October 31, 2020

Walnut Hollow 5570 Woodburner Value Pen Review


Supplied with a tool stand and four different tips that is Cone, Shading, Universal and Flow. The woodburning pen is perfect for beginners, intermediate and advanced users as a tool of choice or as a backup. Approved for both the United States and Canada by the UL, the walnut hollow woodburner is a long cord with an on/off switch. The tool includes as well an easy to follow instruction guide on how and why to use each of the four tips. 


Most opinions have been that the wood burner gets hot over time as well as the fact that the cord usually gets in the way. The latter is a position adjustment issue whereby the user should lay it out on the table next to the project. Let’s remember that this woodburning tool, getting hot is in its nature after a certain period of time. If the heat is really bothering you, especially when you really are getting onto a roll with the project, most hardware shops sell rubber cots specifically for this reason that you might want to consider buying one. Another point you also need to consider is the smell. Majority of the people out there find the smell in their homes of burnt wood to be very annoying. Therefore you must make sure that you work in a well-ventilated space.


The perfect starter pen to use so as to learn wood burning. Initially designed for beginners as well as intermediate students. The Woodburner makes an abundant backup tool or as a bonus burner for the more seasoned professional Woodburner. The pen comes with a tool stand plus four screw-in tips namely Cone, Shading, Universal and Flow. Please ensure that the stand is taped or fixed to a solid surface for safety and security reasons. 

The pen’s design comprises a fluted easy-grip handle. The 120 Volt pen heats up to 950 degrees F and will definitely work on most woods. The tool is recommended from the age of 14 and up with mandatory adult supervision. The downside is that the pen cannot be used in countries that without the USA two-pin plugs as well as in countries that use a higher voltage. The package contains simple instructions on how to use each tip to create a variety of effects. Like any other hobby skill, patience and practice will always give the best results.


Universal tip – performs all fundamental wood burning techniques

Flow tip – use to burn curves, dots as well as fine details. Works well for cursive engraving and dot shading styles

Cone tipUsed to burn fine lines, dots as well as curves

Shading tipCreates shading but in subtle gradations or an even dark or bold shading


This nifty tool might be what you are looking for. The heat might bother you but it’s all worth it. The woodburner is priced really well and well within anyone’s budget.

David D. Hughes

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