesium body, aluminum magazine, and cylinder that gives strength and long life to the tool. The toolless depth adjustment is for precise flush and countersinks nailing. The nail lock-out mechanism protects your nailer tool.

The air duster is built-in. You have a convenient airflow that clears your work surface. You are safe from dust-related diseases. It has two removable no-mar tips that bring convenience to tool storage. 

The housing bumpers protect the nailer and the work surface. It is for professional use. The 2-mode selector switch makes the operation controllable. 

Craftsman CMCN616C1 V20 Finish Nailer

The Craftsman CMCN616C1 V20 Finish Nailer is convenient to use. There is no need for a compressor and hoses. It is consistent in power in various climate conditions. That allows the tool to give consistent results. 

Depth settings give settings that allow a quick setup. There is improved efficiency in the way you control jamming. It is easy to use and lightweight. That gives you optimal balance. 

The tool is comfortable, and the molded handle improves the user’s comfort. The belt hook is for easy access and easy storage options. 

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