February 22, 2020

Best Table Saw Fence |5 Top Picks + Comprehensive [Buyer’s Guide]

Are you looking for the best table saw fence on the market? Getting lost in the whirlwind of the myriad of options can be easy. If you have a project that needs good clean cuts for that professional look, you may consider buying a great table saw fence. 

There are several different fences on the market, so knowing which type you need and why is essential. Some features make fences unique.

ImageName & Key FeaturesLink
Kreg KMS7200 Bandsaw Fence CHECK CURRENT PRICE
O'skool 18 Inch Miter Gauge Fence systemCHECK CURRENT PRICE
JessEm 4010 Master Fence II CHECK CURRENT PRICE
Shop Fox D3575 Resaw Fence Complete Kit CHECK CURRENT PRICE

A fence is one of a table saw’s most prominent and visible parts. One of the most frustrating things when cutting a piece of wood is having it veer off as you are doing so. 

Sometimes you can do your best to guide it; however, it is not always possible to keep it straight. A table saw fence is made for this very reason, to guide the wood as you cut it. Most table saws come with a stock fence. However, you can upgrade to something better; these are the fences we will review in this article.

Our Top Pick for Best Table Saw Fence

Are you looking for a quick guide to buying the best table saw fence today? There are a few things you will need to consider.  Your fence needs to be smooth so it doesn’t cause your wood to catch. Check how secure it is and ensure it does not move around; otherwise, it defeats the purpose. The locking system is one of the essential features of the table saw fence. Also, make sure that it has some form of adjustment so you can shift it when necessary. You will also want to ensure that it is accurate and parallel to the blade. It would be best if you didn’t have to second-guess or measure each time you move it. The fence should never budge while in use.

Our Winner!

table saw Fence

We have reviewed the top picks and found our favorite to be the O’skool 18 Inch Miter Gauge Fence system. The steel miter bar is equipped with four spring-loaded ball bearings on the side of the bar. The sprung loaded ball bearings, and you can adjust the bearings with the provided hex key wrench in or out to keep the bar snug in the track. It is great for cross-cutting wood at a specific angle zeroed at 90 degrees. It also allows the wood to be cut at any angle between 0 and 90 degrees.

CARTER MAGFENCE II Universal Magnetic Fence 

As the name gives away, this is a fence that is designed to be universal. It stretches about 16 inches and rises 3 ½ inches. Magnets facilitate this universal side of things by attaching them to ferrous metal surfaces. 

This is a tall L-shaped aluminum extrusion that comes with various slots. What you get to attach are two switchable magnets. These make it easier to attach and remove when you have finished using it. They also facilitate ease of adjustment. This comes in quite handy when working on something where accuracy is paramount.

Where compatibility is concerned, you’ll be happy to know that this is compatible with all MAGFence II accessories. There is not much else that one can say about a fence. It does what it is supposed to do. 


  • The switchable magnets make life easier.
  • It is a very durable fence.
  • Setting it up is pretty straightforward.
  • It is well made.
  • It is easy to adjust due to magnets.


  • Some users have reported that it isn’t always square.

Kreg KMS7200 Bandsaw Fence 

Tablesaws live and die on precision. This is what makes this one particularly interesting. It comes with a precision cursor to pinpoint where you want to make your cards. This announces accuracy and allows you to work on dimensions you would have otherwise been unable to. 

There is no doubt left in mind about its structural strength. This device runs 26 inches long on the mounting rail and 18 inches long on the fence. It’s made to be rigid and durable. You’ll be able to work with this in all sorts of workspaces regardless of confinement.

Another great thing is that it is relatively easy to attach this to most table saws. This means you spend less time fiddling about and getting the work done. For adjustment, you have two dimensions that you could use to set how far we want to run from the blade. This is designed to work with a 14-inch bandsaw. There is much room for versatility as to what you can use it for.

There is some room to adjust your fence for blade drift angle. You can also change the positioning of your fence for a low profile.


  • It is easy to mount.
  • Allows for ease of adjustment.
  • The fence is very strong.
  • Sets up square to the table.
  • It is easy to read the measurements.
  • It is precise.
  • Good quality product


  • Some come without mounting holes.
  • Does not have a locking lever.

O’skool 18 Inch Miter Gauge Fence system 

At first impression, I was impressed by the rigor of manufacturing this fence system. It’s designed to be universal. You can use it with most vegetables as long as they run between three or 4” x 3 of eight on the track. This device comes with a locking washer that fits into the T-slot to ensure no accidental lifts. You can easily remove the locking washer if you’re not using it.

There is a product that works well when crosscutting at precise angles. This fence runs 18 inches long. It is made out of aluminum. There are four loaded ball bearings on the side of the bar. Each of these has springs in them. They allow for ease of adjustment by using the next key wrench, which is included when you buy this product. 

This device aims to increase your accuracy and safety when using your table saw. This is something that they have certainly succeeded in delivering. We found that these fence lights flash on a surface without leaving wiggle room which would mess up accuracy. 

It is straightforward to assemble this device. Most buyers have a common reservation as it looks more complex than others on our list.


  • It is straightforward to assemble.
  • The accuracy is quite impressive.
  • It is just as easy to adjust.
  • There is a ball-bearing on the sidebar.
  • It is well-built.


  • It tends to rub against the table.
  • The bearing could be stronger.

JessEm 4010 Master Fence II 

This is a good choice if you want something a little simpler. This is made for a 32” x 24” router table. The mounting is unique in the sense that it allows for ease of assembly as well as adjustability. Some of the ones we already have on the list have been relatively simple to adjust. 

The face of the fence is relatively easy to adjust and remove. This allows you additional room if you’re working in a confined space. There is also a dust shoot that makes it easy to clean up after you are done working.

You also find that they are adjustable fence tracks on the scales. This makes for enhanced precision of the settings and the locking knobs. Another great feature is the opposite bars. These have built-in storage. That makes offsetting the fence fast and precise. The offsets that come preset on this device are 1/32” and 1/16”, respectively. 

This is a fence that is made out of heavy-duty aluminum. That assures you of a product that will last a while. You will not require any tool to make adjustments. This is always a welcome feature.


  • It is a sturdily built fence.
  • There are no tools needed for adjustment.
  • It has built-in scales on the fence tracks.
  • The faces are fully adjustable.
  • It is straightforward to mount.


  • Quality control can be awful.
  • The instructions leave a lot to be desired.

Shop Fox D3575 Resaw Fence Complete Kit 

Our final selection comes from a brand that we are very familiar with. This complete fencing system comes as a replacement for any fences you have had on your bandsaws. You can use it on bandsaws up to 19 inches from front to back. It comes with rails, a scale, and some additional hardware. So, what is this seat included? 

This complete set will make it easy to mount your fence and have it ready to work. It also comes with a very well-written owner’s manual. It makes it easy for you to get set up even if you have no idea what you’re doing.

Beyond the hardware, you also have a limited lifetime factory warranty that provides additional peace of mind as you buy your fence. You also have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If, for whatever reason, you are not satisfied with your purchase within the first 30 days, you may return it for a full refund. Structurally this is made out of heavy-duty aluminum. This additional piece of mind to add to the warranty cover. It is doubtful that you will have any mishaps related to the structure.


  • It is made out of heavy-duty aluminum.
  • Comes with a warranty cover.
  • It is a complete set.
  • The owner’s manual is foolproof.
  • There is a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.


  • Some users have reported that theirs wasn’t as square as they would have liked.

Buyer’s Guide

What is a fence on a table saw?

One of the reasons you use a table saw is to get an accurate and efficient clean cut on your material. The blade alone may be unable to do this, and our eyes can deceive us. A measured way of pushing through the wood is essential to ensure you get a clean cut. The fence on the table saw will help you get this. 

How do you align a table saw fence?

Aligning a table saw is one of the essential setup steps. The first thing you want to do is make sure the saw is unplugged into the socket to avoid unnecessary injuries. The blade must be parallel to the fence and the miter slot. This is to avoid any binding, pinching, or dangerous kickback.

You can place your finger in the miter slot, and then slide the fence towards it. Then make sure the saw and the miter slot are parallel. Next, you will want to run your finger down the miter slot and ensure it is equidistant from top to bottom. This is not a full-proof method, but you get the hang of it with time. 

You want to take note of the measurement between the blade and the fence at the top of the table and at the bottom. Make sure that it corresponds. Another method of doing this is by placing a metal ruler perpendicular to the blade. 

What are table saws used for?

Power tools are usually used to cut large panels and sheet goods, such as plywood or MDF. There are different versions of table saws. Sliding table saws have a sliding table on the left side of the table, usually attached to a folding arm mounted under the table used for cross-cutting and ripping more extensive materials.

Can I use my circular saw as a table saw?

You can use your circular saw as a table saw. The arbor on circular saws is the same as on table saws. This means you do not need an adaptor. You can put the blades on the same way as a regular blade. One benefit of using a circular saw over a regular 10-inch blade is the reduced noise due to the remarkably thin blade found on the circular saw. There is also much less sawdust and also less waste of wood. 

What is a miter gauge used for on a table saw?

On a table saw, a miter gauge is used for holding workpieces at a set angle while being cut. It slides along a slot on the worktable, known as the miter slot.

Final Thoughts

You are likely using a table saw to achieve a professional-looking job. This does not happen on its own. The fence on the table saw will help guide you along as you cut. We have reviewed the top table saw fences, and we hope this helps you find the best fit for you. Happy shopping!

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