August 21, 2020

Shopfox W1685 1-1/2 HP Dust Collector Review [REVISITED]

If you are looking for a powerful dust collector and considering the ShopFox W1685, this post will let you know what you can expect. What you are looking at here is a dust collector that features a 1-½ HP motor that runs on 110v. It comes with an extra heavy-duty 12-inch steel impeller, so you know that the thrust is going powerful. 

It also comes with a 2.5 micron felt upper filtration and a plastic lower collection bag. This will make it easier for you to collect and dispose of any dust particles in your shop or work area. The filtration feature leaves the air clear and clean, reducing any risk of lung or breathing problems. So if you are looking for something to clean the air in your work area. The Fox W1685-1-½ HP dust collector is an excellent buy. It is powerful and makes sure that the air around you is clean, and it makes the disposal of dust very easy. 

Shopfox W1685 1-1/2 HP Dust Collector

Do note that even though it makes for an excellent dust collector, it’s best if you use it only for wood dust. So worry not; you will keep your workspace free of dust and debris with this dust collector. Its single-phase motor operates at 3,450 rpm, along with a 12-inch steel impeller that moves 1,280 cubic feet of air per minute.. This machine here will leave you awed. 


  • Will not rust or lose color
  • Will keep your workspace clean always
  • It is straightforward to use and understand 
  • It is stronger and more effective than other dust collectors


  • Not for those on a tight budget
  • Repairs and maintenance may be costly


  • Motor: 1-1/2 HP, 110V, single-phase, 3450 RPM, 16A
  • Portable base size: 21-1/2″ x 33-1/2″
  • Bag capacity: 5.4 cubic feet
  • Height (with bags inflated): 78″
  • Powder-coated finish
  • Air suction capacity: approx. 1280 CFM
  • Impeller: 12″ balanced steel, radial fin
  • 6″ inlet has a removable “Y” fitting with two 4″ openings
  • Static pressure: 10.1″
  • Standard bag filtration: 2.5 Micron
  • Approximate shipping weight: 108 lbs.
Shopfox W1685 Dust Collector

Questions normally asked


With a simple filter or bag in place, a single-stage unit will capture dust as small as 2 microns, but you won’t do better than that with a single-stage.


In a 2-stage system, larger debris is intercepted when spun around a drum then the very fine particles are further filtered. While more expensive, these 2-stage cyclone dust collectors are more efficient and more effective.


If you’ve got asthma or any respiratory issues, it’s important to take all necessary safety precautions. These precautions should include efficient dust collection in a woodworking shop, or you might run into health problems later. Unfortunately, you won’t be protected against the finer particles that a dust collector can trap away.


It would help if you were looking for a dust collector with a CFM rating of 700 and above for most regular home workshop needs. Once you get to 1100 CFM and above, your dust collector will be robust enough for commercial use.

Can a Shop-Vac be used for Dust Collection?

In most cases, you can use a shop vac for dust collection. This is an excellent option for various people, as these vacuums are very powerful and can handle both wet and dry messes. This means that you will keep your workspace clean and safe no matter what work you are doing.

It is important to note that to use this kind of vacuum for dust collection, you will need some adaptors and invest in bags that will handle a lot of debris. However, many people use a dust collector device instead of a vacuum as wood dust can damage your shop-vac. These kinds of particles can get stuck in filters and clog them, preventing your vacuum from working as well as it used to or even at all.

Types of Dust Collectors

Single Stage Dust Collector

Single-stage dust collectors will feature an efficient filtration system, intake ports, and a dust collection bag. The single-stage is the best dust collector for small shops that do not produce large volumes of dust. These dust collectors will come in small and mobile units that are highly portable to make them easy to maneuver around the workshop. 

Plus, their work mechanism entails sucking the dust through the impeller or fan and dumping it on the bag. With most dust collectors, you will have to empty the dust bag manually. But, one of their most significant advantages is that you can also attach them to the power tool or machinery directly. And this is considerable merit when working with saws and other power tools that produce a lot of dust.

Dual Stage Dust Collector

When the single-stage dust collector is not enough or if you produce more dust than it can handle, the next and best alternative is the dual-stage dust collector, as it is more efficient.

The motor and impeller will sit at the top of a barrel with the two-stage dust collectors. The dust from your woodworking job enters into a separator where the larger dust particles and chips settle at the bottom of the drum before getting to the second stage, the filter.

Our Verdict

Dust collectors may not be one of the first things on your mind when you open up shop, but they are essential and can offer protection. There are many dust collectors, which can make it quite hard for you to find the best one for your needs and budget. 

When it comes to these types of products, they are designed to offer improvement in your shop, so you need to check that you are getting a high-quality one. They are made to clean your workshop and free your space from dust, debris, and other particles. These make your shop look messy and can make work more challenging to complete, but they can also cause some health issues if you are breathing them in. So be quick and get one for yourself. You may also be interested in our Shop fox W1844 Wall-Mount Dust Collector with Canister Filter Review.

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