October 31, 2020

Walnut Hollow 41992 Creative Woodburner Review [UPDATED]

Considering getting the Walnut Hollow 41992? The new innovative Creative Wood burner brought to you by Walnut Hollow might be what you are looking for. Generally, the wood burner can be used by almost anyone with wood-burning skills regardless of their knowledge level. Beginners can learn the art of wood and become intermediate artists. Experts and professionals will definitely love the use with ease plus the results from using the Woodburner. 

You can use the Walnut Hollow 41992 tool for advanced, detailed work plus general wood-burning techniques. The four tips cool down fast, which allows the user to change out the tips efficiently and get back to work as soon as possible. 


Please use the safety stand, and it’s there for a reason. The tool raises one’s artwork to a higher level with great control over the temperature, the burn depth as well as line color. The temperature ranges between 600°F to 1000°F. The handle is comfortable and easy to hold. It is attached directly to the stable and non-slip power base. One should use the tool to hold the tool when not in use safely. One should use the special tweezers that come with the tool so on remove and replace the tips to avoid destruction to the tips or possible injury. 

Walnut Hollow 41992 Creative Woodburner
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The set comes complete as a complete package with:

  • An adjustable temperature control unit,
  • Pen,
  • Drawing tip,
  • Universal Shading tip,
  • Ball tip,
  • Rounded Shading tip,

Tweezers for easy removal of dots, stand, graphite transfer paper, and instructional guide. We recommend that children under fourteen years use it under adult supervision for safety reasons.

Drawing tip

Use mainly for general writing as well as drawing. Perfect for straight plus curved lines. Make sure you rotate the tip for darker and thicker lines.

Universal Shading tip

It’s a general-purpose shading tip that works well for shading with straight edges and corners. Make sure to rotate as well as use the edge for ultra-fine lines. When pressed down correctly on wood, the tip creates a feather and tin shape.

Ball tip

It works perfectly for writing, dot shading as well, and lines. Ideal for straight and curved lines. The small delicate tip works ideally for hand lettering also intricate designs.

Rounded Shading tip

It’s a general-purpose shading tip that works well for circular shading. Make sure you rotate as well as use the edge for ultra-fine lines. Usually creates dark, thick lines.

You must use a pair of pliers to remove the tips. Ensure that the wood burner is off and cooled down before switching out the tips. Remember to remove the tips before storing them to avoid tip freezing within the tool. Lastly, you can use graphite powder to ensure the tip doesn’t stick to the tool.


  • It is easy to use.
  • The tips are easy to change.
  • Offer good temperature control.
  • It is beginner-friendly.


  • The plastic quality could be better.
  • It tends to cool down too quickly while in use.

Our Verdict on Walnut Hollow 41992

The Walnut Hollow 41992 wood burner is an affordable, sleek-looking tool with many features. Some features are mainly found on higher-priced models. Things such as wire tips offer another level of accuracy plus quick and easy point changing. Make sure to read the manual. I would recommend this tool one hundred percent. If you still have any questions follow the link below.

David D. Hughes

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